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  1. don't forget that they always remove something pvp related when they're announcing some changes..atleast that'S how it feels 2.4 removed 8 ranks introduced arenas 7.2 introduced battle pass sh!t removed ranked in general lol
  2. or, even better , stop playing this broken mess of a game 😃 like you said they're not gonna fix anything
  3. yeah forgot to mention the 252 purple gear gives you nothing....sry xD
  4. this sniper/gunslinger garbage needs to be gutted asap...where are the class balance changes?
  5. exactly. not that it matters because the 258 is pretty cheap and the crafting material you need are not worth it lol
  6. lvl 70 mods are redundant anyway, you can get the best lvl 70 gear (258) for like 150k from the ossus vendor anyway edit: just discovered you can reverse engineer the lvl 70 258 mods/enhancements etc.
  7. not to be that guy, but it's elite warlord anyway if you stick with one char you can get that in like 3-4 months even faster or longer depends on your playtime
  8. i don't think so, i still have the lvl 70 mods (230,234,242 etc) but those were 5.X mods, your best chance is searching through the gtn for 70 mods and reverse engineer them
  9. pvp has been torture this past few weeks (actually the game itself) between the playerbase being the most braind!ead as it has ever been and the lack of content in general, i can't even find the motivation to log in anymore lmao
  10. yeah probably just frustrated, i had 6 games today, all losses because my teammates act like bots and just go for kills/dps/hps. 7th game was the same and i just quit and logged out for today lol
  11. leaving actually adds a loss to your win/loss ratio plus a lockout of 5 minutes. was it low or midbies? i've seen people leave so they don't level up aka slip into the next bracket or reach lvl 80.
  12. yeah, that's him lol. because he's a hypocrite. there's a conversation line where you character says "he's a genocidial maniac" and koths like "well he was always good to zakuul" i already didn't like him but that line cements it
  13. dude, they don't play their own game, how do you (the devs) not know this?! lmao!
  14. decided to boot up the game after weeks...what's with the sh!tty cosmetic gear you 1) can't even sell and 2) deconstruct? no way they replaced the 320 systech gear which gave you frags, scraps etc. with this junk? lmao
  15. meh, kinda done with this game anyway. been playing rebirth and other stuff and actually forgot about swtor until today lol
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