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Best MMO PvP you ever played?


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Here's my official list...



2. Asheron's Call (particularly, Darktide)

3. WOW

4. EVE

5. Reminiscing about PVPing in the aforementioned games

6. SWTOR warzones with friends

7. Watching paint dry

8. Bashing head against brick wall, or some other form of self inflicted pain

9. SWTOR Ilum

10. SWG after NGE


What? You didn't like Standing on the hill in Restuss WAITING for people to come PvP.... I cant tell you how many times I spent my days BORED... Id even take off my armor out there lol.


Or as a commando... I would just go solo PvP all day before the Commando nerf me and a friend both commandos would tank groups of 10 - 15 people.. lol

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What? You didn't like Standing on the hill in Restuss WAITING for people to come PvP.... I cant tell you how many times I spent my days BORED... Id even take off my armor out there lol.


Or as a commando... I would just go solo PvP all day before the Commando nerf me and a friend both commandos would tank groups of 10 - 15 people.. lol



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Daoc > all !!!

Never seen a better pvp , i've played on warhammer , age of conan , wow , guild wars and rift .

Dark age of camelot is simply the best pvp !Hope for a decent open pvp on this game too , or all of the servers will be desert soon ! :cool:

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Making this thread to find out what the player base thinks is the best MMO PvP they have played and why. I know I personally have played MMORPGs for a long time and the appeal for me specifically has always been the PvP aspect of it. Include this game if you like aspects of it but I am looking at a perspective of ALL MMORPGs. Ill try to be as specific and objective as I can in my descriptions.


Ill start with the World PvP and who wins in my opinion. Hands down in my book was Ultima Online, we are going OLD school here. You could mark runes to the popular areas where you were sure to find a fight that was safe from any guards and when a guildie called for help, you recall there and help him out. One guy gets jumped by 2 from an enemy guild so you call your guildies and 2 of them show up and you kill them so they call their guildies and 4 more show up and before you know it there was an all out war. Why was this possible? Because traveling from one point to another did not take 20 minutes and you could feasibly help your teammates out within 30 seconds or a significant amount of time to put yourself in the fight.


Other part of UO World PvP that was awesome, the fight for scrolls. Scrolls would increase your stats to higher levels ala data crons here. But in order to get scrolls you had to down bosses that had them on their corpse as loot, these bosses were located in neutral zones with no guards or safety available and would only spawn at specific times. This meant you would sometimes have 4 groups or more all competing for this loot at the same time, massive wars and people pushing in to get to the boss and then once they got there they had to hold off the other groups long enough to kill the boss AND loot it, because loot was open to anyone, and then get away because if you died with the loot on you, it dropped too. Massively fun world PvP and I have not played a game since that has done it better yet.


How did they do it? Easy travel to zones where PvP will be happening, something for the sides to battle over that they could hold in their hand and walk off with, or use right there on the spot if they needed to that EVERYONE had incentive to possess and would fight over. After all if you didn't need it you could sell it.


Competitive group PvP 2v2 or greater I would go with WoW not only did you have the option of arena if your group was low but your larger battlegrounds were/are more fluid. I think this game is currently very close to it but there are still obvious tweaks to it. However for me specifically I like having a rating system in place, that being said I do not believe that the guys that are the better players and can get the ratings to get the better gear should have very significant gains in the gear they can get. Make it minor, after all the guys who can get higher level gear in PvP are already solid players, there should be a gain to their efforts be in visually by showing off their e-peen or minor adjustments to stats or maybe even the ability to make or sell something of value that will give them a benefit or more credits.


1 on 1 PvP, I have to go with UO again but I have to add a very specific caveat to it. When I played UO there was a specific class that was sculpted out to play as a PvP class. So when I cast one thing an intelligent opponent would cast a counter if he was quick enough, and the fight became either outplaying your opponent entirely and beating them quick or being able to dwindle them down until you could finally score a kill. The top players were ALWAYS the top players and it was very tough to take them down because the 1 on 1 PvP was purely about timing and not class ability. I understand how this kind of thing is not possible with current MMOs because there are so many classes. Only way I could see this working is if there was always a counter to something any class had to do. Besides I think a game should be built around group PvP experience and not 1 on 1.


So there you have it my take on the best MMO PvP. I know I have seen plenty of people suggest games I have not even played. Have you guys had the same experience as me or were they completely different and the things I said were so far off base of what you enjoy I am a noob for even suggesting it?




JK; this is actually my first MMORPG and I don't get why people are always complaining about the PVP mechanics. It's pretty damn fun

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1. DAoC

2. WoW

3. SWG

4. TOR & WAR (WAR had a better system, but I like TOR's combat more)


Fun to some degree, but terrible at the same time:


1. Diablo

2. CoH


The only MMO where I completely despised the PvP was Aion. Everything about that combat felt f2p.

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if DAOC was Sooo great

why all those people are not playing DAOC anymore?


Once you've played the same game for 8+ years and they never update the UI/controls/camera and such to the much more fluid options in newer MMOs, you feel the need to move on.


That's how it was for me at least. I would still take daoc over this game any day, but every time I log on to play I am tired of the archaic interface within minutes.

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Emlen MUDs were probably the best PVP experience I've ever had.


Gear was important to a degree, but a freshly popped toon completely naked could still contribute to a fight. (bash, tackle, kick)


On death your corpse was completely lootable and you lost xp. There was no safe xp, no safe grinding anything, the game was completely about faction vs faction. There was one safe room in all of the game, the place you respawned. It took a while just to get to where you had any idea what was going on in a large battle from all the spam.


Dying really sucked, learning how to cope and turn the tables was awesome.


Skills like investigation and tracking and the way the scan command worked allowed tactics and ambushing/counter-ambushing. A tiny niche and one of the best experiences ever.

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