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  1. yer I am finding it hard to bother, not sure if I will continue or not.
  2. Having decided to come back for third time now, I was wondering what the player numbers are like 4 years in. I play on Beragin colony so I dont know if its dead now or what....
  3. You understand your abusive, obviously quite young, an seem to have declared yourself everyone's better.....in all your posts you put people down an try to insult anyone you decide is... what do you call it ??.. oh yer... "a badz"...
  4. This ladies an gentleman is exactly what I am talking about.... The mentality of the exploiting BG farmer... None dominates in world pvp, you simply survive till the next fight, its as easy as that. Show me exactly where I said I suck at battlegrounds ?.... last I new I have never set foot in one in tor an never will. They are nothing more than a pve farm-a-thon. an Beneath my attention. See, I'll educate you just a little here since you seem to need it.... World pvpers dont need shinys, yes we want progression but shinys dont need to be it. Sadly though because tor is just another rift shinys are central to the game so we have no choice when all you farmers hit up tatt an kill baby's in your shiny new pvp sillys, we have to fight back in quest gear. I have never met a world pvper who says pvp is about gathering shinys so you can gain more shinys. Personally I kill to take from you, or run you off, or make you made. PvP is about winning the fight. No such thing as a fair fight, just the fight you win by any means. (no not hacks an exploits)
  5. World pvp is not about balance, that is battlegrounds. Limiting world pvp to 8 ? LOl seriously ?.... That isn't world pvp mate the whole idea of world pvp is it isn't scripted, isn't controlled an isn't micro managed. No, it world pvpers dont just zerg. It is about killing the enemy anywhere you find them. Taking what they have, or running them off so you can kill in peace. if you are out questing an 5 guys jump on you, call for help. If your realm mates wont come to your aid, change realms cos your community is obviously crap (welcome to tor).... World pvp is in the end, is about fighting an winning or loosing on your own terms. Take last night for instance, I was in dune sea on one of my alts, an 2 commandos jumped me, I hit stealth, ran an came back around while the idiots thought they could dare take over my questing spot... I waited 5 min an they over pulled as I new they would. Both were at half health, I zapped one, an killed other, then killed second one.... they left. World pvp happened. edit Pets/companions do not ruin world pvp, they have never been anything but a side target in any real MMO. Ignore them an kill the owner it's as black an white as that mate. Fair dues, you took alot of time to write that out, but what you want is a special battleground controlled an restricted. That isnt world pvp.
  6. If your going to respond to me I expect a minimum level of maturity, or els block me. I dont tolerate silly school name calling... thank you. The only reason players like yourself today complain is because you either want everything everyone els has, or you dont want anyone able to do something you cant do exactly same..... I dont know where you picked up this attitude, but the only ones loosing out are you.
  7. really funny thing is, you see all the wow generation saying that world pvp cant be done, world pvp si "unfair" world pvp "has never been done in anything but fail gamez" as they call it Yet UO the game was about killing those "Anti dogs" Asheron's call the game was about killing Bloods... There were no battlegrounds back then, Daoc was the first to bring in BG's unluckily (or unlucky) depending how you see it, they were great, but after that things fell apart. The one tihng all these games had in common was blisteringly good world pvp... Because it can be done an it has been done. There were no shiny gravytrains back then because you got "gear" from lots of different places, but gear then was less about stats an more about looks.
  8. You shouldn't, both those classes should be completely different, if one guy has a nuke that does 200 an one guy has a nuke does 100, you give him another ability that the first guy doesn't have.... Diversity isn't hard, it just takes time to do. Your comparasins for DAOC are a good example. Cabbys had a skill that allowed them to shut down mages range (forget the name now) Spiritmasters didn't have that, they were able to do PBAOE I think ?.. its bin 8 years.... Now Cabbys pet could also run down stealthers without any actions on your part other than putting them on agro, spirit masters couldn't do that, but they were brutal in pve.... Diveristy...
  9. So all MMOs were wrong pre wow ? all MMO devs got it wrong did they ? As for real world, irrelevant. Daoc the premier RVR MMO ever created, 47 classes an every single one of them was original. Not one of them was balanced, an guess what, we managed to survive day in day out. It meant we had to .... an (heres the shocker)...."Learn" how to counter them. If you had it the way you see things, you'll only need 1 of anything in an MMO....
  10. healers would/should still be able to get points by actually healing people not just exploiting heal themselves. Tanks can kill people just fine, I play a 47 JK defence spec an have no probs in world pvp.
  11. I'm a little more pessimistic than you. Your average gamer today doesn't want difficulty, doesn't want content doesn't want in depth play, they want.......Shinys. It honestly boils down to that.
  12. yer I was on Ahazi an tor has NOTHING in common with SWG pvp.
  13. I will never understand why it is your generation demands everything be perfectly equal. Why is it exactly diversity scares you so much ? (yes I'm being serious). Proper MMos are never even class diversity is what makes an MMO fun to play. If it goes your way all we have is clones all looking, an doing exact same thing.
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