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  1. I believe the question was "which influencers?". 6.2 seems like a weird stopping place if you're running a business. If they are out of resources 6.2 is too far off and if they could sustain 6.2, it seems weird to stop after "the update where crazy stuff happens". I'd almost certainly say that there's probably some conflation going on to the extent that influencers are really hearing this stuff.
  2. Let me get limitless before 7.0. Only 869 r-levels to go.
  3. It may just be that it is Gree week (always a bad week for conquest) but payouts seem flat with little to do. Also, with the current state of the game, there needs to be a "super low yield option" that is smaller than the previous conquest rewards. 490 k is a little steep if you don't have 25 active people. And mega guilds are still on all 3 tiers. So either purpose of tiering is not being met by the current system, neither small guild participation nor empire control. Crafting is too steep. Overall, this is a good proof of concept which requires a lot more work.
  4. Math right now works out to April at the earliest conceivable date and probably fall depending on how the "layaway operation" finishes. If they push those bosses back a lot, it will be early to late fall.
  5. How are they doing Dark Jaesa? Is she just for people that passed that story marker in vanilla or is Dark Jaesa canonical?
  6. Population brackets (under 500, 500-1000 and 1000-2000 and 2500+) in conjunction with both a massive cap raise would largely fix the Harb issue. The bracket tiers would largely incentivize "Empires" to go mega for the prestige. That would leave a relatively functional system.
  7. That works assuming they actually go back and revisit that topic. Mostly, they just need to instance Korik.
  8. I'm very happy that 3 people on the forums didn't derail merges, but this period is still content light. That's the fundamental problem, everyone is far behind in everything that everything needs to be done at once. I'll take what I can get at this point, but my morale is still low.
  9. Part of the reason why I wanted to get that down is for the inevitable post mortem when they come up short of my expectations. "Bad Feeling" really did them no favors. It got me believing something that history tells me I shouldn't be believing. 1 item/month is about all that can be expected. 3-4 FPs over 3-4 months would be 1 FP/month + the ops bosses. And even they have been unable to keep to 1 boss/update or 1 boss/2 months. So I probably didn't process "Bad Feeling" correctly, but they shouldn't have thrown out the "we're going to impress you" vibe.
  10. "Bad Feeling" was a really large marker placed. They indicated FPs would be the method of story delivery and they also made it sound like you could not possibly overshoot on estimates of the size of the roadmap. That makes me think 3-4 FPs and Machine Gods (over the life of the roadmap) or less and a separate expansion. I know that sets me up for disappointment, but the hint was really that it couldn't be overshot.
  11. With the amount of hype given, I'm thinking 3-4 FPs AND Machine Gods finished. I was thinking an expansion for Feb/March coinciding with the cantina, but they probably wouldn't double up announcements.
  12. This is a negligible change in the wrong direction when the status quo, at absolute bare minimum, or an actual buff was indicated . Hopefully, they'll look at MM for an additional, discipline specific, defensive in 6.0 which would allow a dps gain through a decrease in motion.
  13. The 10/6 announcement is probably for a 3/2018 or a 4/2018 expansion. I'm guessing they would not want to get Machine Gods tied up with an expansion, but that the expansion is slowing their cadence.
  14. a) They wouldn't announce that because the hypercrates go away. b) They wouldn't do it in a room full of SWTOR fans, especially after maragate. They wouldn't know who was that kind of ill-adjusted.
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