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Best MMO PvP you ever played?


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I loved PVP in Eve Online because there was actual loss. It had a death penalty, you could actually hurt your enemy, cost them money. It forced people to play smart, improve themselves. It was also good for the player driven economy as new equipment/ships were then needed, materials were needed, blueprints were needed.


This game is a carebear's wet dream. There is NO death penalty what so ever. Nothing to force people to care about dying, no benefit to kill your enemy, no reason to kill anyone except just for the hell of it.


I have often killed myself rather than have to travel back somewhere just because its faster....any game that people will do this has way too soft a death penalty.


The good thing about Eve's penalty was that it wasn't crippling. But it did hurt. Made EVERYONE, even the huge carrier captains, VERY careful. You didn't travel unless you knew what you needed to do. At least, not alone. I used to mine. A lot. Thank the gods I had a decent corp. that kept protection around us "gathers".


About this game, you know, I've died, on purpose cause it's a fast way to get a full health bar. Really.

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Planetside-more than a hundred diverse places to fight the two other player controlled factions. Great diversity in aircraft, vehicles, and personel equipment. 60vs60 easily playable, and 100vs100 possible.


Eve-no factions allowing player communities to chose their own enemies, 1500vs1500 fights possible, significant death penalty resulting in meaningful PVP.

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2/3: Guild Wars (not really an MMO), Warhammer (the combat system was mostly good for most of the game's lifespan, despite the city / fort system being ****ed for equally as long)



DAOC commentary:


1. DAOC had an effective overarching system because there were 3 realms. Reasonably good internal balancing.


2. DAOC had good gameplay options because there were no "rails". The developers didn't add over-engineered microgoals here and tokens there to make you do specific things.


Look at how ****** Ilum is -- players want "TOKENS" and **** to drop in Ilum to make it "worthwhile". Players do Warzones only because they give commendation tokens. Everyone and their brother wants *********** tokens as a reason to PvP, instead of simply killing players because it's fun.


In DAOC, you simply got points for doing the one thing common to all PvP: killing *********** players. None of this clicking on chests in Tatooine ********. No retarded medal farming "hey let's stand in the acid pit more". No clicking gimmicky objectives on Alderaan.


You kill players, you get points. Period.


3. DAOC PvP had a greater purpose -- relics that mattered. No game since has implemented an overarching reason for your entire faction to cooperate to WIN THE GAME. Although it has to be said: relics had a significant impact on PvE. And this is probably why we will never see a similar system for WoW/Rift/SWTOR or any PvE-centric game.


4. Gear. DAOC gear, for a very long segment of its life, was easy as **** to get to a competitive level. During vanilla, you did your epic quest, gg. During SI, you talked to a crafter and paid a few hundred gold. During ToA (**** TOA) you ****ed your ******e with a sharp object. After they nerfed TOA, it was a short grind.




Additional note on #2: This is pretty significant IMO, because this may never change for MMOs in the future. Specifically, Mythic was lazy as **** and simply bad at making their "content". They were too haphazard to go and "MAKE RAILS" like Trion, BioWare, Blizzard.


Modern developers sink a lot of development and QA time into creating things like 47 different tokens, finely-tuned token acquisition rates and gear acceleration and titles and rewards and map markers and objective capture times and ... get the picture? Developers nowadays over-engineer the games.


They call it "features" and "content". What it does is force players to min/max their "TOKENS PER HOUR".


Back in DAOC's day, the devs were lazy *****es working out of their garage. Not really, but at that level. PvP in DAOC was barebones and simple: kill players, collect RP. Kill door, kill lord, take keep. Keep helps you kill players, collect RP. Did I mention killing players and collecting RP?


The system was absurdly simple. This means that players are the ones who decided how they wanted to play -- did they want to StealthZerg™? 8-man roam? Zerg that milegate? Camp Darkness Falls? Any of the above, because they all involved ... get this: KILLING PLAYERS, COLLECTING RP.


Nowadays, developers try to tune rewards for zerging, roaming, camping, ganking. If you played Warhammer, you saw this -- keep trading, because players try to optimize RP/hour. Because devs tried to "incentivize" keep warfare. What do we do in Ilum? Trade caps. What do we do in Huttball? Farm medals. We don't PvP anymore, because the developers give us "TOKENS" and micro-objectives, and zone quests.


None of which involve killing players.


Developers are trying too hard at all the wrong things.


Mythic didn't try hard when they made DAOC. They let the players try hard after they lucked out with a solid PvP system.




good post. i didnt play daoc, but i support those ideas. pvp lacks pvp currently

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I would say the best pvp I've ever played was Eve Online. Aside from the interface for that game, the pvp was well thought out with real consequences. I don't just mean consequences for a given fight, but battles that had an impact on the game world and the players. I also enjoyed the fact that there were resources that were worth fighting for in that game, which made the fights even more intense.


A close second choice for favorite pvp would have been SWG-preCU. That game, even though it had flaws in the combat system, also did it right when it came to making pvp mean something to the players and the community.

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By far Darkfall, no other game has stirred such emotions in pvp as that game. Not only because if you die you lose all your ****, but because there is a real feeling of community. For any people that played a Darkfall trial and are wondering *** I'm talking about because it didn't match their experience... you have to be in a guild to get the most out of it.


Plus the whole moral grey area of the game is great too, when you let people be scumbags they will be and its very evident in that game. Not to mention if you are skilled you can stomp on people more geared/trained than you.

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The best I'd say was Eve. And I like monster play in LOTRO. That's fun.


Vanilla WOW was a lot of fun. The infamous TM/SS wars were a lot of fun. And I played Horde back then too. Alliance outnumbered us by 3 to 1. And it was still fun.


Also weekend long AV's were epic.


But WOW killed all outdoor PVP. Now it's all x-realm instance crap. And AV, which was designed to be epic takes 5 mins to run. i don't even have anyone to hate anymore.


As for this game, I had high hopes. But it's just sad to see what BW did with it. It's like they copied WOW - copied all of WOW's past mistakes too.

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Best pvp game all out - EVE - its simply incredibly.


Fantasy side - Warhammer - best pvp concept battleground wise - aslas bad endcontent

DAoC - great RvR and open pvp - 3 Realms, be it player or one AI side wich sides with the other weak realm = perfect concept for realm balancing

Ultima online


WoW never was and never will be a pvp game but i admit, i learned to love battlegrounds there. Reason: usually a chance encounter is very often (though not always) decided by the side with more people. taking this out as it is done in battlegrounds, the side with more skill wins (idealy -besides some class balancing issues)

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DAOC---*pre trials of atlantis*


The game was built for PvP play. And I really miss the style chain combat mechanic of daoc, the "you land one hit then you can land the next and the next" It required skill and intelligence, and you had to pay attention to what was really happening because if you blocked you had a skill to use, if you parried you had a different one, evade had one, they block, parry or evade you had options too, so it cultured more intelligent play instead of the "spam" mentality of todays games.

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One of the best concepts for open world pvp I've seen was in a f2p mmo, silkroad online. The game itself was bad, but the idea for that pvp was just epic.


Basically in order to make money one had to run caravans from one city to another. The further the destination is, the bigger the gap between buying and selling price of goods. There were 3 parties involved... the traders who were doing the caravan, hunters to protect them, and thieves who tried to steal it. Many times people organized trade runs, with dozens of caravan animals, lots of hunters and took off to another city. Of course all the thieves on the server were after them resulting in epic battles between the players. Unfortunately there was nothing else in the game worth doing, so it didn't last long for me, but still one of the best idea for pvp I've seen.

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has anyone ever -played Knight online...



holy cow it was a grindy game, but had the best pvp i ever experienced.. everything was so well thought out and balanced..



toook so much skill in that game to pvp, with an implemented combo system, so even if a guy is max lvl and didn't kno what he was doing you could beat him easily.


and comboin was an art, not something you can learn right off the bat. some people couldn't even do it at all, and just plain sucked.

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Once you've played the same game for 8+ years and they never update the UI/controls/camera and such to the much more fluid options in newer MMOs, you feel the need to move on.


That's how it was for me at least. I would still take daoc over this game any day, but every time I log on to play I am tired of the archaic interface within minutes.


thanks mate

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#1 Lineage (original) best pvp in gaming history

#2 Warhammer Online: Most balanced PvP new age game

#3 Havent Found a 3rd


StarWars is a super fun game for the story line and PvE aspect. But PvP needs a lot of work and fast before the game dies in its first month.

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I am glad I am not the only person who though PvP in AoC was terrible. Also I think though Rift PvP is similar to WoW, I never got into it, as a healer it didn't seem fun. More terrible PvP can be found in any hero game, Champions Online, CoX, and DC online ... all really bad.


In order of enjoyment:

1- UO like the first 3 months after release when you could loot player items from the corpses of the players you killed. You could also cut up their bodies and take things like their hearts, or ears as trophies. It really made you think twice about PvP and added an element of diplomacy forcing you to be social or die.

2- Warhammer, had the most enjoyable PvP leveling experience of any MMO I've have played.

3- Guild Wars, not much to say, I really loved the active playstyle of the Monk, I am said to hear they got rid of the healer role in GW2.

4- WoW, and I am bias here because I loved 2v2 arenas and not for the easy points but because it was something my wife and I could do together without having to rely on anyone else.

5- SWTOR, It's not as bad as I had original thought ... the PvP is actually growing on me, they just need to fix the ability delay because I am still experiencing it.

6- Aion, rifting in that game was a blast, other than that the rest of the pvp was terrible especially the abyss.


Honestly the best type of PvP is not in MMOs, its reflex based where you can dodge your opponents abilities and don't rely on RNG like in any FPS. But my favorite PvP is in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls ... I waiting for the next MMO from Blizzard, rumor has it, it will be played as such.

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