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How do you think/wish chapter 16 ends and whats to come.


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What I think will happen? Your character super defeats Arcann and takes over the Eternal Fleet. Then in season 2, you easily defeat the Republic and Empire and become Emperor of the free galaxy because Bioware believes everyone must be super powerful!


... It's what they keep hinting at. "Your destiny is to become super special!"

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I'm not ready to win against the Eternal Empire. I kind of like to see the Outlander abused a bit more because that will make the final victory much sweeter. I would like the Outlander to really experience all the steps of the Hero's Journey first. Here are all the stages:


1. THE ORDINARY WORLD. The hero, uneasy, uncomfortable or unaware, is introduced sympathetically so the audience can identify with the situation or dilemma. The hero is shown against a background of environment, heredity, and personal history. Some kind of polarity in the hero’s life is pulling in different directions and causing stress.


2. THE CALL TO ADVENTURE. Something shakes up the situation, either from external pressures or from something rising up from deep within, so the hero must face the beginnings of change.


3. REFUSAL OF THE CALL. The hero feels the fear of the unknown and tries to turn away from the adventure, however briefly. Alternately, another character may express the uncertainty and danger ahead.


4. MEETING WITH THE MENTOR. The hero comes across a seasoned traveler of the worlds who gives him or her training, equipment, or advice that will help on the journey. Or the hero reaches within to a source of courage and wisdom.


5. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD. At the end of Act One, the hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World and entering a new region or condition with unfamiliar rules and values.


6. TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES. The hero is tested and sorts out allegiances in the Special World.


7. APPROACH. The hero and newfound allies prepare for the major challenge in the Special world.


8. THE ORDEAL. Near the middle of the story, the hero enters a central space in the Special World and confronts death or faces his or her greatest fear. Out of the moment of death comes a new life.


9. THE REWARD. The hero takes possession of the treasure won by facing death. There may be celebration, but there is also danger of losing the treasure again.


10. THE ROAD BACK. About three-fourths of the way through the story, the hero is driven to complete the adventure, leaving the Special World to be sure the treasure is brought home. Often a chase scene signals the urgency and danger of the mission.


11. THE RESURRECTION. At the climax, the hero is severely tested once more on the threshold of home. He or she is purified by a last sacrifice, another moment of death and rebirth, but on a higher and more complete level. By the hero’s action, the polarities that were in conflict at the beginning are finally resolved.


12. RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR. The hero returns home or continues the journey, bearing some element of the treasure that has the power to transform the world as the hero has been transformed.


Someone mentioned a metaphysical struggle which actually sounds pretty amazing. Internal struggles add depth to the character. I do hope somehow the dead twin brother is brought into the story.

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How I think it will go:

Betrayal, but not from Scorpio. This betrayal comes in the form of one of the companions we trust. After all is said and done, Scorpio will go back to being the agent's companions so it's not her. I think depending on your choices, the betrayal will come from Koth, Senya, Lana or Valkorion. My bet is Valkorion. After the betrayal takes place, the Outlander is forced to gather his forces and unit the Empire and Republic for a final push against the Eternal Empire. But Valkorion will likely be left for last ala a new Operation possibly with Arcann at his side. My thinking is Vaylin is killed by the Outlander with the help of Lana, Satele or Darth Marr. Satele dies in that battle so that the Outlander can deliver the killing blow or Marr distracts her with his force ghostliness.


Meanwhile, the Outlander's forces including their new allies the Mandalorians are giving it to the Empires Knights and droids. The Outlander will clear a path but that's only to get to the throne room. The rest of the forces seize control of the Eternal Empire and the rest of their assets leading the way for a battle with Vaylin. Victory is all but assured. The rest is up to the Outlander.


My Sith Outlander of course will attempt to rule the Eternal Empire while my Jedi Outlander will hand over control to Senya with Lana or Koth as her advisor. Lana sees that the dark side is no longer the way so she decides to use her abilities in other ways or Koth and Senya decide to unit and are set up as puppets while they are integrated into the Empire/Republic. And of course prepare for at least 2 new Operations. One facing Arcann who has escaped while his sister perished and is holed up in a secret location with some Knights and Heralds (mini bosses) . The 2nd op is facing Valkorion himself who of course can do *** he wants because he's Valkorion and his escaping the Outlanders mind means he was planning something big all along.



We win, we get 2 new ops or one op facing Arcann or Arcann and Valkorion. Betrayer is Valkorion (he's already proven he's a jerk who wants to rule again)

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I think Scorpio will betray Outlander and Alliance and grab Eternal Fleet for herself to rule the Eternal Empire) It's obvious. Odessen will be destroued may be even by Outlander) And than without powerbase and gravestone leading by Valkorion Outlander 'll begin his searching of new Starforge. Bcs it's the only way to defeat the Eternal Fleet lead by Scorpio.:rak_01:
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Changing a little up from my first post. Scorpio and Vaylin form an alliance. Arcann goes to Odensen to try and kill the Outlander. Lana and Senya hold him off until until the Outlander rushes to their room to get the magical weapon that was made in chapter 12. Once defeated Valkorian betrays us and wants to take over his dead son's body. Then we fight a Arcann/Valkorian. Both are defeated and the Gravestone flies away with Vitiate as pilot. It was his ship all along and his real body was hidden in the dark engine room's crystal.


Next a mysterious jedi who thinks he is Exar Kun arrives on lets say Dantooine. He want you to find holocrons and relics to make you stronger. Your betrayed again he is the Emperor's hand.


The Outlander fights Scorpio and Vaylin in shorter less long winded season 2 with say 8 chapters max.

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How do I think chapter 16 is going to end?


I think Scorpio is going to attack Odessa, where most of the alliance will be killed off, with the exception of a handul of people our character saves while escaping the massacre. this ending would definitely be in line with Marr's forshadowing when he said " It's a shame so many will die".


It's the only logical conclusion. As it stands, the alliance is the only thing opposing the eternal fleet, and Scorpio knows exactly where their base of operations are. So, my money is on the last chapter being a dark episode like Ziost was.

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The ending will probably be a bitter sweet one to tie into season 2. You'll defeat Arcann, save the alliance and defend Odessen, but Vailyn will escape and Scorpio will still be a threat with her control of the Eternal Fleet.


You'll have a main group of comps standing around you as you talk about how this battle is over but the war is still to be won as the camera slowly zooms out to classic Star Wars music making you think that's the end. Then it will switch to show Arcann's dead body. It will slowly zoom in onto his face and his eye will suddenly open. Go to black screen with the sound of Valkorian's laugher echoing.


You'll then get a in game msg from Dr. Hutt saying that they seem to have misplaced Arcann's body, which is a shame as he was looking forward to digging into his cybernetics and biology. But don't worry he is sure the body will turn up, there are afterall a lot of bodies left over from the battle.

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I wished Valkorion/Vitiate's story was gonna get finally wrapped up within Season 1 and we could move to more interesting things like Scoprio and the Gemini, but it's clear now that it won't happen, not enough time. Can't believe how Bioware insists on dragging this insufferably pointless villain through years and years of the gam's overarching plot. WHY?! Edited by Pietrastor
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After Chapter 15, I think we have too many moving pieces on the board to really wrap this up.


We would need to:


1. Kill Vaylin

2. Kill Arcann

3. Remove Scorpio from the Eternal Throne or make some sort of deal with her.

4. Deal with Valkorian being in our body.


I suspect we may get one, two or possibly three of these things, but not all four. I suspect we will get some possible sense of a resolution, but have a larger setup for the next expansion.


I would LOVE for the Republic and Imperial fleets to swoop in behind Arcann's and save the day. We defeat Arcann but Vaylin escapes. Valkorian remains within us and the next expansion focuses on taking out the eternal fleet and Scorpio.


"The Battle of Odessen" makes me believe this chapter will take place entirely on that planet, making it near impossible to deal with Scorpio. Unless she remains on our side for some reason, we will need to deal with her next.


I want to murder Koth!!!

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Arcann attacks Odessen, and you fly up on the Gravestone to meet him in battle.


Just when it seems like you're about to Omni-cannon him and Vaylin to smithereens, the Gravestone is boarded by three or four skytroopers and two automated turrets. They kill almost everyone except Lana and Theron (who escape) before capturing you and putting you back in carbonite...until you're thawed out once more in another five years. :D

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A lot of options...


1) SCORPIO's Eternal Fleet attacks Odessen which is quite easy as SCORPIO knows the whereabouts of the Alliance's secret base of operations and much about them...


2) SCORPIO informs Arcann about the whereabouts of the Alliance's secret base and Arcann's flotilla attacks Odessen...

2a) ... but during the apex of the confrontation, the Eternal Fleet attacks both Alliance and Arcann!! Then ...

2b) ... and SCORPIO is just monitoring their battle in order to spot their weaknesses!...


What about Valcorion's businesses and intervention though?!? What's about the plans of SCORPIO's maker and/or what about SCORPIO's plans regarding the big picture?!?

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I'm guessing there's going to be an operation version like star fortress, but instead it's going to be the eternal empire where we have to face the person who's in charge of the sky troopers now. And the new operation will have a heroic mode like star fortress does with the same rewards we usually get from it but maybe better like elite gear. We might even have more than 1 companion out, like having 2 more companions out during the operation. It would begin to feel like a squad ops heading to enemy territory. It would be more surprising if had to pick a choice on who to take on our side between...


Arcaan/Vailyn or Scorpio


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Maybe SCORPIO sides with Arcann and leads him to Odessen, besieging the planet

Outlander is offered opportunity to surrender to spare the planet

("It's a pity so many of them have to die")


SCORPIO betrays Arcann, having gained his trust... Outlander (using his "changed ways" and freaky new powers, without Valkorion's help) et al defeat him. Arcann returns to Vaylin who executes him. Valky is pleased.

Vaylin regains control of the eternal fleet. Valkorion returns to Vaylin's side.


Not sure what Valky's big plan is/was though. Maybe he uses Vaylin's body as a vessel and tries to take over the galaxy again. Ultimately fails.


Eventually the Alliance wins and Pub/Imp fight for control of Zakuul. Back to their old tricks.

The Alliance remains as an unofficial "3rd faction"

Players can either work against the other faction (pub vs imp) or with (alliance) on missions

Maybe Valky isn't dead yet and they are hunting him down... That would be going round in circles from Ch1 though.


There is a good reason why I'm not responsible for writing games...

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There is almost certenly no way that they will go back to seperete stories for the pub and empire players, since it will be twice as expensive for the same amount of content, we havent had proberly sebereted stories since makeb, and everything they have done since then points to them continuing in that manner.


More likly is that we will not get any sort of real resolution, we will fight on Odessen and Arcann will escape so that this rumord season 2 will start with us having to deal with both the old opponants in Arcann and Vailyn and with Scorpio

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