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  1. My point was that like Marr, she's not long dedicated to one side of the force, she's grown jaded, old, unstable and found a new way of thinking beside Marr. It's pretty easy to see that she'd do something like this.
  2. We're all crazy down here! Basically, Bioware have screwed themselves over. They can't make an effective betrayal because the fanbase will hate them for making a character they like turn on them.
  3. Thexan is a very powerful force user AND a beloved family member, if he survived, Senya, Arcann, Valkorian and Vaylin would of known. Star wars has shown plenty of times that force-users can sense the deaths of other force-users that they're close too. And as was proven with Vitiate, Marr, and many others, especially powerful force user's deaths can be sensed. And I doubt Valk wouldn't bring Thexan surviving up considering the whole point of their rivalry was that Valk wanted them to kill one another. He doesn't want both to survive, especially Thexan who was detrimental to Valkorian.
  4. I hope not, Arcann has a unique potential for some interesting scenes, no matter how small they are. I just want to see how he and the Outlander interact after all this. Do they ever have a drink together and have awkward conversations about how you killed his family? Maybe you train together sometimes (Okay, that won't happen; but I'd go for some virbro sword sparring in front of a waterfall). Maybe you get to remind him that you trust him.
  5. I'm pretty sure Vowrawn is never mentioned on Iokath. The suspects suggested by Lana right off the bat are the Shroud, Jadus and 'A Rouge SIS Agent'. But wouldn't it still be mean for those who like Lana? I mean, if Bioware want a betrayal to have weight, it has to be somebody somone likes.
  6. "THE GREATER GOOD!" "Shut up!" Maybe he had a hint of force sensitivity after all and was treated to a bad force vision
  7. I know Arcann is most likely to have more scenes considering Bioware outright stated that you'd be able to romance him (After KOTET) if the demand became popular (Which it did). And if Arcann gets screen time, it'll most likely be with Senya. I can see a scene with Koth, considering that for some characters he'd be a big suspect for being a traitor.
  8. The game says certain people can detect the light side nature of the warrior, such as Jaesa or anyone particularly close to them. Plus, the majority of people who ever sensed the Warriors allegiance were in a situation where the warrior wanted them to know. Not everyone can. And Jadus is a different case, his presence itself effects those around him, to the point where Keeper has to ask him to leave so that Cypher Nine and other agents can stop feeling sick. Hell, all the deranged people on Jadus's ship are a product of Jadus's presence. Instead of asking that he just stop doing it or something like that, implying that Jadus can't just stop it easily. Similar to the situation of the Exile or Nhilus, who couldn't hide themselves from force users due to their nature while havinga strange affect on the non-force users around them, though of course Jadus is definitely not a hole in the force.
  9. Doesn't the game kind of imply that it's rather difficult for him to hide his presence due to the aura he exudes around non-force users?
  10. That's not how SWTOR considers light side and darkside, a lot of the force class stories as well as KOFTE/KOTET have instances of disagreeing with that view (Chapter 12 was Satele and Marr showing that they no longer looked at light and dark in that way). Hell, the Agent story is practically "Dark, Light, screw that. YOU'RE ALL ARSE HOLES!"
  11. No reason? Are you sure you actually played the ending of the agent story?
  12. They have two opposite way of doing things, you could very easily have either be displeased enough with you to stab you in the back.
  13. We have centuries between then, the Eternal Alliance and Empire can easily fall long after our character has died (Makes me wonder, if the game ever got to the point of a planned ending, do you think we`d have a time skip to the era of Return of the Jedi to have modern character talk about the legacy the Alliance left behind?). I do think the Alliance will fall at some point, in fact I`m predicting that the next expansion will be centered around our fall; maybe having people rebel against you.
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