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Best MMO PvP you ever played?


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Gotta agree with this i played eve online and there was some places ie low sec or null sec (people who played eve will know what i mean by that) because u would get killed and when you had to put time and effort into your ships that was a big loss, but then it was also always fun to get cheap ships with large groups and take down bigger targets


And as you progressed, you could start fighting outnumbered...which took skill, but was INSANELY fun. Nothing like flying your Cynabal into a hostile system in 0.0 and harassing people for hours...even more fun in a cloaky bomber.


Love that there's soooooooo many tactics involved. It wasn't just "better tank wins", or "better damage wins".


For example:


On my main char I looooooved flying the cheapest available battleship solo...people always underestimated you and gave you fights. So when I faced a group of smaller ships, if you just went for it because you KNEW how to beat them...I often didn't do that. If I go full-out nuts on them, I might get a kills or 2 before the rest runs. But if I wanted all (or most) of them, I let my shields/armour/structure drop very very low to make it seem as if I was about to die. That way, if you kill 2 out of 4, those 2 will stay to try and finish the job instead of simply running away. It wasn't just a simple "I got better mods than you, hahaha" situation in many cases.


Another thing that made it fun is running 2 accounts at once. So you could have a dedicated electronic warfare alt (like a companion, just not an NPC) and then your main to pump out damage. Soooooooooooo many ways to set that up, and often hard to tell for people how exactly you're set up.


EVE offers a certain depth that no other PVP MMO offers imo.


But again, the time commitment to become good is waaaaaay higher than the other MMOs. So it's definitely not a "let's play for an hour" game. The only way you could get away with that is if you've played for years, got lots of experience, are totally stocked up on ship/mods (so losses won't hurt and force you to make money), and are parked in a region that offers many fights...because otherwise you'll have to travel (which takes time).


For quick PVP action, I'm actually enjoying SWTOR PVP.

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DAoC without a doubt - the large scale battles there were amazing.


Outside of that, I have to go with AoC.. and the worst thing about it was by the time they really got it polished, the only people playing were go geared and starting new looked a lot like a shower scene from Oz, with you being the new guy who doesn't make it to next weeks episode.

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UO because in no other game was the playing field as even and skill ruled the day period.


Shadowbane because the entire game was designed for PVP and I was part of LoD (the real ones) and after the guild leaders duped and entire server into funding their empire it was non stop chaos for weeks as the rest of the server tried to wipe us off the map and never succeeded..good times.

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Guild Wars



Combat Feel/Fluidity:


WoW, deal with it. WoW is still the gold standard for gameplay responsiveness. I'm almost convinced that they used some form of black magic in their engine to make it play the way it does because for some reason no other developer can capture that smooth-fluid like feeling that WoW has. Either that, or other developers are bad and honestly can not tell the difference in gameplay.

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1. Warhammer Ranks 1 to 10, any class, any faction.

2. Warhammer Rank 40+ before the nerf bats came out

3. Warhammer Rank 40+ before bioware got their hands on it and raised RR to 100.


To best pvp moments.


1. A 10 minute 1 on 1 fight, Chosen vs Iron Breaker

2. An 8+ hour battle in front of the Order camp in Reikland where over 200 people were involved at its peak and probably double that were involved at some point.




Warhammer RvR was the bomb! Loved spending hours in a random warband running around the maps flipping zones, taking objectives. Loved seeing the same rivals time and time again... know that Evilchoppa was out there... and if he caught you... well you were probably dead. Building a community around taking objectives, communicating and working with people to flip zones or take castles.


It would be awesome if SWTOR had some real RvR but its is unlikely as none of the classes were designed with seige abilities.

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A simple answer from me. Vanilla WoW. Mother****ing pounding it down from SW with 2x40 man raids all the way too Booty Bay guzzling up Horde low levels on the way and ramming into the ship all the way to Ratchet then laying the bomb on Xroads before continuing on to Orgrimmar before the Horde retaliation raid arrive back in Xroads. Wreck Org for a good half hour until the Horde raid turns back up at Org and kick our arses.


Good times, good times.

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DAoC without a doubt was the best MMO I've experienced. I lived to fight in the frontiers. I personally enjoyed the stealth game most of all.


I would absolutely love a Dark Age 2 untainted by the genre shift caused by WoW.


A stealther "scout" actually WAS a scout in daoc. Like the old middle age wars were you sen out scouts to scout the enemy army


Going up the hills to scout and reporting to your raidleader about the enemy movements, working together with the other scouts, it felt very..

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Definitely SWG.


And I mean the first year of swg when there wasn't a lightsaber noise to be heard for miles.


Fighting outside of Anchorhead, running in and out of houses, was such a good time.


SWG was geared more towards people that wanted to be stormtrooper no. 7 rather than luke or anakin and thats why it was good.

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DAOC by a mile.


EVE second.


From siege to relic runs to rvr dungeons DAOC just hit the nail on the head. It also one amazing quality that can't be coded into a game. Realm Pride.


I don't know why but DAOC had the best sense of belonging and team work and a call to duty that any game has ever engendered. You can't replace that aspect but you CAN do things to encourage it.


Someday, somewhere, someone will weave the Mythic Magic again. You can bet your behind I'll be there to enjoy it!

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Many players have only played WoW before, so they have nothing to compare to. Its the same with those players that mention games like Runescape and..Tibia. The new generation


WoW PvP is horrible compared to games like DaoC and UO. WoW even tried to take battlegrounds from DaoC (even same names) but failed badly


NO idea how it failed badly, opinions are oppinions and many people like WoW PvP, just like you like DAoC, its justr matter of taste which PvP is best for different people. I doubt any MMORPG with DAoC kinda RVR system would ever break 1 mil subs. If it was "best" PvP ever im sure gaming companies woule rub their hands while making clones of it. If someone likes WoW most, someone Runescape, someone DAoc, they are all right, "best that YOU have ever played.

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Best one i ever played was Asherons Call.


It had a dynamic engine that allowed players to dodge incomeing magic and missle attacks from players and mobs. and im not talking a system like Darkfall were you have to aim the game aimed your attacks for you kind of like a aimbot in a shooter but the projectiles wernt instant you could see them coming and move out of the way it actually took skill.


also it had NO CC, so a skilled player could fight and win against multiple enemys, just because you were fighting 2 guys didnt mean you lost because you stand there stuned or rooted for ever, they still had to actually hit you so it gave you a chance.


plus it was a skill based game with no classes, you could be a fire ball throwing sword guy with cooking trained if you wanted, you earned XP by killing stuff but you also earned what was called unasigned XP that you saved up and spent on what skill YOU want to level up.


the pvp server was savage, there was not a single place on the entire map that was safe from pvp. when you went out hunting there was pvp, when you were in town selling there was pvp. there was huge epic wars over dungeons that guilds tried to control to level up, there was huge epic wars over towns that guilds tried to hold to sell items and call home.


YOU WERE NEVER SAFE it was real pvp.


+1 for AC. Darktide 4 ever!


It just seems like after AC MMO creators just got lazy. They created "cookie cutter classes" and even did the same thing with armor, weapons, etc. In AC, all the loot was completely random with random stats. NO two people looked like. NO two people had exactly the same stats. NO two people had the same armor/weapons.


There was actually a point to PVP, and there was risk too! You actually dropped a few pieces of your gear when you died, so there was incentive to win a PVP fight. The worlds were also much less linear and completely open world.


AC was a fanfrickentastic MMO. Too bad it didn't do well with age. But yeah, AC was legit.


Yes, this game, like many recent MMO's have a lot of features AC did not, but those same MMOs could take a lesson from AC. People don't want cookie cutter, people don't want to look the same as everyone else (Battlemaster, Rakata anyone??)

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I want another game like Shadowbane with their rule set but... with wasd movment, and no stacking. I love the hardcore pvp and being able to make your charcter wear or do anything. Reason I loved SWG that and Bothan CH/CM was so much fun.
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