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Best MMO PvP you ever played?


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Best one i ever played was Asherons Call.


It had a dynamic engine that allowed players to dodge incomeing magic and missle attacks from players and mobs. and im not talking a system like Darkfall were you have to aim the game aimed your attacks for you kind of like a aimbot in a shooter but the projectiles wernt instant you could see them coming and move out of the way it actually took skill.


also it had NO CC, so a skilled player could fight and win against multiple enemys, just because you were fighting 2 guys didnt mean you lost because you stand there stuned or rooted for ever, they still had to actually hit you so it gave you a chance.


plus it was a skill based game with no classes, you could be a fire ball throwing sword guy with cooking trained if you wanted, you earned XP by killing stuff but you also earned what was called unasigned XP that you saved up and spent on what skill YOU want to level up.


the pvp server was savage, there was not a single place on the entire map that was safe from pvp. when you went out hunting there was pvp, when you were in town selling there was pvp. there was huge epic wars over dungeons that guilds tried to control to level up, there was huge epic wars over towns that guilds tried to hold to sell items and call home.


YOU WERE NEVER SAFE it was real pvp.



I've played them all and Asheron's Call: Darktide was handsdown the best PvP experience I've ever had. Darktide was brutal, especially in the early years. Shout out to good old Schattenkind for being the first monarchy I ever joined on there.


Took over Xarabydun with the rest of my "Bears" and owned that place for forever fighting the Borgs and Bloods and literally keeping an eye on that place 24/7 to keep people from Lifestoning there. We'd set up watches and kill anyone repeatedly we saw stoned there. Freakin awesome. Good times.


Props to the big monarchies that kept Asheron's Call a fun place to be. Blood, Sagacious, Og, and all the other great monarchies from AC.



~Wise Like Bear

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UO. Hands down. CC was a very rare thing and instead of classes you had skill points and could spend them any way you wanted on any skill you wanted. Paladin ninja? Go for it. Want to be a mace swinging Necro? BONZAI! Only thing was you had 700 skill points and that was it. You literally traded survivabilty for offense and vice versa. NO INSTANCES EITHER! Just 1 big persitant, dangerous world. Hasn't been matched to this day.


Paladins and Necros? This is not the UO I remember and love.


UO T2A era was the best PvP MMO imo.

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4. WoW (pre-BC) - Pre-resilience this game's PvP was fun, although the way they did the PvP titles seemed a bit too grindy. Resilience, however, ruined this game's PvP for me. Sure, it allowed PvP'ers to trump PvE'ers.. but I prefer a system where PvE'ing + PvP'ing will allow you to have the most success in both PvE & PvP - having the two segregated doesn't do it for me. Though I can respect that some people like it separated and I'll just stick more to PvE than PvP if that's the case. What would have been awesome is if resilience only gave you a benefit in arenas and (when it came out) rated BG's, but not normal BG's. There needs to be an outlet where PvE'ers can PvP without being required to grind PvP gear (and don't get me wrong - I PvP'd plenty in BG's in PvE gear - and I enjoyed the challenge, but I think there should be a hardcore PvP arena/battleground system and a general PvP arena/battleground system where your top tier PvE guys will be the most likely to succeed. - And the most hardcore players will succeed in both.)


I take it you never played a healer pre-bc. Really, the "no resil" thing was only fun for high burst damage classes. Everyone else suffered. Nothing like getting PoM/Pyro'd by a mage and essentially being insta-gibbed.


As for the BS about PvE players, many of them bring some of their PvE gear to BGs/arenas to massive advantage. I'd say it's a major disadvantage to play WoW PvP without going after at least a few pieces of PvE gear to round out your set. Many of the highest rated players are definitely not solely in PvP gear.

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1. Daoc - reading this thread its pretty damn obvious why it's the best, and i've been hoping someone would copy this, but it hasn't happened yet.


2. Shadowbane - hard-mode daoc, + uo.


3. WW2online - its still pretty fun but still has client side registration so meh... it was showing its age the day it released, but it was also designed for dial up heh.


4. Planetside - ........ because it was.

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No other game knows what REAL PvP is.


P.S I have to guess anyone listing WoW or Warhammer as best PvP is a WoW MMO newcomer and never played DAOC. Cause no one that played DAOC is going to think any MMOs PvP is better. (unless of course it really is, im still holding my breath that a company will get it right)

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I know I'm gonna catch some flak for this, but vanilla WoW had EXCELLENT world PVP.


- You couldn't walk 2 feet in contested territory without being ganked.

- There would be city raids every day.

- A skilled player in any class could 1vs2 and 1vs3 (post-Rogue nerf and Hunter remake)

- World bosses actually dropped good loot. We would have a full 40-man Horde raid fighting a dragon, only to have three 40-man Alliance raids show up, and then another 40-man Horde raid come in. HUGE battle in the middle of nowhere, with a dragon in the middle killing people.


Then they ruined it with Battlegrounds and Dishonorable Kills.


Aika Online has probably the best PVP out of any free MMO. Atlantica Online's PVP is very innovative and really fun.


The key word here is "had". To be honest, I think WoW got more things right than it got wrong with regards to PvP, but world PvP essentially went in to the dumps after Wrath came out. When I was playing WoW, world PvP was the thing I loved the most. However now it's like people don't really go anywhere since you can instance and BG from the safety of a major town. The loss of large scale world pvp essentially was the straw the broke the camel's back for me.


I should also point out that they removed dishonorable kills a long time ago.

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WAR- not including endgame pvp which was broken and terrible, or endgame world pvp which was nothing but zergfests and bright wizards using their invisible aoes to rofl stomp everyone.


WoW- pre Cataclysm it was good, Wintergrasp was fun though most of the BGs were garbage... pre x-server BGs though WoW probably had the best pvp I've seen, AV being the best instanced pvp ever- AV is now a garbage run to the other side and avoid enemies game though. Right now, with the gross imbalance, the horrible arena system getting somehow even worse, the world pvp zone being simply awful and most BGs encouraging running away from the other team rather than fighting- WoW probably ranks as the worst pvp experience.


SWTOR- love huttball, love the ease of getting pvp, love the balance of classes, and most of all love how games encourage teamwork- Huttball in particular. I'd grown so tired of pvp being entirely self centered, and I find it amusing how many people hate huttball, cuz it's easy to tell they're the type who generally ignore objectives and just look for weak geared people to beat on in other games, before screaming at their team for sucking.



Currently- there's no game's pvp I'd rather play than TOR, I'm not going back to WoW, Blizzard has kept balance at the bottom of their to do list since the game came out, and I'm not waiting another 7 years to see if they ever reverse that decision.

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Guild Wars had the best instanced team-based PvP. The variety of skills and interplay between them made it much more cerebral than your typical mashfest.




Guildwars is still the best PVP game I've ever played to this day.



I think a large part of that was becasue everyone had access to same pool of gear/skills. I still play off and on to this day.


No subscribtion fee rocks!


First to truely do free to play???

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Best free-range PvP: Shadowbane.

Love open world PvP with real objectives, towns and sieges that meant something.

Call me a carebear, but I have no interest in playing a long PvE grind game in a ganking environment. So I loved Shadowbane even though I avoid PvP servers in most games.


Most innovative: DAoC.

Separate PvE and PvP zones, give the PvP zones real objectives, sieges and even a moving "front". I still don't understand why more games don't copy the three faction system.


Best actual mechanics.

Hurm .. WAR? WoW, TOR and Rift are all close, but collision detection added that extra element. It may not be worth it from a performance perspective, but it definitely added another dimension to PvP.



I actually like the TOR minigames the most, although they need a few more of them, and probably also arenas.

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Nostalgia World Online where everything was sunshine and roses, and nothing bad ever happened.




That said... I do genuinely think the mechanics of play in TOR gives it potential... I'd love to see it on a grander scale, a la DaoC, and see how it maches up.


EDIT: matches up* is a terrible way to put it cause its not a comparison to me... "see what it can do" would be better

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warhammer online in the good old days, when keeps had one ramp. me as an ironbreaker, on the ramp with 15 other tanks and 2 warbands backing us up. 300+ raging destro players trying to take the keep. 3 server crashes, after each on we came back. was an epic fight, lots of renown, lots of fun.


god i miss that :(


and guild wars off course, so many skills and so much importance on teamplay, skills made you good.

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Seems a lot of you are talking about the overall strategic element of the gameplay (e.g. RvR or open world, or whatever). Strategy-wise, I missed out on UO and DAOC (the clear favourites here), but I've had a lot of fun with the open-world PvP in EVE Online and DCUO.


But what about the actual mechanics of avatar control, the speed of the actual gameplay, aesthetic feel, etc.? For me, the aesthetics are part of it - if I beat someone up, I want to throw shapes doing it, do it with some kind of style.


For me, I'd have to say that the most kinetic MMO PvP gameplay ever was CoH/CoV at a certain high point (and then they inexplicably nerfed it). Strategy-wise it was crappy (just PvP zones) but the actual 1v1 or 6v6 or whatever gameplay was huge fun; intricate without being too intricate, and ultra-responsive, so requiring good twitch ability.


Champs Online also has some amazingly fun PvP at times, but they have real problems with balance.


AoC also, the PvP has a sort of "weighty" feel that's still unmatched - i.e. the most immersive "melee experience" of any MMO to date.


DCUO also has a rather interesting combat system that makes for fun PvP - again, unfortunately, it's a bit broken atm, and not quite WAI (same as SWTOR atm, with the sluggish responsiveness at times).


One thing's for sure though, whatever MMO forum you'll go to, if you visit the PvP sub-forums, they'll always be complaining about how crap the PvP is in the game :D


If you went by MMO PvP forums, there seems to be some mythical PvP MMO out there that does everything right that whatever MMO one happens to be playing at the moment just isn't doing.

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Without real RVR elements I cant say that the pvp is "good".

When theyll have corrected the skill-delay bug maybe I'll be able to enjoy it and say it's fun.

But I doubt I'll never say it's good.

RVR is what a solid pvp system needs, without it it's just some WoW bg -like token farm to get items.

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Shadowbane was my favorite PvP by far. Back in the old days when you would see guild armies on the move all the time, it was really pretty epic. I think Guild Wars did PvP very well, but it never really felt like you were fighting for anything.


Warhammer and SW:TOR are probably the worse. They were/are fun, because it's still PvP, but both games just ended up feeling clumsy. Like, I thought PvP in WO was good in the 10-19 bracket, and each bracket above it got collectively worse.


"BigGreenCrusha hits you with Git Yer Git On for 578 damage!"

"BigGreenCrusha hits you with Follow Up With Some Mo o' Dis for 362 damage!"

"You've been Stunned!"

"BigGreenCrusha hits you with Rattling Green Pulverizer for 923 damage!"

"You've been Knocked Back!"

"BigGreenCrusha hits you with Make Mo' Room Fo My Green Homies for 275 damage!"

"You've been Knocked Down!"

"BigGreenCrusha hits you for Smellin' Da Weak Sauce for 1073 damage!"

"You've been slain by BigGreenCrusha!"


^Exaggerated, but not by that much. Just such dumb game design.


I heard a lot of good things about DAoC... it's too bad I never really got into that game. It felt boring right out of the gate. I just couldn't get in to it.


I sort of consider WoW PvP to be the standard. It's clean, quick, and responsive, and you always feel like you are part of the action and you have a good understanding of what is going on around you.

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For me, I'd have to say that the most kinetic MMO PvP gameplay ever was CoH/CoV at a certain high point (and then they inexplicably nerfed it). Strategy-wise it was crappy (just PvP zones) but the actual 1v1 or 6v6 or whatever gameplay was huge fun; intricate without being too intricate, and ultra-responsive, so requiring good twitch ability.


Champs Online also has some amazingly fun PvP at times, but they have real problems with balance.

There is also something special about PvPing with travel powers. One guy has superleap, another can fly, a third teleport .. lead to very dynamic and interesting fights.


At least, it did before CoX nerfed their PvP into the ground and never looked back, and everyone in CO switched to teleport for PvP. Do you still get this in DCUO?

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