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Tauntaun Hoth Mystery


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Since there is already a topic about the Orobird, I figured there should be a topic to discuss how to get the Tauntauns. The first Taunlet was gotten by Boisha. You can find the post from page 117 onward. Special thanks to Dragonbgone for full disclosure.


Current Ways to get Tauntauns:

Taunta - Buy from Collector's Edition Vendor for 200K

Taun Fawn - Redeem special code from PAX East

Legacy Tauntaun Ram Pet - Given to all users who were active subscribers as of April 12th, 2012 at 12PM EST.

Taunling - Exotic Animal Crate drops from Gargath on Hoth.

Taunlet - The Hoth Mission Pet. For specific details, See this post and PM them. Hints: You need the Jerky Buff to see it, need to be quick to capture it with the NVSCSS, and it IS found on Hoth.

Smelly - Still not in game, most likely at this point.




-Drops from HM Kaon Under Siege final boss.

-Snowblind (Hoth World Boss) - Also drops Jerky itself.

-Gargath also drops the schematic





-NVSCCS is sold by the vendor who sells the grapple gun on Alderaan.

-You can find an Ice Ferns at X:-3085, Y:-1756, X:897, Y:799, and X:-2823, Y:193. Anyone can grab it.

-Liver is dropped from pretty much everything.






Death Wind Corridor: Saten

Sword of Ajunta Pall: Aino



T3-M4: Cyclonit

Hidden Beks: Ganis



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Patchnotes said the jerky is sold at the cantina vendor.


Despite it saying it's a "cantina food item", nobody was able to find it sold at any vendor on the Test Server. Obviously, it could've been added in the actual patch, so re-checking all the vendors is an idea. Regardless, it doesn't say it is sold at a Cantina vendor--it just calls it a cantina food item and says: "This recipe can be learned by finding the schematic or by reverse engineering Ice Scrabbler Jerky found on Hoth."

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Does the jerky (or anything else useful) drop off the new Wampa now that its live?


I remember people tried killing the Wampa, but had no luck actually getting anything good at all to try off it. But for all we know, it could be a rare drop so it may still be worth it to try again.

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Sub'n. Not at Hoth yet, but will do some rummaging around at various vendor's and such along the way.


Really, any help is appreciated :) For now, I'm checking out the Black Hole area to see if I see anything suspicious, but I'll probably head over to Hoth after that to try and see if I can find anything that drops the jerky if the Vendor search doesn't work out.

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I am over on Hoth right now but so far nothing (and I've slain every Tauntaun I've seen, just in case they drop a baby, lol)

Sub'ing, hope someone finds something :0)


It was actually said that genocide of Tauntauns was unneeded :p

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