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Best MMO PvP you ever played?


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1. Wow Arena and vanilla world pvp.

2. EQ2 PVP on Nagaden ( incredible world pvp where death mean something )

3. War t1-t2 Was a blast. Then T3 + became a bump into the lava fest with Wizard one shotting people. Oh and the t1 pvp lakes were AWESOME. T2 was cool when it had stuff to do.

4.Wish i played DAOC :(


123 413. I don't want to offend but SWTOR pvp is a joke.

Illum = boring has hell. Nothing ever happen. When it happens it last 15 secs then you have to wait 20-25 mins for any republic group to come out.

PVP bag is the worst idea I ever saw in any MMO to date.

Concept of Huttball is fun. But facing 5+ sage or sorcerer against you makes this game boring.

+ everything is so repetitive with no incentitive at all.

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Do MUDs count? :-P




Nothing like walking into a room with a stealthed thief and seeing


Pliny's backstab ***** ANNIHILATES ***** you spammed 5 times: -P


Sorry, nostalgia.


DAoC. PvP mattered for something. When the call went out that you were being invaded, people dropped what they were doing and rushed to the aid of the realm. You could do something similar here and create a PvP area to this end on several planets so that you could stage a full invasion or a selective strike and let the call go out that a particular planet was under siege and Reps and Imps would have to fly in to attack/defend.


I'm not a PvP player by nature and I loved RvR in DAoC

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If daoc had been the game to bring mmo's to the reta...err the masses and made the kind of money WoW did, every game after would have been much better.


Too bad wow had to ruin the entire fhucking genre, thanks alot blizzard.


Now we have to wait 10 years for the zerg to mature enough to get tired of the wow cloning, and for the douchebag corporate bloodsucking ********s to realize they will make more money updating the near flawless pvp platform DAOC had.

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  • WoW arenas for small scale / reasonably competitive PvP (during better seasons).



  • WAR low level warzones were amazing fun and warzones (were they called that there as well? can't remember) in general were decent apart from the ability delay WAR suffered from.



  • WAR keeps / zones PvP when sides were fairly balanced and **** didn't lag to hell probably the most fun wpvp I've had in any game, discounting some obvious issues (cough, AoE on stairs). One of my guilds there holding the same keep for something like 3-4 weeks straight on a fairly balanced realm was an amazing experience.



  • Rift wpvp was actually fairly decent as well, at least in the start and when it happened. Warzone design had some interesting ideas but premades farming PuGs for gear/ranks took a lot of fun out of it. Spontaneous wpvp around invasion bosses / summoned rifts in high level areas is a great example of reasons to wpvp. No gimmicks, additional rewards or specifically labelled PvP zones required.



  • EVE deserves honourable mentions for many things but I don't think much of it can be realistically implemented in a modern big title style mmorpg.



SW:TOR shipped without much of a vision for PvP (against it is more like it, looking at f.e. the way planets are separated for the two factions - this must've been a decision taken VERY early in design stages for the entire game and if they didn't realize at the time that this would basically kill off wpvp on any noteworthy scale there's not much hope for PvP anyway) and I'll be very surprised if they manage to come up with one and implement it in time to make the game more than a footnote in mmorpg pvp history, regardless of subscriber numbers.

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I played swg, a little eve, wow, and this game. I say all pvp in any mmorpg is bad. There is no comparison to a shooter game.


Shooter never beats Arena from WoW.

I'm sorry but you're wrong and i'm 150% right!


Duh it's like if I say starcraft 2 has better PVP than any MMORPG.....

(no not protoss vs protoss :p)

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DAoC bar none..

Have never had so much fun pvping in any other game ive played

8 manning a zerg was such a rush, skilled and organized players beat out numbers any day.

3 realms ftw

bomb groups

dyeing armor! being able to recognize what guild you were running into in 8 man by the colors was awesome

Meaningful pvp

Illum just doesnt cut it


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not many shadowbane players i see :p


1. Shadowbane.


Played to the death, bugs and all. The concept was brilliant. The best part was that no 2 people of the same class had the exact same build. There were a million ways of making each class and they were all viable in their own right. SWOTR sorta reminds me of shadowbane. not the pvp/class customisation, but the bugs/lag and general unintuitive gameplay.


2. WoW


The best competitive pvp out of _any_ mmos. At the high end it has an extremely polished pvp experience. This may have changed lately as i havent played wow pvp for a while.


3. AoC


I loved this game. Yet another that reminded me of Shadowbane. Pity about the bugs and clueless devs though eh.


4. Guild Wars


When this came around, the juggernaut we cal WoW was still dominating my life. Only played briefly and then again i just played the instant level 20 pvp that it had. Never leveled a character in pve. Looking to give guild wars 2 a go unless bioware actually fix this game in time.

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1. DAoC - I've played many other mmo's since, but no pvp ever reaches the pure enjoyment of DAoC rvr...

I remember when the game started, no realm ranks, no realm abilities, just pure fun. Every night the action at Emain...none of this gear grind to speak of.

Even with the rise of the 'gank groups' it was awesome, when skills >zerg

Hibernia Forever!


2. WAR first month or so, fighting in the lower levels comes in as a distant 2nd


3. Planet side, can contend for 2nd spot, but didn't get to play enough of it


4. Distant 4th - WoW Alterac Valley



I have hope TOR world pvp will improve (can't get any worse can it...oh arenas maybe)

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Vanilla WoW was the best for World PvP, WOTLK was the best for small group. (2v2-5v5) Nothing was wrong with PvP in season 9 but the season 10 changes ruined wow for me. The BG system was better as well IMO.



Granted thats the only MMO I have played and I have played it on and off for a while but I honestly thing the PvP is more fluent.

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Star Wars Galaxies, people PVPed for the fun of it, you didn't need to grind for gear. No instanced battlegrounds, just big world PVP fun, base busting all night!



Also, you couldn't beat the 7 hour Alterac Valley battles in WoW i suppose.

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