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  1. TBH, I don't think they've ever listened, in any multiverse, or any universe. They do what they do, and to heck with everyone ... /shrug
  2. So the education system is the sole reason for all the rubbish decisions BW have made recently....lol
  3. You are bashing swtor, it's the policy of this admins team to hide that as much as possible, so all negative posts go to off topic where possible, to die a lonely and forgotten existence....ok, slight exaggeration, but good bye posts do get moved here
  4. There are less people on the PTS, plus everyone there , is there to help. And you have to be a sub (Unless that's changed) , most trolls are F2P/Preff, because they don't care if they lose their account.
  5. Been a while since I posted, so happy 2022 all, lets hope things pick up
  6. I've said it before about having more avatars, and also, if two people have the same one, that maybe they could have a different border, so hopefully everyone could be slightly different. It can be off-putting seeing the same avatar multiple times in a row
  7. except , you try to add me as a friend, and I refuse, you get the hump, cause hassle, stuff happens, , etc, etc, end of friendship. And yes that can happen. As I've said, just because you're a friend on one toon, does not mean I want you on them all. Sometimes people just like to roam around at peace.
  8. except people have voted with their wallets, they have left in droves, but BW don't care, they have a revolving door policy , as long as they are making a profit, they don't care. Profits down? Release on steam, need a new boost, release new shiny , etc, etc. Even in the darkest days, when we lost 60% of the players, they barely listened to what was said, and instead, just listened to a small few select best buds on discord. A smaller group then on the forums, but because they are best buds, they must have a finger on the pulse of the community.... It won't die, because they'll just keep releasing shinny's, or promotions with other games, or new areas, etc. It will be the end for a lot of people, but as they step aside, another lot will step in, and cycle will repeat.
  9. divide and conquer , if we are too busy fighting each other, they can slip any old garbage in, and they won't have to face a united community.
  10. Playing Star Trek, Fleet Command, reached level 20, without resorting to Pay to win , so yup, it's slow, but still fun. As for this game, logged in to move stuff on the gtn with a couple of mains, used the tokens to get 50k on a guild toon, and log in to a couple that are not in my guilds, just to keep them active. Pretty much it..... Did manage to set up another char with my son, but haven't gotten around to playing it much, just had an idea, lol
  11. Are there many players left that have had a non break sub for 10 years?
  12. 1. Nothing is in development (that we know off), and if it was, and we knew about it, it would usually be a long time coming before we actually see it. 2. If you don't like the game, stop paying for the darn thing, no one puts a gun to your head and makes you pay. If you aren't happy, stop paying. You can protest by going Pref, and still play most of the game
  13. The problem is, no matter how good a credit sink is, if it's tied to a shiny, or story, or reward, or something one person can get, that another can't , without the credits, you'll have people crying here, on the forums, or discord, or reddit, or whatever, that BW, are excluding them and they can't get it, etc, etc,
  14. Sure they do, and that's why we've an amazing amount of servers, with a huge community, and so much new content we can't even finish it. And we are all so happy unicorns are popping out of our ***** Over the last few years, each step they have created has reduced the amount of subscribers, has reduced the amount of players, they alienate most groups of people, except their elite friends on a certain discord group, they don't listen to the community, and when someone speaks out they bully them, and silence them. The game is a shadow of itself, it pales in comparison of what it could be.
  15. There is, the solution is for Customer Service/Community Managers to do their job, and act on any reports sent in. This way, the people who mess it up get punished, not those trying to enjoy it, and contribute
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