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BW had multiple MMO's to model after and....


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At least your reasonable about it. We have 1000 angry nerds is this thread quoting the doom of TOR because its not what they wanted.


Too bad there are a million non-angry nerds logged on having fun.



WAR had nearly that many at this point in time.


SWTOR is nice, but longevity is something it's seriously lacking at the moment, outside of playing other classes.


In 6 months time everyone is likely to be regretting this unless BW move much faster than they ever did in their 20+ months controlling WAR.

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Wow, amazing you still don't understand what generalization means. I said as a gamer i find it is a game i enjoy, this is not a generlaization. You said all gamers wouldn't like it. This is a generlization.


amazing lack of comprehension


you can continue on the path of acrid discourse if you like, but the fact is you misunderstood and took a militant stance.

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That is an issue I was fearing. There's a great article on IGN.com on this.


I think this is what it comes down to. The questing/leveling in nearly every other MMO to date has always been this menial kill/fetch format with some text to read but not much participation aside from killing. The main objective of questing/leveling was to get to the endgame which was nearly always better because of how meaningless the leveling was.


TOR lets you have real dialogue with a questgiver and even lets you make a choice that reflects your character's journey/growth. It is a WHOLE lot more immersive.


When you have leveling that's way more immersive yet endgame that's standard, people will notice the glaring difference. This is the first MMO I have ever played where the questing/leveling is soooo good, that the endgame can suffer automatically as a result.


It's a point I've been wondering about long before this game came out.


The thing is, BW was suggesting and we were all under the assumption that story telling and MMO features would be integrated seamlessly. Story telling would be a part of the experience. But, really, they're separate experiences. On one hand you have a trademark BW story experience and then there is a generic MMO on the other. Love the class quests, love the companions. But everything else is in stark contrast. I skip the run of the mill MMO part as much as possible to get to the story part, so the typical fetch/kill quests feel EVEN MORE tedious than usual.


I hope they can more seamlessly blend storytelling and gameplay in future content.

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We don't want a WoW-clone, or any other MMO clone, becuase that old standard is dead and beating. I like that BW is actually doing something different to break away from the mold.


I don't know what game you're playing but this game is probably the biggest WoW clone of any mmo to be released since WoW set the standard.

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You relise WOW was a copy of Everquest. And I will reinterate (don't mind my spelling) SWTOR is not a clone. Because if it is, then Sonic is. Let look at it. In Marie you collect coins, in sonic you collect rings. In Marie you go left to right, sonic you go left to right. In Marie you jump on target, in Sonic you jump on opponents. In Marie you fought a big boss at the end. In Sonic you fight a big boss in the end. Only real different beside look of character and world, is Speed. But is Sonic a clone to Marie. No, they are two game in the same genera of gaming in this case platforming. One toke idea that work in one and applied it to theirs.

SWTOR did no more or less. They toke an idea that work changed it in area. Added something like a real story. And what you get is two video game in the same genera with simlarity and difference. And if you need know the difference, the fact this is complaining that SWTOR did add everything the OP want from other MMOs.

As one great writer said and I can't for life of me remember or remember the exact saying. "All works are based off the same five stories"

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haha that there is the BEST line. FFS what were you expecting from a MMO Launch? The same amount of content similar to where WoW is at after 7+ years?


I think he, and a number of others, were expecting world pvp that wasn't broken, raids that took more than a week to put on farm, and a gear treadmill that didn't run contrary to design decisions created during levels 1-49.

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Follow and straight-up copy are two different things. http://i.imgur.com/UmcMV.jpg.


This image sums up exactly how I feel about this game - I haven't said anything on these forums but playing my Jedi toons feels almost identical to my Fury Warrior. I was shocked during beta to discover it was a WoW clone, not to mention that it is an archaic and buggy one at that.

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Gee, WoW was/is so amazing! (sarcasm)


To all the WoW player base, it was boring. It was a never

ending "carrot-on-a-stick" play style. Not to mention the

constant grinding feel of the game. And yes, Blizzard just

reinvented the wheel only with a different hubcap.


At least with SWTOR, I don't have the grind feeling bc of the story



One other thing if you powerleveled to 50 and are bored? Ha, that's

own fault.

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