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  1. I miss the days of Illum PvP! Even though it was terrible in performance ways, it was always nice going to that place during weeklies and just randomly.
  2. Happy 8th year anniversary to Devs and all swtor friends! It's been an amazing 8 years and looking forward to 8 more!
  3. Always a good reminder! 😊 Also Jdast! Check your private messages. 🎅
  4. I hope Kuiil isn't dead, somehow.... ~Noooooooooooooooooooooooo:(:(:(:(
  5. Agreed! I do have a founder title too, so maybe that automatically puts me into the "biased greedy people's club" But I do think it has something nice to it, even if I hardly use it. Not that I'd get angry if it were to be available for everyone else but I think being a founder, in title has a meaning. (But not the special pass that makes you right in just about anything one)
  6. I'd remove the traitor part out of the Quinn story. It doesn't belong there, especially not after they altered it. I'd probably also leave Vaylin to be redeemed. ;v
  7. This show is so good, I don't think I love anything more at this point! Or at least it's equal to The Expanse.
  8. I want an Evocii playable species!
  9. It really does work!! It's how I got my Arcann romance.
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