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  1. On this we agree 100%. Additionally: IMO SWTOR has been following a downward spiral even in their story telling. I have my own personal thoughts on how and why ... but since I can only speculate as to the answers to both of those ... it's not worth posting (and I won't). Also: IMO, even the GS series is totally lackluster both in objectives and rewards. For these two primary reasons I have un-subbed. I'm not suggesting that this will be my last post ... but (unless there is a total turnaround in SWTOR) ... I'm done. There is not hate, no bitterness ... only disappointment that it has come to this and I find it necessary to part company. Sooo much of what SWTOR could have and SHOULD have been will now only be a sad reminder of what actually happened. The events just prior to the 10th anniversary debacle and everything since is a reflection of a greater issue at the heart of this game. It is not my place to try to fix it. But I do feel that at least some sort of commentary on the matter is at least appropriate (Although I'm VERY certain it will go on the "ignore that" list like most everything else we've said.) To that end: Best of luck to those that remain here. To those in the development team that might actually care (even though you may not be able to speak out publicly) ... take care. May the force be with you .... always!
  2. Exactly. I have lived in several locations in the US. Only two of them get snow every season. Some seasons a lot LESS than others. I would imagine folks that live in the NE part of the US (ie around the Great Lakes areas) would see snow a LOT more than I ever would. In the end: (As it has already been pointed out) ... this is a MMO) ... Not every activity is going to be our favorite. Additionally, this is just a game. Either we can enjoy it and have fun ... or choose not to! If the affects were given an option ... then that should take care of some of the issues (if not most). The fact that XYZ number of percales are required to purchase items is one of the main reasons people participate at a higher level. IMO ... (please note that) ... IMO it has nothing to do with grief. Some people understand that .. and others never will (simply because they hate the overall event and want it gone or restricted to such a small out of the way place they don't even have to see it). And still others ... well they like to hammer just about anything they don't like or want into oblivion until everyone else is sick of the discussion. [/shrugs] Oh well ... I've said my peace. IMO the whole thing was just meant to be about having fun. And for whatever it's worth if everything was left as it is (from a mechanics point of view) ... and reduced to only a few weeks out of the year as a Life Day celebration I'm personally OK with that too! The "option for special effects off switch" (for lack of a better term) ... I'm OK with that too. In the end the development team will make their own decision.
  3. Sometimes understanding cross-cultural ideas can be a bit challenging. Me ... personally ... my first encounters date back to my early days at UNM ... I had an engineering prof from Austria (IIRC) ... a business prof from Australia and my Calculous professor from China (I'm trying to remember how to spell his name correctly ... but that was 1971 and I've forgotten a few things along the way phonetically it would be spelled Gao but I know for a certainty that is not correct). Something really interesting about that man ... even though he was the head of the entire Math Dept. at UNM ... he always had time to work with students individually. I remember that as though it were yesterday. (Yeah ... I was one of those who struggled with that class). I have friends literally scattered all over the world to this day: Nairobi, Kenya; Athens, Greece; London, England; Two in Wales (they've recently moved ... don't remember exactly where) ... A good friend of mine (in his early 20's) just went to visit his parents in Argentina for a couple of months. I'm certain that all to often we take some of the simple things in this life for granted entirely too much! BTW... I do hope my somewhat odd way of doing things isn't too much of a royal pain (Us old folks can do that from time to time without thinking about it!) And yes ... I said all of that to say this: reaching across those kinds of boundaries can make us a whole lot of friends that we would never have made otherwise. ... Best of luck to ya!
  4. Keep it simple people! DON'T overthink it ... ** Lifeday ... wintertime celebration (of sorts). ** With the wintertime celebration comes the idea of a lighthearted time of fun. And (for some of us "younger" folks) ... yeah that would include a good old fashion lighthearted snowball fight. I personally thought the snowball cannon was a nice touch. It still brings a smile to my face. ** POSSIBLE changes: Disable throughout certain times of the year (to co-inside with winter months ... I'm sure it's always wintertime somewhere!!!) 😜 ** Additional POSSIBLE change: the ability (optional) to "remove" (for lack of a better term) ... said "snowball" visual affect for those that just don't want to participate in said fun and festivities. And yes ... I totally get that. Just as some of us REALLY don't like certain areas of SWTOR ... Some folks just don't like well ... anything outside of their own preferences. BTW... @Jdast .... "beachfront estate" on Tatooine works even better !! πŸ˜‰ EDIT: In order to make things more "realistic" on ohhhh ... say Tatooine (since we're already there) ... Should the snowball be changed to Banta poodooo just to fit loaction better! (Probably not ... BUT what the heck ... why not it makes sense that way! RIGHT??? NO?? )
  5. Annnnd ... frankly some of us were just trying to find some common ground that MOST MIGHT agree on! (there is no such thing as EVERYONE agreeing!) ** Yes this is w/o question a MMO ... and we have to accept the fact that not everyone will see things the way we do. I will be the first to admit that my approach is not always the best. BUT I do often find out where and why some of the issues are there in the first place. AND (on occasion) we might even stumble across an answer that might just work! 😲 ** Unfortunately, some folks are here to just argue their point regardless of (fill in the blank) ... Wouldn't matter. they are ALWAYS right (regardless). [/facepalm] ** As for OP ... I can appreciate the fact that sometimes there are some minor things that should be considered for changes. AND NO I am not suggesting to remove this part from SWTOR completely. BUT it could easily be argued that (at least the effects) of the snowball fest might be disabled or a provision made where it would not be necessary to click on the ikon and have it removed. That is assuming that: Group C ( Coders ) watches and never changes anything regardless does not apply and the team agrees to make any changes in the first place. As for me personally: I honestly enjoyed it (in the past). Right now the game overall is losing a LOT more than just a few moments of what some of see as simple lighthearted fun. NO it is NOT being juvenile (regardless of what some might think). As for the location inside of the space station ... seriously ... just lighten up! I mean it really. Get over it! Someone is wound up waaaaay to tight! Believe me I know ... I USE to be like that! It's just not worth it! OP: If for some reason that a SIMPLE fix can be found where the effects of the snowball thing can be handled much like the Rakghoul vaccine ... I'm good with that! The Lifeday event continues (maybe even gets a few things added to update it and make it more worthwhile) ... and the "snowflakes" that some find troublesome goes away for those that hate it! BTW... it should be noted that all of my characters keep a Rakghoul plague vaccine on them at all times to be used as needed. And how to I expect folks to respond to this?? Same as always! Are you kidding me??? πŸ‘Ž
  6. Good! Precisely the reaction I was expecting !!!! NO! This time you are flat wrong! I intentionally left out specifics... such as locations that would seem appropriate. And IMO .. there are places where this sort of fun would be inappropriate. In the middle of the latest story is one! But it is also obvious that you are not interested in asking questions that might find an appropriate solution. Public places SUCH as the stations ... (Republic and Empire alike) ... The same designated area for the Hutt Feast ... Maybe even a couple of new areas (such as on HOTH) ... might be more appropriate. Change sometimes can be good! This would NOT stop or otherwise inhibit the Life Day snowball fun. BTW... it should be noted that until this year .. I have participated in the Life Day celebrations as much as possible. So much so that I have several hundred parcels left over! πŸ˜‰ The simple fact is that sometimes ... changes can be good! It should be noted ... that since there seems to be very little real progress or genuine need for this discussion any more ... I think I'll just OPT OUT for a bit!
  7. While I don't pretend to be that well versed in technobabble stuff ... programming ... etc... I would imagine that the best solution would be something on the order of a vaccine .. or temporary injected implant to simply ward off the effects of the dreaded snowball attacks! (In other words, this seems to keep the solution as simple as possible). There are also a couple of observations that IMO are somewhat equally accurate: ** The snowball fun from Life Day does not inhibit, disrupt or otherwise take away from a players skill or stats. The effect is simply there (it's a visual display only. ** There are a number of equally annoying things found in game. (Well to some people these are annoying). Inappropriate dress codes for players: (for example) slave girl outfits on Hoth for the ladies (please do not derail the entire discussion over this one either) ... [/facepalm]. People using the largest most annoying mount possible to cover up NPC points of interest (that other players need access to). WEAPONS tuning (frankly I'm not sure where some of those items were dreamed up ... but those ideas need to be sent back to the drawing board!) ** There ARE areas of forced participation (see the GS series) IF you want to get all of the rewards. Frankly some of us gladly OPT OUT ... and no longer give one royal-rippity-ruha about the GS series anymore. Yes ... I'm one of them! All in all there are a number of things that can be annoying! Some of those things can be a lot more easily addressed than others. The snowball thing is one that could be more easily solved (up to a point). And IF it turns out that it's an "EASY" fix then I would support it. Please note ... YES I did all cap the word "EASY" for a clear reason. What is easy to us, may (or may NOT) be easy for the team. OH!! Something that some of us may be overlooking ... IMO the snowball thing should be disabled in the rest of the game areas ... period! There are a number of folks that do enjoy RP while in game. And though I'm not one of them .... I do respect their approach to SWTOR.
  8. Please believe me when I tell you ... I totally understand. Hmmm ... [/scratches head] maybe not a vaccine ... GOT it! How about a small transponder! Even if you get hit ... zero results actually shows up! It just kind of strikes me funny a bit though! At my age you'd think I'd be the one opposed to the event! (You know ... us old folks can be a bit testy sometimes) BTW... @Nee-Elder ... If I didn't find SOMETHING to fuss about (every now and then) he'd think my account had been hijacked or something! πŸ˜‰ (Edit: ... BTW ... I actually won't care what was used... as long as a reasonable solution was reached. Something like the snowball thing is supposed to simply be fun. A good break from the rest of the game! IMO ... nothing more ... nothing less!)
  9. On the other hand ... that door swings both ways! You could have just given the development team a good reason to discontinue the Life Day experience altogether! It would save a lot of time and resources needed elsewhere!
  10. I did confirm that the affect can be removed by right clicking the "affect" listed near you character ! As for making it an easier step ... Hmmm Frankly it's not nearly as bad as the Rakgoul Plague (I find it 100 times more annoying) ... having the option to "disable" the snowball affects ... I could live with that.
  11. BAH !!! HUMBUG !!!! πŸ˜‰
  12. IMO ... it's all a part of the overall SWTOR Life Day FUN! The celebrated day is not for everyone (cf. Ebenezer Scrooge). BTW... IIRC there use to be an icon included in the individual affects that you can right click on and the snowflake effects go away. It's been a while since I've bothered to log in .... but I'm certain someone can verify that! It should be noted that for those who hate this sort of camaraderie ... I kind of feel sorry for ya! To me (personally) life is entirely too short to not take a brake and just have some fun! And ... yes in my younger years (age 60 or so) ... I still engaged those who were much younger than I in a snowball fight from time to time! 😜
  13. NO! Most of this is YOUR opinion and not proven fact! BTW... for the record pricing has nothing (or at least very little) to do with what the RL criminal mind will limit itself to do (in this case circumventing whatever is necessary) in order to sell or distribute credits illegally. Your idea only works when people utilize the GTN exclusively for whatever means that suits their needs. Final note: attempting to take apart EVERY line by every line BY every line That I post and make sure that everyone else sees just how wrong that ANYONE is ... that isn't working! You view is still ... simply your view. (and one based on your personal bias).
  14. YUP! There are a hand full of folks still around that still hate KotFE / ET . IMO the real disaster behind it was the way all of the companions were done away with all at once. Gone! POOF! Then there was the mechanics behind it (the gearing system was horrible). I like a lot of the story behind it. I REALLY like the idea that it was repeatable and I could go back and try parts of it at a harder setting. I kind of wish we could do some of the newer areas like that today (but that will never happen). AND you are ALSO correct on the areas that have been a LOT more harmful to the game than what we went through with KotFE / ET. That list (though not complete) is pretty much right on! I would also very STRONGLY agree that if the RIGHT people inside of EA cared as much for the game development as they did the CM and their cash grab mentality SWTOR would be in a LOT better shape today! Overall ... I really think highly of your post! I wish I could give you a PLUS 10 on the reaction thing!
  15. Perhaps from your standpoint of view. BUT not entirely true! The simple fact is that you are bent on your philosophical position and you refuse to see anything else. (Not being argumentative ... that's just how it is). ** People will purchase the cheaper prices regardless. ** You have absolutely NO proof that the higher prices were the basis for laundering credits. ** Forced purchase to one line item is no guarantee of anything that you are assuming. ** You WANT to force people to buy a certain way ... then new system works that way sooo ... that's the way you like it! The new GTN does fix several things that have been mentioned and I like most of what has been done! The forced cheaper purchase only does NOT force prices down. You obviously assume it does. BUT in the end you are still relying on what people are wanting and are willing to pay for what is being sold. ( I still refuse to pay some of the prices being posted today). 😲 Leave the GTN as it is save for one item: forced purchase of cheapest price only. STOPPING the influx of credits at the source (primarily credit sellers) will cut off the biggest part of the problem. AND (when it comes right down to it) ... CREDITS can become even more useless when items can be earned actually playing the game (meaning that stuff can be gained through decent drops ... not from JUST the CM.) If you want to strike another hard blow to credit scammers just make most of the gear we need (as well as other key fun items such as decos) BOP and that will hurt the scammers even more! Any ways ... I know you'll never agree! Soooo I rather suspect this will be my last post. Besides you and I both know that the team is not going to change the GTN any time soon. It is what it is!
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