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  1. To be honest I'm not sad because over the last few years the quality of content is poor and you can see more people will go down the same track. Yes Charles was great at the start but as time grew things showed in the cracks within this company and he isn't the only person who should be moving on. This game hasn't been the same for the last 5 odd years they really need to fix what is wrong and stop putting the cartel market at the front of everything else because that's not a content cycle they failed the content cycles that used to be 3 odd months it slowly dropped to 8 months per drip of story. How can they save SWTOR ?
  2. The game is done anyway look at 7.0 how delayed things are they couldn't get an expansion out and we are still waiting almost 5 months later for the operation how sad is this. The entire higher end of Bioware Austin are to blame and should be made an example of they have let down an entire community not just with bad content cycles but how they refuse and allow really toxic in game tactics. As someone else said they should take a page out of the FFXIV stance on toxic stuff and yes it works very well yes they have a toxic high end raiding environment but the pressure is on and that happens but in basic game play it shouldn't be tolerated.
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