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Hottest Female Companion


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Bowdar. All that fur has to be stuffy, not to mention smelling like a wet dog 24/7.




But seriously, guys. They're cartoons. You gotta get out more.




My girlfriend of three and a half years would like a word with you. Also my boss at my job of four years. And my professors from college, too. <3 :p

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I hear most guildies gushing over dark Jaesa and Ensign Temple. In Imp Fleet, I mostly see Mako and Jaesa in the Slave Girl outfit, not Temple so much, if that's a gauge of anything.


I'm a Fem Agent on my main, and Temple's incessant fawning over the Agent is hella-irritating. But I can see where guys would dig that. I use her for dailies because she is a DPS death machine. *shrug*

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