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Patch 1.2.0a is BROKEN! Rerolled to pre-1.2


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Just a note:


Guild banks gone

Crystal vendor is back

Bird's nests gone


Update: I am in Hyperspace Cannon. Someone says that other servers are not having this issue.

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I wish they would get rid of 1.2 with the exception of the performance enhancements to how the game plays. The rest is crap!


Legacy - another HUGE credit sink. So once again the non-crafters have tons of creds to spend and the people who craft have to choose between crafting and legacy. Legacy is useless before you complete book 2, what a bunch of crap.


Class changes - blows chunks, what balance? A few of my characters are no longer playable unless I group and then they're carrying me.

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Is this a serious thread?


I've just left the fleet, so can't check...


Yes the Crystal Vendor is back...and all that other stuff is true...*sigh*


Well I'm glad my UI is intact. Running dailies until this stuff gets fixed...

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