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  1. Hi folks! Wanted to give you all a heads up regarding the enhanced dye packs that debuted with Game Update 7.4. Initially, we announced that they would be available over the holiday break until January 6th. We saw a lot of feedback from players wanting them to be made available more often, so we are testing out how often they appear on the Cartel Market. Some of you have noticed that a couple of them reappeared throughout January. To give more players a chance to purchase the dyes, we will be releasing all the enhanced dye packs for a week beginning February 6th. Metallic Black and Matte Black Matte Black and Metallic Black Metallic Gold and Chrome White Chrome White and Metallic Gold Pearlescent Red and Metallic Black Metallic Black and Pearlescent Red After February 13th, the dyes will be released two at a time on a weekly rotation on the Cartel Market. Thank you!
  2. Hello all, A few more issues the Dev team is tracking and looking into after 7.4b. Thanks to everyone who called these out. The new mail indicator is not always displayed. Transitions may cause it to have inconsistencies. The repair tab for single items is always deactivated. Players can still use the "Repair all" button. Flashpoint Objective Meridian - Using the terminal to finish the mission will despawn the reward crate.
  3. Hello all, The disabled Master Mode Timed and Master Mode Survival Operation Achievements have been reenabled. When entering these modes, if any player joins with an active operation phase while the current group does not have one, it will force the group's difficulty to match the active phase. To set your desired mode, you will need to reset your active phase and change the difficulty back. Thanks!
  4. Hello all! All SWTOR servers are once again available! Patch Notes can be found here: https://www.swtor.com/patchnotes We will keep this thread open in case any reports need to be made. Thanks everyone!
  5. We will be taking the servers offline on January 24 at 7am CT / 1pm UTC to deploy Game Update 7.4b. Estimated downtime is 4 hours. A full list of patch notes can be found here tomorrow: https://www.swtor.com/patchnotes
  6. Hello all, We have a few more known issues that the Dev team is aware of and looking into. Saboteur players do not currently see the option to contact Jonas when dealing with the SIS on Ord Mantell. Tooltips: Use abilities on items in the tooltip may incorrectly remain on other item's tooltips in the Cartel Market. This can be resolved by closing and reopening the market. Thank you for your patience and for reaching out!
  7. Die Server stehen wieder zur Verfügung! Danke für eure Geduld.
  8. Les serveurs sont de nouveau disponibles. Merci de votre patience.
  9. All SWTOR servers are once again available!
  10. Hallo miteinander! Am 06. Dezember werden wir die Server herunterfahren, um Spiel-Update 7.3 aufzuspielen. Details: DATUM: 06. Dezember 2023 ZEIT: 1430Uhr MEZ bis 1630Uhr MEZ VERSION: 7.4a Danke für eure Geduld, während wir die Dienste für Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ aktualisieren.
  11. Bonjour à tous ! Les serveurs seront hors ligne le 06 décembre 2023 afin de mettre en place la mise à jour 7.3. Details: DATE: 06 décembre 2023 TIME: 14h30 (heure de Paris) à 16h30 (heure de Paris) VERSION: 7.4a Merci de votre patience pendant la maintenance de Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!
  12. Hey everyone, We will be taking the servers offline on December 6, 2023, to deploy Game Update 7.4a Details: DATE: December 6, 2023 TIME: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM CT (12:30 PM - 3:30 PM UTC) VERSION: 7.4a Thank you for your patience as we maintain Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!
  13. Hello all! This list will be updated over time, when new items are added, we will update this thread. General Players who received the incorrectly named Elite Tactician Blaster Pistol will not be able to use it to unlock the Hermit's Vigil in Collections. Players who are impacted by this issue should reach out to support@swtor.com and request the unlock. [Heroic 2+] Volcanic Disruption does not grant progress towards"[WEEKLY] Daily Area: Ord Mantell". The "Separatist Elimination Requisition Cache" box drops Conquest Commendations while its tooltip description mentions Tech Fragments. Players might notice that the status sorting functionality is partial when sorting on the GTN between "Purchased" and "Refunded" The players might notice that doing an eligible search on the GTN that returns no results doesn't return a message stating why no results were listed. The "Beast Holding Cell" and "Beast Holding Cell (Teal)" decorations are missing the sound effects. The "Mantellian Separatist Hover Turret" mount doesn't unlock a decoration of itself. The buy unit price text is cut off in the buying interface of the GTN in all languages. Players may notice that after doing a transition the World Map Overlay will display the World Map as default instead of area Map related to player position/location. [NEW] Saboteur players do not currently see the option to contact Jonas when dealing with the SIS on Ord Mantell. [NEW] Tooltips: Use abilities on items in the tooltip may incorrectly remain on other item's tooltips in the Cartel Market. This can be resolved by closing and reopening the market. Previous Known Issues for 7.3.1 found HERE EDIT: Adding 7.4a Known Issues here for easier reference. These will be removed after the patch goes out and documented in the patch notes page. General Memory leak / Crashes Investigation complete and we know the cause. Fix is highest priority. Missions The "A Helping Hand: Deliver Supplies to Ord Mantell Outposts" mission have very long spawn timers. - FIXED GTN The search function is missing categories. - FIXED Additional details- Search categories that do not have a subcateory will be able to be searched with just a category selection. i.e. Mounts, Pets and Ship Upgrades will now work by selecting their category. Items Zakuulan Exile's Blaster, Offhand Blaster, Rifle and Sniper Rifle are invisible both in game and during the preview screens. - FIXED Previewing decorations from vendors only opens the character preview window. - FIXED Gear Hyde and Zeek are not offering the 340 Zeek's Deconstruction missions to players who completed all other Zeek's Deconstruction missions. - FIXED Map The World Map/Area Map button is missing its mouseover. - FIXED
  14. We are bringing down the SWTOR character transfer page today at 2pm CT / 8pm UTC for backend maintenance. Estimated downtime 1hr
  15. until
    EN Date: November 14, 2023 - November 21, 2023 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 12:00PM GMT) Requirement: Level 20+ The remote planet Dantooine has been thrust into the center of escalating hostilities between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Spurred on in secret by covert Imperial forces, the Nova Blade pirates have staged an all-out attack on the pastoral Republic world. As the Republic scrambles to defend this key territory at the edge of Imperial space, the Empire plans to capitalize on the chaos and deal a major blow to the longtime Republic bastion. FEATURED REWARDS: Nova Blade and Dantooine Homesteader Armor Sets Ugnaught Companion Walker Mount Kath Hound Mount Kath Hound Mini-pet Dantooine-inspired Stronghold Decorations … and more! DE Datum: - (BEGINNT UND ENDET UM 14:00 UHR MEZ) Voraussetzung: Stufe 20+ Der abgelegene Planet Dantooine wurde zum Mittelpunkt einer feindseligen Eskalation zwischen der Galaktischen Republik und dem Sith-Imperium. Nachdem sie im Verborgenen durch verdeckt agierende imperiale Streitkräfte angestachelt wurden, haben Nova Blade-Piraten einen kompromisslosen Angriff auf die ländliche republikanische Welt gestartet. Während die Republik verzweifelt versucht, diese bedeutende Position am Rande des imperialen Raums zu verteidigen, plant das Imperium, das Chaos zu nutzen, um der langjährigen Bastion der Republik einen entscheidenden Schlag zu versetzen. AUSGEWÄHLTE BELOHNUNGEN: Nova Blade-Rüstungsset und Rüstungsset des Dantooine-Gutsbesitzers Ugnaught-Gefährte Kampfläufer-Transportmittel Kath-Hund-Reittier Kath-Hund-Mini-Haustier Von Dantooine inspirierte Festungsdekorationen ... und mehr! FR Date : Du au (DÉBUT ET FIN À 14H HEURE DE PARIS) Prérequis : Niveau 20 ou supérieur La planète isolée de Dantooine se retrouve au cœur des hostilités entre la République Galactique et l'Empire Sith. Poussés en secret par les forces impériales, les pirates des Lames Nova ont préparé une offensive sur cette paisible planète contrôlée par la République. Alors que les forces de la République tentent de défendre ce territoire clé aux portes de l'espace impérial, l'Empire cherche à profiter du chaos pour frapper un grand coup contre ce bastion de la République. RÉCOMPENSES EN JEU : Ensembles d'armure des Lames Nova et de fermier de Dantooine Partenaire Ugnaught Monture Walker Monture Chien katht Mini-animal domestique Chien kath Décorations de forteresse sur le thème de Dantooine … and more!
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