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  1. Guys I'm in a dilemma. I have both an assassin and a juggernaut leveled to 70 with 234-236 gear. I want to get a sense of completion on one character as in doing all story, endgame raids, 246 gear, etc. but because it takes so long I really want to just focus on a single toon. I can't decide between my sin or jugg. I like the stealth and burst damage of the sin as well as the fun animations and stuff but the things about the juggernaut I appreciate are 1.) Feels less squishy due to enraged defense even though im aware sin has more dcds 2.) Some reason feels like the cool class in a way 3.) Voice actor and look I like more on jugg... So i'm sorta stuck. What are your thoughts? I would appreciate just hearing what others have to say about how they stack up to eachother in many ways?
  2. Yeah I don't buy anything else except occasional repairs from scratches. Just want em for cosmetic reasons but stuck on which one pleases more haha.... And yeah heroics are great so far for credits and aren't too boring, plus the quick travel for each one is nice.
  3. Guys I can't decide for my assassin which weapon to save for... Dark Honor Guard's Vibrostaff (15mil) or Tythian saber pike (50mil) my guy is just black robes with a dread mask. It takes forever to get that many credits so im having trouble picking which...
  4. So far I feel like imperial side is A.) Much more populated B.) Much better stories, every single one is good in it's own way and each class has at least a few very good companions. C.) Friendlier players imo? D.) Actual Q pops for PvE and PvP E.) Better combat animations for literally every class, I enjoy smuggler shotgun animations but other than that... JK has really clunky/weak feeling abilities, Consoler rocks have nothing on lightning, etc etc Honestly a huge thing is also just that the voice acting is so much worse on pub. Literally every single VA on imp is phenomenal but then there's the jedi consoler who sounds like a middle aged dad... And the originality of the stories is low as others have said, trooper is just... a soldier. JK is just your basic hero, JC is just bad in every way I don't even want to play it, and smuggler is the only pub story iv played part of and actually enjoyed.
  5. I've always been an imp player just because I enjoy the aesthetics, story and voice acting much more, however I just made a republic character and noticed that even at peak hours the republic fleet has so few people it's almost empty? I'm on Satele Shan and imperial fleet is stuffed up literally all day at any hour.. Is this a thing or is it just me? I really wanted to get into the stories I haven't played but if I can only play the story and have no potential to do fps and pvp later on then I kinda don't see the point. I couldn't get a flashpoint group finder pop for over 20 minutes.
  6. Yeah I had a total of I think... 16 crates? And funny thing the first 11 crates were all smuggler gear.. I don't even have a smuggler lol...
  7. Yup I take it back heroics are beyond easy, almost too easy. I did every single smuggler crate heroic in about an hour and a half and got every piece of the set I wanted except the chest.
  8. Gotcha makes sense guys. I got to KOTFE chapter 9 tonight and was introduced to each of the alliance specialists. The heroic quests appear to be labelled as to what rewards they have. I will do the Hylo Viz ones to get the bounty hunter gear, is group finder not an option for the heroics? I couldn't find an option for it (there is a quick travel option on the quest bar for each heroic though)
  9. Thanks (and to the guy above as well!) for the info. You've all been really helpful. Does each crate drop one random piece or one random set? I'm assuming piece because grind grind grind
  10. So literally the only requirement is to get to level 61? Any heroic? How to turn them in? Sorry for asking maybe dumb questions.
  11. Thank you so much. I'm not familiar with the alliance crates. How do you obtain them?
  12. Hey guys I remember back at 2.0 when I last played this set was pretty common PvE gear but those vendors are sadly gone. Where can I get this gear or gear that looks similar? http://dulfy.net/2013/02/20/swtor-level-55-new-gear-models-preview/ The bounty hunter gear underworld and firebrand
  13. Hey guys, I’m thinkin of re subbing to the game after taking about 3 years off. What are some things I need to know that may be different? I have three level 60 characters and used to main merc heals and powertech tank. Which classes are important to level nowadays for each role? Fast leveling tips? I used to do raids and tons of PvP back in the day but anyhow, what are your thoughts on all this and if its worth re subbing? Thanks!
  14. I have just recently returned to the game after a long break and decided to try doing alot of PvE, as my old PvP habits faded away. So far, it seems that gearing is my current concern and I would like some tips on it. I have 2 basic gear items on, 2 Elite war hero (yes I know, it's old) and 3 black hole. I understand how to get commedations for the two earlier PvE gear sets, but how do you get Arkanian and Ultimate gear (for future reference)? It says requires unassembled ___________. Thanks for the help, and any tips on getting fast comms without feeling like it's all 100% grind would be nice
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