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  1. I've noticed that during any "skit" in the story in which companions appear, there's a certain pattern: 1a) If a companion is summoned already, and is hiding their headgear, they will appear with no headgear in the skit. 1b) If a companion is summoned already, and is not hiding their headgear, they will appear with that headgear in the skit. 2) If a companion is not summoned, they will appear with their headgear in the skit regardless. I'm fine with (1a) and (1b). Can we reverse number (2) though? I imagine there's a slight technical limitation in having to load settings for a companion that isn't summoned, but if we need a default setting, can we make that default "off" ? The companions are far more expressive and interesting looking with their faces visible. It's especially trouble when you get those helmets that completely cover a person's face.
  2. I'm not sure why exactly, but it would appear that you just missed a ton of content. There are numerous side-quests and a full planet quest on Taris. Did you go to Taris too early by any chance? Are you doing your class missions while they're red-colored in your log?
  3. I recently finished the class storyline with my Vanguard tank, and I'm making my final stretch to 55 (currently 52). I've really enjoyed the class and its tank rotation. It's different enough from my Assassin tank to provide a good deal of variety: particularly with the Ammo mechanic. Now that I'm en route to the endgame, what should I be gearing for? What percentages should I target for Defense, Absorption, Shield, and Accuracy? Also, are the 1% Endurance talent points worth spending (from our third tree)? That seems like very little return on investment for a talent point.
  4. So, just a bit of a thought experiment. We have 4 "main" base stats that are representative of the four pairings of base classes. Some of them make less sense to me than others. Willpower - Ability to commune with the force. Seems pretty straightforward, and all Jedi/Sith/companions (except maybe Vector) seem to fit with this stat too. Strength - RPG staple. Raw physical prowess. Definitely works for Sith/Jedi/companions. Cunning - This, for some reason, seems to be a merger of what other RPG's would call "Intellect" and "Agility". It works well enough, I guess. Aim - Here's the one I've been thinking about. Aim is the main stat for: Classes with heavy armor and guns Companions with heavy armor and guns Companions with heavy armor and techblades/techstaves Companions that are droids It's a very multi-purpose stat. Does it really make sense that "Aim" is the catch-all for these? Aiming seems to be what an archer or sniper ought to be doing most of the time. It kinda fits the Commando/Mercenary DPS style, but the Vanguard/Powertech behavior is all about charging in. You point and shoot, but you don't spend a lot of time aiming. Maybe it should be AIM instead: Ability to Interface with Machinery. This seems to cover all the bases. The droids use AIM because they are machines, and they need to interface with their parts. Every bounty hunter and trooper, in addition to their guns, uses some heavy mechanical equipment. Same goes for companions: their armor itself is loaded down with all sorts of machines.
  5. I do appreciate that Jorgan, by using the Cathar player model, will now be able to wear hats.
  6. On our server at least (Jedi Covenant), people continually use General chat to advertise for sales, trades, and want-to-buys. It makes the channel really noisy. Is there any filtering that can be done that would encourage those people to go to Trade chat instead? It's really irritating. I have Trade chat turned off for a reason.
  7. So, I just got to Balmorra, talked to the flashpoint courier, and discovered that Winnie the Pooh is a fleet admiral. Who looks like Yoda. Trippy.
  8. I sincerely doubt that item drops by an enemy are determined by a customer client rather than server-side.
  9. I guess I didn't realize how close to the next level I was. My sith warrior goes for some alone time with Vette, and BAM, level 45. I guess my character is more experienced now.
  10. I'd like a rotating color-crystal. Something that semi-randomly picks from one of the five basics (blue, green, yellow, red, orange) about once every 10 minutes or so.
  11. I wasn't aware there was a problem with the species unlock. I made a Chiss Jedi Knight only about a week ago. Also, do you really want to run the same class as one you're already playing? Especially one like sniper/gunslinger where it's not like you could run different tank/healer/dps roles. Make a Chiss Scoundrel, maybe, and shotgun stuff.
  12. As you're leveling, the numbers are going to vary. There will be some patches where healers are more in demand, some where tanks are. If you like tanking at all, however, I would definitely go Powertech over Merc. Not only will you have low flashpoint queue times, but it's much easier to put together a group for Heroic quests. Heroic 4's are much easier to do with 1 Tank, 2 DPS, and 1 Healer Companion than 1 Healer, 2 DPS, and 1 Tank Companion, I've found. Tanking is far easier for solo-questing, too. You have the most flexibility for which companion you want to use (once you have a choice).
  13. I was considering buying a SWTOR collector's edition mouse, but I noticed on the Razer website that the black-green crystal promotion is no longer valid. Is that color going to be made available in the future through other means?
  14. The "power creep" I'm most worried about isn't the numbers being pumped out. It's the number of relevant abilities that we have to track. I would be perfectly comfortable culling some of those abilities from our rotations and simplifying things a bit. Or making certain abilities share cooldowns, so that it's clear that the variations of that ability are meant for different AC's or specs. I just hate having to macro so many different things. I'd love it if we could get it down to 12 abilities that we actually use in rotation.
  15. Because an MMO is first and foremost a business. The purely subscription model wasn't returning on the investment quite enough, so they have to start selling stuff that people want. And people want things like a Revan mask. It doesn't hurt the integrity of the game, so even though it would be cooler to earn it, it's definitely not more profitable.
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