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  1. Yeah, that's something I noticed, too. Overall, it feels even less fulfilling than Onslaught, which was at least twice as long and had daily missions. There's absolutely nothing to do on Manaan once you finish it through once. Hell, the whole Manaan story just feels like dumb filler content. At least you felt like you were doing something to help the war effort on Onderon and Mek-Sha. I also hate how the story just keeps jumping from plot point to plot point. "Oh, hey! There's a renewed conflict between the Republic and Empire!" "Oh, wait, Malgus has gone rouge!" "Oh wait, Vitiate is back...again." "Oh wait, now Mandalorians are causing issues!" "Oh wait, we forgot about Malgus!" "Oh wait, we're still fighting a war-" Ok, you get my point. I was actually looking forward to seeing how LotS would tie up loose ends and maybe get a narrative set, but nope. It feels empty. I'm sure they'll release more story updates, but that begs the question as to why they didn't just add this before. So, I agree with you, buddy. And I, too, am pretty skeptical on how SWTOR's going forward. Part of me hopes they'll get their **** together, but I dunno man...
  2. The forums never cease to amuse me. "Oh muh gawd! I'm stuck in a sequence that slows my movement and will only take a few minutes to complete! Remove this mission, BioWare! You're the devil! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" In all seriousness, even with the debuff, it does not take that long to finish. And like someone else said, if you can't afford to waste those precious minutes, you can reset the quest. I swear, you guys get all emotional over literally nothing.
  3. It depends on what story arc you are on. If you are on a Jedi/Sith class, you'll usally hear that name in certain (listen closely) times. If you are non force-user, you usually won't hear the name at all.
  4. I suppose they do need better class recognition. Maybe if people shout loud enough, bioware will actually do that in the next expansion, hopefully.
  5. That's exactly why Vaylin sent in ground troops. We all know Vaylin and she wouldn't just go Malak on Voss. She likes to take care of the job herself. It's why, in my opinion, she's better Empress than Arcaan who's all like: "Oh, the Outlander bombed my city, I'm gonna kill him!".
  6. I don't know, but I think we can all agree that we should be able to do make one of these in whatever next expansion comes out: #1: Try to restore galactic unity by protecting and negotiating with both sides. (For LS and peacekeeper) #2: Side with the character's original faction against the other faction. (For neutral and either peacekeeper/Emperor) #3: Become completely independent and attempt to decimate both sides for control of the galaxy. (For DS and Emperor)
  7. Remember, we can always add in Rishi. What's better than a vacation on the beach with pirates to push you around all day, eh?
  8. Did you guys realize that Izax is actually worshiped as a god, like Scyva and Tyth? Bet you did not. You see. Izax appeared as an achievement for collecting a star fortress text that mentioned him and other gods. So he must be a legend. That or he is Issac.
  9. Hey guys. I was just wondering about that ancient monolith inside the gravestone. Here's what we know so far: The Outlander came upon the monolith when they discovered the gravestone in Chapter 4 of KOTFE. It's showed several other times in KOTFE, including the Senya scene at the end of Chapter 5, and then in Chapter 3 of KOTET, we get Vaylin. While she's dueling Lana in the Dark sanctuary, she ejects the monolith out of the gravestone, just before the outlander arrives. Then, it doesn't appear anywhere else in KOTET. So my questions? 1) What exactly is the monolith 2) Where did it go? 3) Will it have a bigger impact in the future?
  10. I just hope that they continue class stories in the next digital expansion. Thoughts, anyone?
  11. Uh, pardon me but Hell YEAH BIOWARE!!!! FINALLY KILLED THAT IDIOT!!! I mean seriously, you don't know how long I've been waiting to do this.....
  12. That's funny. It worked fine for me. Of course, I am on the Begeren Colony Server, but try contacting CS again and submit a bug report. Best I can tell you guys.
  13. I'm fine with your opinion, as long as you don't try to speak for all of us. Though I do agree it could be better, it was still pretty neat. My reasons? 1. Playing as walker/Zakuulan knight I mean seriously, do I have to explain this one? I knew Bioware would come up with some cool stuff, but piloting a walker? That was totally unexpected, and super cool (big droid scenario especially)! 2. Choice that ACTUALLY matter I know they made the same claim in KOTFE, but choices in this story actually DO matter, and lead to a lot of benefits and disadvantages. Choosing Torian over Vette was kinda hard though, both great comps. 3. Ending The ending was one of the best since KOTFE. Choosing either becoming a galactic peacekeeper, or taking the throne and becoming the freakin' emperor? Even killing an "immortal" being?! That's the stuff we've been waiting for! Think about these reasons. So far, best expansion since KOTFE!!!
  14. It's obviously before SoR and Forged Alliances, not sure about RotHC though.
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