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Best Smuggler Dialogue Lines [Possible Spoilers]


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Whether smarting off to a Grand Moff or trying to score big with a lady, the Smuggler has some of the best dialogue in SWTOR. From your first quest on Ord Mantell to winning a social role in a level 50 Flashpoint, what are some of your favorite/witty/memorable Smuggler lines so far?


Only set the the scene if necessary, so we can minimize spoilers.

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I laugh every time this happens.


"Let's have dinner after."


So many flirt options it's unbelievable! Whether it's the republic governor or the flirty girl on nar shaddaa, it seems smugglers do not have very particular tastes.

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The examples in this thread are the reasons I love being a Smuggler. best storyline in the game so far for me. in beta I hit most class and Smug rules them all




Another one I enjoyed that I don't remember exactly word for word (attempting to convert a lowly one-taco-short-of-a-value-meal imperial worker)


"You know, the Republic could use a smart... cunning... yeah, your'e best where you're at."

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Talking to the chick who we romanced on the Nar Shadda Pleasure Barge. My Smuggler is leaving Nar Shadda.


Spoiled Girl: "You are leaving without saying goodbye?"

Smuggler: "Um... goodbye?"


further along the conversation:


Spoiled Girl: "Oh, so you were leaving to spare me the danger of your hazardous life?"

Smuggler: "Um... sure.. I will go with that."


Talking on Ord Mantell to the reporter at Mannit Point.


Reporter: "Bring the holotapes back to me."

Smuggler: What about your camera man?

Reporter: "Oh, um.. Sure if you see him."

Smuggler: "Goodbye, crazy lady."


Best Lines Ever!

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"Sorry, wrong number." when chatting with the Voidwolf and electing to shoot the holocom panel at the start of the conversation, on Balmorra.


Also the Lightspring 5-way dialogue. Probably my favorite of any conversation I've seen in-game, so far.


Pretty much the whole thing was hilarious--Risha's random holocall to interrupt the whole thing just made it perfect as the crimelord, the sith, the jedi and you all suddenly stop this tense situation to have a really awkward conversation before breaking into a 2-3-way battle.

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Mission on Taris-

NPC says to you something like "It's a dangerous mission, but I'd be able to pay you for your trouble."


Smuggler response- "Wait, what was that first part, I didn't hear anything before the word 'pay'."


Had me laughing. I love smuggler. :p

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