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What are your favorite things about SWTOR?


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Things I like most about swtor:





  • I like playing lots of alts due to all the different abilities and strategies they present, especially in PVP
  • I like to PVP above all else. I don't queue for OPs, FPs, only WZs
  • I love the customization of swtor characters, both male and female. It's fun playing dress-up Barbie
  • I enjoy the great voice acting in the game
  • I love the music and all the subtle sounds throughout the game; all the sounds creates a very immersive environment




What are your favorite things about SWTOR?

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1. Running with my friends in my guild.

2. Repeating class stories with a new species / alignment / main comp / new outfit / different advanced class

3. Trying to flirt / romance with every available male NPC I can find.

4. Decorating strongholds

5. Finishing up achievements that I have never bothered with

6. Killing Harkun / being a jerk to Darth Baras / Garza / Soresh

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The story and voice acting (and with that a bunch of characters). The music for truly breathing Star Wars and helping me immerse. Simply being able to, regardless of actual game mechanics and possibilities, make a character of any affiliation/alignment, stylize them in whichever way you want and roleplay in a large Star Wars setting. And just being in touch with a large community of like-minded Star Wars lovers (mostly). :)


As I haven't been here long all I have focused on so far are the class stories (and I'm pretty anal about finishing all of them first), so I have extremely little experience with any of the endgame or pure MMO mechanics. So in that regard my favorite thing at this point is probably 90% SW + story and 10% the actual game. Curious how I'll feel about it once I DO get into endgame.

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Story - SW and SI are my favorites

Voice Actors - too many to name, but we really got spoiled with great voice acting

Strongholds - really looking forward to Rishi

The lifelong friends I have made because of this game

Quinn - <3

Theron - <3

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Companions (even the ones I don't like much are better than the mute followers in other games)

The Star Wars universe period

Annoying Darth Baras

Voiced PC and Comps (tried WoW and found it boring because I was spoiled here first)

The character development for your PC as well as the companions

Cut scenes

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The stories, especially NPC interactions, romantic and otherwise.


The voice acting. I've been playing through KOTFE on my smuggler this week, and while she's not necessarily the best fit for the story, it has reminded me of how great the voice acting was in KOTFE/ET. The cinematic cutscenes are very nice, too.


Space Barbie (the outfit designer) and Space Barbie Dream House (Strongholds).

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The stories, especially NPC interactions, romantic and otherwise.


The voice acting. I've been playing through KOTFE on my smuggler this week, and while she's not necessarily the best fit for the story, it has reminded me of how great the voice acting was in KOTFE/ET. The cinematic cutscenes are very nice, too.


Space Barbie (the outfit designer) and Space Barbie Dream House (Strongholds).


I'm smiling here. Yes, we are definitely, at the end day, play with dolls. Or with "action figures" for the touchy types.

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It's Star Wars and I get to play a Force user that isn't a jedi (no fun allowed!!!) for once. Better yet, I have the option of playing an Imperial even. And the non-FS classes are quite fun too.


It's nice taking on multiple enemies at once, quite a refreshing change from most MMORPGs, rather than just one or maybe two. As cliché as it sounds, it lets you feel a bit more heroic and powerful.


Finally the whole (Bioware) RPG aspect of the game is nice; cut scenes, dialogue, character/companion customization.

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1- The Stories

2- The Companions

3- Star Wars

4- Original Flashpoints

5- Cinematic's / Stories

6- The freedom to pick and choose what I do at any given time

7- Watching all the Lore facets here and seeing *Supposedly how they evolve into the Classic Star Wars.

I believe this game was a unique gem that was misunderstood by E.A. because it didn't fit their Templates therefore its true Potential was / will never be realized. I really like this game, just wish it was managed better.

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Malavai Quinn, Theron, Vector, and Scourge, Marr, Jadus (in no particular order)

The Sith/Dark Side, being allowed to portray a villain is awesome for the most part.

Voice acting and cinematics. (I'm ruined for most other games now)

Playing dress-up with my toons and alts.

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The original Class stories crafted around different approaches to your character (everyone's not commander shepard like KotFE/ET)


The social aspect/guild stuff.


The classes themselves, class visuals / animations / VA.


Crafting a SW character. I don't RP but I do put some thought into who my characters are. Ex. BH is an ex-LEO. So she's a bit renegade but still pretty lightside, disgusted by and intolerant of the more powerful criminal elements and wanton cruelty she has to deal with from the empire.


Star Wars (a major reason I play an mmo at all...if there were a star wars soulsborne-style game I might be gone)


I enjoy conquest, competing with guildies and such.


Raiding when it's led well is a high point. When raid leaders can't communicate clearly, not so much fun.


FPs when they are not ridiculous *cough*Blood Hunt veteran - knockback into lava*cough* but I can filter undesirables so meh


Events and other Reputation acquisition missions are fun. I like building rep for collecting all the good dye recipes and such so I can provide them for guildies when needed.


This past week I really enjoyed dive-bombing groups on the fleet and exploding in a green cloud of infection. The best perk of owning the collector's edition so far. :rak_03:


The broad array of armor designs. Some of them are not to my taste but many parts and pieces work well together. It's a lot of fun to craft unique outifts.


The sex appeal. Not the people running around in bra and panties (though I don't really have a problem with them) but the options to get a bit sexier looking than star wars usually is outside of ROTJ first act.


Having piles of Alacrity. My mara looks like she's on meth when she fights and that's a lot of fun.


Strongholds but (TANGENT) I feel like it's limited since virtually no one gets to see them. The guild has one and that's the one we use for anything social. I've been in 2 other people's SHs in the entire time I've played. Seems like a missed opportunity but I'm not sure what the solution is. I know you can visit almost any SH you want from the SH terminals, but I've only tried that once or twice, no real point walking around a strange SH. I also rarely leave the first room of any of mine since I put my holds and vendors all near the spawn point. I dunno. I like em, but I don't really feel like there's a great way to utilize them. Maybe if you could raid them somehow...fight battles in them, get invaded or infested and have to defend and maybe even in the bigger ones get infested by a WB level opponent that requires

a group to take down, have an event around them, something to utilize them beyond just being where I sell and store my stuff. The way they are now, most of mine could be one room and I would barely notice a difference.

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Story (vanilla)

Stronghold and decoration

The ability to play for the "dark side" (Sith and Imperials)

Presence of companions


Possibility of solo-walkthrough.


Design of planets and locations, cutscenes

Daily, heroics, etc.

Memorable characters

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I loved the original story based stuff and operations but lets look from 2015 on wards the game hasn't been to many peoples liking and they could do so much better I wish KOFE/KOTET never happened it was bad on how it was pushed out. Events are so stale they should be working on new ones with updated rewards.



1.8 Class original stories

2. raids till DF/DP

3. being rich

4. being a subscriber since launch

5. so many companions now


They might be my favorite things about the game but here are my 5 worst for this game.


1. Strongholds using a hook ssystem

2. Content is lacking over the last 3 years

3. Support is also something of a concern for a subscriber

4. Cartel market has over powered what this game is about and that's a real shame.

5. They made this game way to easy + level sync should have had an option to play unsynced

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  • It's Star Wars. I get to swing lightsabers and roam in a Star Wars world.
  • Fun activities in large groups, such as base raids (defeat 25 enemy guards & defeat enemy commander) and simple event bosses (The Eyeless, Xenoanalyst II, the walker on Yavin IV), generally world bosses. Not actual operations, though, and not the boss in an instance on Ziost.
  • Master Mode Flashpoints in good teams, helping inexperienced players through Veteran Mode Flashpoints and Uprisings, particularly helping inexperienced players through Trial and Error and encouraging them to try out various roles via the Rakghoul terminal.
  • Galactic Starfighter. GSF does not stand a comparison with dedicated starfighter game, but for ten-minute mini-games it's perfectly alright and enjoyable. I don't like PVP, I don't like to see my character beaten to a pulp, but I enjoy GSF.
  • Character outfitting. My profile on mmo-fashion.com: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/rabenschwinge-the-progenitor/ There are no recent entries, but I am always working on something.
  • The occasional daily area run, as long as it doesn't get to repetitive. I like Ziost and Yavin IV for the intensity of the area. Oricon is alright.
  • Playing new chapters. While chapters get boring when they are repeated, the artwork of the chapters from KotFE and KotET was outstanding. The environments look way more intense than anything from the base game. A Traitor Amongst the Chiss is not exactly my favourite, but still good work.


I am not so very convinced with selling chapters as flashpoints.


The content that, in my opinion, does not get the appreciation it deserves from the community are the Uprisings. As far as I am concerned, the leave up to an old pre-launch promise. There was a famous video, before we actually knew what the game would be like. I don't recall the exact words, but it was something like "In many MMOs you see a large group of player characters beating up a single one villain, which isn't very heroic. In SW:TOR we want the players to be outnumbered."


I really like the way Uprisings actually uphold that promise, while as far as any content before is concerned, it was a lie. While Operations and Flashpoints tend to make it feel like the character was a whimp, because it takes 16 of them to defeat a single one old Jedi, or we're fighting some ancient Rakata which I can only see up to his knees, in Uprisings one really has the feeling that the player is a force to be reckoned with, fighting against huge masses of enemies. They feel a lot more starwarsy, because that's really what we see in the movies.

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