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I've played plenty of other games where patches take much longer and have more issues. It's a part of life. You aren't gonna die if you have to wait a bit longer. The world isn't going to end. I promise.


Being rude and nasty to the Devs just drives them off the forums rather than deal with people who insult them and basically call them useless and incompetents'. Being entitled doesn't make everything run perfectly the way a lot of people expect.


So, how about some fun stuff while we wait? I've discovered that the majority of my guild mates die the most to the elevator boss. I've escaped that fate until yesterday, just ran right off into the drop. LOL Anyone else die a lot of that Boss?

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Theory is they fixed Spirit of Vengeance Story Mode. We shall see.


Edit: No they didn't. I end up at half hit points after every fight. The Final Boss is impossible, still, due to the second wave of add-ons. I thought maybe it was me for a bit. There were a few powers I wasn't using, more defensive. They did help some getting through the mobs and Boss fights. I was at half-hit points a lot, but I wasn't continuously dying and could heal up afterwards. It was almost fun. The Final Boss, forget it. I cannot do it. The second wave always kills me no matter what the hell I do. This is not fun.

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