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Best MMO PvP you ever played?


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Best one i ever played was Asherons Call.




YOU WERE NEVER SAFE it was real pvp.


I just wanted to echo this.


Loved the Darktide server. You could/would be looted when killed.


I was only able to play for 4 or 5 months (it was at a time when money and free time were not as plentiful for me as they are now), so I don't know if/how things changed.


But there were no parties, no factions, no "healers", no "tanks". Just people playing. Your friend one day could be your enemy the next.

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Neverwinter Nights 1. Bastions of war usermade server with 20+ rotating AB type maps. Buy gear for points. Extremely deep character building system. This is what i have the fondest memories of.


Wow was great too, but the constant rollercoaster nerf/buff got old. They obviously had no good pvpers on the dev team. Ring of frost, mace stuns, dks rets hunters at wotlk start. Priests at cata start. Waiting months and months for balancing that would be obvious to any pvper was why I left.

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for me was EvE back between 2006-2008 or so.

why?, very intricate, player driven systems and ship type/class synergies and combat, awesome world pvp


followed closely by vanilla WoW around 2007 after the main pvp balance and pvp content patches all the way till the start of tbc.

not so great player driven systems, but still awesome designed world and third pillar that created some of the most fun world pvp I ever seen in all my MMO experience.

class balance tho not perfect was pretty enveloping, as the classes were pretty unique and well designed (with a few spec exceptions)


sadly ToR was a huge let down on the world pvp part... but pvp is pretty fun, for those that dont have the warzone lag/fps plague that is

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Asheron's Call started it all for me, I wish I could go back to that....If you die you get looted I mean what's more intense than that!! Of course you always had death items on you to get looted but it was still pretty sick. I wish another game felt like that, no matter where you went you was always prepared for a fight!
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1. DAoC : meaningful PvP/RvR, gear was not ultimate goal (pre TOA), Sieges, gaining skills that help with PvP (ability to lower CC impact etc...)

2. Shadowbane : building cities for meaningful battles, fighting over resources

3. UO : just good

4. Dark and Light : just a bad game but ability to build forts of any shape, best territory control ideas I have ever seen (3 levels of territory for controlling that area), fighting over resources

5. SWG : do what I want when I want, ability to siege other factions bases


Basically I don't like the gear grind in MMO's. I would rather grind for something else (like skills in DAoC). Also, when I want to tick of people, I like being able to do it on an individual level (IE killing players), on a Guild level (IE destroying something they built) or on a faction level (IE taking their artifacts or something like that).

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Turning shadows off 'entirely' fixed pvp lag for me. Though oddly I can run the game at high graphics just fine with no delay pve. (though I'm not sure, is high graphics still medium? Looks kinda cruddy)



I have to say my fav, I didn't play Daoc would have to be WoW / EVE. Eve because.. well its already been said, though expecting them to place that much emphasis on ship combat is sorta a waste of time.


Wow I like simply because its sharp combat, theres several different types of pvp be it arena, bg's, rated bg's 3's 5's 2's etc.


For me all this game needs for Pvp is proper class balancing, at the moment all I see are ranged dps and healer types running rampant all over warzones with the exception of a stealthed agent in the field.


The laggy delay also needs fixing, more variety of warzones, the ability to pick what warzone you want into and a complete rethink of the pvp reward system and more open world pvp.

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Those Mythic guys are long gone. They are the ones behind Prime Battle for Dominus now. I think its just called Dominus atm because of naming rights. Doesnt look that great to me graphics wise but the PvP would still be fun since its 3 realms.


Yeah, i knew they left long ago. but i still had hope.

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World of Warcraft




This. Played them all and though WoW has had balance issues over the years, nothing compares to the well designed BG's, arenas, rated BG's, polished and responsive UI, gear rewards, world pvp zones, etc.


No wonder this community is so twisted and full of garbage players. Those who actually know what a real pvp game is (warcraft) vs. everyone else. I'm not surprised at those who think tor's pvp is actually good, it really is compared to 90% of the trash games I see on the lists here.

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Best one i ever played was Asherons Call.


It had a dynamic engine that allowed players to dodge incomeing magic and missle attacks from players and mobs. and im not talking a system like Darkfall were you have to aim the game aimed your attacks for you kind of like a aimbot in a shooter but the projectiles wernt instant you could see them coming and move out of the way it actually took skill.


also it had NO CC, so a skilled player could fight and win against multiple enemys, just because you were fighting 2 guys didnt mean you lost because you stand there stuned or rooted for ever, they still had to actually hit you so it gave you a chance.


plus it was a skill based game with no classes, you could be a fire ball throwing sword guy with cooking trained if you wanted, you earned XP by killing stuff but you also earned what was called unasigned XP that you saved up and spent on what skill YOU want to level up.


the pvp server was savage, there was not a single place on the entire map that was safe from pvp. when you went out hunting there was pvp, when you were in town selling there was pvp. there was huge epic wars over dungeons that guilds tried to control to level up, there was huge epic wars over towns that guilds tried to hold to sell items and call home.


YOU WERE NEVER SAFE it was real pvp.



Darktide was the server and it was my favorite time killer for nearly 3 years. You get killed on Darktide you better have some high dollar drop loot in your inv to avoid losing the stuff you really cared about. Thanks for bring back memories of this game, it was ALOT of fun.

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DAOC. No contest. It's still better than anything else PvP wise. Most people that suggest something else probably didn't play it.


For me it isn't even the RvR system. Don't get me wrong it's fantastic. What makes it great is the pace of it. Casters that can drop you in 3 seconds but suffer hard interupts. Massively powerfully CC but completely diminishing returns. 8 man groups with each player having a very specific role rather than each person having their own CC, healers that can DPS etc.


No global cooldown. None of this putting instant abilities on 30+ second cooldowns so any noob can come along and **** your entire group with a ridiculous ability (for example the "death grip"). The fact that 8 people can take on massive groups if they are well organised. Positioning being important.


Battlegrounds as you level up rather than being put in a random instance where whicherver team has the least mongs wins.


When will someone just copy it? :(


Gonna say ^ this here too.


I played DAoC after Asheron's call. The game was just miles ahead technically the brilliant gameplay of the 3 way RvR system has yet to be recaptured in any game since. Yea, the battlegrounds were a blast and open world RvR for relics was incredible. Nothing like running in a zerg and destroying everything.

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2/3: Guild Wars (not really an MMO), Warhammer (the combat system was mostly good for most of the game's lifespan, despite the city / fort system being ****ed for equally as long)



DAOC commentary:


1. DAOC had an effective overarching system because there were 3 realms. Reasonably good internal balancing.


2. DAOC had good gameplay options because there were no "rails". The developers didn't add over-engineered microgoals here and tokens there to make you do specific things.


Look at how ****** Ilum is -- players want "TOKENS" and **** to drop in Ilum to make it "worthwhile". Players do Warzones only because they give commendation tokens. Everyone and their brother wants *********** tokens as a reason to PvP, instead of simply killing players because it's fun.


In DAOC, you simply got points for doing the one thing common to all PvP: killing *********** players. None of this clicking on chests in Tatooine ********. No retarded medal farming "hey let's stand in the acid pit more". No clicking gimmicky objectives on Alderaan.


You kill players, you get points. Period.


3. DAOC PvP had a greater purpose -- relics that mattered. No game since has implemented an overarching reason for your entire faction to cooperate to WIN THE GAME. Although it has to be said: relics had a significant impact on PvE. And this is probably why we will never see a similar system for WoW/Rift/SWTOR or any PvE-centric game.


4. Gear. DAOC gear, for a very long segment of its life, was easy as **** to get to a competitive level. During vanilla, you did your epic quest, gg. During SI, you talked to a crafter and paid a few hundred gold. During ToA (**** TOA) you ****ed your ******e with a sharp object. After they nerfed TOA, it was a short grind.




Additional note on #2: This is pretty significant IMO, because this may never change for MMOs in the future. Specifically, Mythic was lazy as **** and simply bad at making their "content". They were too haphazard to go and "MAKE RAILS" like Trion, BioWare, Blizzard.


Modern developers sink a lot of development and QA time into creating things like 47 different tokens, finely-tuned token acquisition rates and gear acceleration and titles and rewards and map markers and objective capture times and ... get the picture? Developers nowadays over-engineer the games.


They call it "features" and "content". What it does is force players to min/max their "TOKENS PER HOUR".


Back in DAOC's day, the devs were lazy *****es working out of their garage. Not really, but at that level. PvP in DAOC was barebones and simple: kill players, collect RP. Kill door, kill lord, take keep. Keep helps you kill players, collect RP. Did I mention killing players and collecting RP?


The system was absurdly simple. This means that players are the ones who decided how they wanted to play -- did they want to StealthZerg™? 8-man roam? Zerg that milegate? Camp Darkness Falls? Any of the above, because they all involved ... get this: KILLING PLAYERS, COLLECTING RP.


Nowadays, developers try to tune rewards for zerging, roaming, camping, ganking. If you played Warhammer, you saw this -- keep trading, because players try to optimize RP/hour. Because devs tried to "incentivize" keep warfare. What do we do in Ilum? Trade caps. What do we do in Huttball? Farm medals. We don't PvP anymore, because the developers give us "TOKENS" and micro-objectives, and zone quests.


None of which involve killing players.


Developers are trying too hard at all the wrong things.


Mythic didn't try hard when they made DAOC. They let the players try hard after they lucked out with a solid PvP system.




Very well said sir. You've hit the nail on the head. PvP should be "kill players get RP's". I think the K.I.S.S. principle has fallen to the wayside unfortunately.

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Since those 2 had their prime, no one have been close. Warhammer had the right ideas, but execution was bit meh imo.


Im amazed so many of you missed Planetside. That s*it was epic. All kinds of vehicles and airplanes, you could have intense dogfights above bases where tanks and troops where battling it out.


There were several continents consisting of different kinds of bases providing bonuses for your empire. It was all linked, so if you wanted to - you could spec op all kinds of stuff. By killing the generator to a linked base, you could remove most benefits from another base that was heavily defended - drawing troops from there.


Sigh, I miss it so much. And ye, you could use a bigass plane to drop in a full squad of medics, mech units and infiltrators wherever you wanted.


Heres the cookie, tho : both these games had three factions. It makes up for much more interesting dynamics in a world pvp/objective perspective.


Give more games with three factions. Im bit sick of instanced pvp minigames with two teams. Its such a cop-out.

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Best PVP game: DAoC, other games are not even close. I was even playing at a classic freeshard right before trying swtor, after I finished my sub, and I will probably go back there after swtor bores me.


After DAoC probably GW, but the heavy instancing doesnt give the same feeling as open PVP.

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