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  1. If this is true then it is just one more proof that the devs have no idea what the hell they are doing, not that we needed more but I guess here it is
  2. Most likly, from the way they talk to one another, especially in the first 9 chapters of fallen empire. And it would be incredibly cliche, which all but makes it a certenty that the writers went with it, since they have proven unable to write anything that is both original and good, really they cant write anything good most of the time even if it is unoriginal
  3. well there is a very easy way for you to avoid those spoilers, just do not watch the videos, simple as, you wont get spoiled
  4. Now we can all agree I think that starwars has some hits and misses when it comes to ship design. But is there really anything that tops the Gravestone? its just a huge monolith of ugly, and somehow maneges, in starwars to look so impractically designed as to pull you right out of the story
  5. So if we ever needed more proof that the devs and writers of this game are compleatly incompetent then here it is, did they initially promis us that we would get our companions back? yes, are we going to? No, and why because they couldent figure out a way in their messed up story to make it so. Here is an idea, why the **** did you take them away then?
  6. So I sort of feel like the value of fanfiction is a topic that should be discussed somewhere else
  7. if he lives and is set to work aginst his sister, there is a much larger chance that he will betray us and go right back to his own self the moment he is without supervison, you would have to be constantly watching him, and lets be honest the outlander has a really really bad track record for spotting betrayals, besides so you let him work, compleatly spitting on the memory of all the people he killed, what then when the fight is over? besides we have already seen that the writers only work in extreems, so if there is going to be a choice, it is going to be either kill him or compleatly forgive him
  8. the only reason some of those people are picked up is that the story forces you to, there is no reason to pick up Kaliyo or scorpio, secondly yes the allience is a military organization ment to fight zakuul so you should expect people to follow orders
  9. well Kaliyo is a no brainer for not trusting her, even if you arent the agent, anyone can see from a mile away that she is an unstable individual and not someone who will be able to follow orders, definetly not someone you would want in a military organization, and much the same could be said for scorpio
  10. are you kidding me? it is quite clearly untrustworthy, your character, which seems pretty dense otherwise even gets the option to say so when you pick it up initially even though they then forget that later. And even say you did not mistrust it from the begining then you should when you start to find out about the pilots of the ships. Since you know scorpio is in the allience for its own reasons. The resonable thing to do would have been not to bring it along to begine with
  11. yeah cause in a highly advanced civilisation that could happen, you wouldent be able to pull stuff like that today, there is basically no way that no one would find out and show it to people
  12. how? first of all you are playing the 'leader' of the allience with no actual influence. Your character has also apperently lost all common sense and falls for every obvious betrayal, I mean scorpio really? You have the 'new side of the force' thats compleatly bull and breaks with all star wars lore and aside from that makes no sense because even though these people are apperently super powerful from the new side of the force, enough to beat both the sith and the jedi, you kill them all day as if they were nothing. This new story line has so many plotholes, and thats when the plot isent straight out redicules. Aside from that the characters dont seem resonable or even remotly belivable, take Senya for instance, not even counting her betrayal in the last chapter she is just plain dumb, like when she introduces you to the scions, at a point where she has just met you and presumably is trying to win your trust, one of the first things she dose is lure you into a trap, when there was no reason at all that she couldent have told you in advance.
  13. I have no faith in the part of bioware that writes this game no, and their writing ever since vanilla has proved that, especially the fallen empire storyline, its such a mess all around
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