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  1. I think you have your argument utterly backwards. It is Bioware that is asking for our money, the game IS free to play after all. They are attempting to offer incentives in the hopes people will CHOOSE to pay rather than play for free. The discontent you are seeing isn't people asking for "charity" it is people saying "You have to be kidding if you actually believe THAT is incentive to optionally pay a monthly fee to play your mostly single player game" (ok, that last part was mine....and the reason I will not be renewing my sub, regardless of the bribe they offer me).
  2. It's a Bioware game. That should tell you all you need to know, but if it doesn't let met clarify for you. Nothing about this game has ever been, or ever will be, challenging/hard/competitive. There are plenty of MMO's out there that fill that niche, this isn't one of them. This game is about one thing, story (as are all Bioware games). If you are looking for a challenge and playing SWTOR, you made a wrong turn somewhere. Beyond the the orognal post is childish, short sighted, and lacks even the most basic understanding of business. You want everyone who doesn't derive there sense of self worth from a video game to leave? Good luck in what ever you next game is, because this one wouldn't be here for long if that happened (hello SWG...).
  3. Actually....my account expires day after tomorrow. It will not be renewed. So, they don't (or rather, wont) have my money.
  4. When I came back to the game I got a 2-month non-recurring sub. It expires the day after tomorrow. It will not be renewed.
  5. I played from Early Access to just after Ilum was changed from the Open World PvP planet it was originally. I came back to try KotFE, and purchased a 2 month, non-recurring, subscription. It expires the day after tomorrow and I have been waiting to try out the changes before I decide whether or not to renew. It will not be renewed.
  6. Honestly? SWTOR should have released as a single player game (with co-op) to begin with. The story is all it really has going for it (at least for me). I came back from a LONG break (left just after Ilum was changed to not be a world PvP planet...so several years ago) for the story, nothing else.
  7. You wont 'forever see" dark side points on your character. Once you hit 10,000 LS points, any points you receive beyond that wipes out any DS points you have. In fact, it is necessary to do so in order to obtain the "Pure" title.
  8. As someone who would never use such a tool I really have no preference. However, there are a LOT of other things I would rather they spend their time working on in the near future than this.
  9. New to MMOs? This is a common occurance. Hell, half the 'female' toons in my guild are played by male players (and two of the 'male' toons are played by the wives of two of the 'female' toons players). You can never assume a character's gender matches that of the player in an MMO
  10. You might want to look into to that before making such bold statement as "may have disproved Einsteins theory on the speed of light" (so much wrong with that statement alone...)
  11. /facepalm Please leave physics to the physicists and just play the game.
  12. lol...Adults, that’s a good one. There is no talking going on here, just a lot of temper tantrums being thrown. People need to man up, adapt, get better, phrase it how you want. Now that healing isn’t unbalanced all those who skated their way through warzones are finding out they aren’t really as good as they thought they were and the first thing they do is come here to cry. Yes, I belittle them for it…it’s well deserved derision.
  13. You don't remember correctly. WoW was relelased over 3 years after DAoC, in November of 2004 (DAoC was released in October of 2001). DAoC was already in decline at that point, thanks in large part to the ToA expansion released in October 2003 (a year before WoW launched) which introduced a gear grind that previously wasn't there. It was, in fact, the gear progression that killed off DAoC.
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