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Wondering who's getting in when? CHECK HERE.


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[FIRST AND FOREMOST]: Please do not put a post in here stating nothing other than the fact that you aren't in yet. We know you aren't, because the majority of us aren't either. That said, feel free to discuss anything a bit more in depth ALONG with a post saying how you aren't in yet! :)


[sECOND]: When your play button gloriously illuminates, If you can indeed find it in your heart of hearts to spare the 15 seconds required to post your invite time and date, and the date you registered your pre-order code, there are a lot of people that will be very grateful; this will allow me to update this thread.


December 16th, 8:57 AM CST: Good news from our friend Rockjaw. READ THIS POST. Check your play buttons when waves go out. E-mail is secondary


Dec. 16th, 8:38 AM CST: Thought this deserved its own line: in the event that not everyone gets in today due to their large pre-order spike over the last couple weeks, THEY WILL NOT TAKE THE WEEKEND OFF. They are not trying to piss you off. Stephen Reid has verified that they have 24/7 shifts. I promise that they will continue doing invites over the weekend. Think about it, what about the ones who digitally pre-order on saturday and sunday, or even this afternoon? They wouldn't get to play until monday. Taking 2 days off with people left out in the cold would be like shooting themselves in the foot with a rocket launcher (Hint: you'd die if you did that)


December 16th, 7:57 AM CST: I will be INCREDIBLY shocked if everyone isn't in by noon today. BioWare and EA, just FYI, if everyone is in today and you guys start being able to give new pre-orders immediate access, that's going to be a huge selling point for my friend who I'm trying to get in. I bet I'm not the only one either.


In other news, when you get in, pick a LIGHT or standard server. Assuming you don't have to go to a certain server for a guild or friends. That means that during primetime, it will be very heavy at the worst, and you won't have to deal with queues like the first invites are.




10:31 AM CST December 15th: Update for BioWare's plan for today right here. What we can gather from this is that more total people will get in today than the previous 2 days. There will be more than 4 waves, but you can expect less invites per wave than yesterday. Don't fret though. I'm still confident that all pre-orders including up to about december 13th will be in by the end of invites tomorrow.


7:55 PM CST December 14th: Stephen Reid has updated his sticky with a rough outline of their plan for over the next 2 days here. From this, one might assume that they will let in all of October, November, and all of the burst of late-November pre-orders. However, don't get too excited about tomorrow, as the invites are staggered by date AND time, and late November was second only to the last part of July in amount of pre-orders registered. As far as I'm concerned, it's safe to expect a Play Button by Friday unless you've registered a pre-order on maybe the 13th or later.


3:33 PM CST December 14th: There seems to be some confusion around why some people got in today who registered October 2nd, and some didn't. This is because the invites are staggered not only by date, but by time as well. So if you registered Oct. 2nd, and didnt get in today, you probably just did it late in the day and will get in with Wave 1 tomorrow.


(Courtesy of user "master_tarix"): When you post that you've been invited, please do so by copying and pasting the line from "MY Account" -> Code Redemption that reads like this:


12.01.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Standard Edition Pre-Order


Note: The line that reads something like "12.01.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Early Game Access: Ready to patch" is irrelevant, please don't include it. The one that says PATCH doesn't mean anything. Only the one that says Pre-order and the one that says "ready to play" matter.


07/21-08/15 - In for Early Access! - (12/13-12/14)

08/16-09/05 - In for Early Access! - (12/14-12/14)

09/06-09/25 - In for Early Access! - (12/14-12/14)

09/26-10/15 - In for Early Access! - (12/14-12/15)

10/16-11/05 - In for Early Access! - (12/15-12/15)

11/06-11/25 - In for Early Access! - (12/15-12/15)

11/26-Present - Invites in progress! - Up to the 7th of December as of 8:36 AM CST. (Apparently they've only done the 7th and half of the 8th with wave 1.)

To be more specific about the above format:


Left Column = An approximately 20 day timeframe during which your pre-order code was registered for your SWTOR account.


Middle Column = The status of the corresponding timeframe's Early Game Access invites

-Waiting = No one from this timeframe has received an invite yet

-Invites in progress! = Someone from this timeframe has received an invite.

-In for Early Access! = Everyone in this 20 day timeframe has received an invite.


Right Column = The day the group's invites started, and the day the group's invites completed, in mm/dd format (mm/dd-mm/dd)


-The GOAL here is to give people a rough idea when they might get in (Yes, being a december 1st pre-order registrar, I have a soft spot for us!) based on already invited pre-orders, not speculation.


With only a FEW decent souls willing to sacrifice a few seconds after they get in to come and let us know that they're in, when they got in, and when they pre-ordered, we will have a good idea about whether or not they are attempting to increase the amount of people they let in over the next few days!



-Keep this thread on page 1. I promise it will be more useful than it looks right now.-



Just another devoted MMO and Star Wars fan who waited too long to pre-order.




EDIT: The only assumption I'm making here that could be potentially flawed is that once someone who pre-ordered on the last day of a 20 day period (for example october 15th) gets invited, that time period is finished being invited.

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Below is a list of valid Star Wars: The Old Republic codes that have been redeemed under this account.

11.02.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Early Game Access: Ready to patch

08.10.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Collector's Edition Pre-Order


sorry to ask but did i not do it right? I did not receive the invite, but I did redeem on 8/10.

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Well, I'll bump it in the hopes that it receives a few more subscribers. The next wave isn't until tomorrow morning in all likelihood so until then...


I will update the OP and bump the thread myself during heavy forum traffic (read: during the day when BioWare is sending invites) when we get some more invites sent out. I'm sure that someone somewhere will post that they were invited even if it isn't in this thread lol.

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The 20 day period is a good idea, but it would nice if you did something to show what day the invites were up to. (It's 7/28 right now for example.)


Good idea, I will try and work that in. Only problem with that is how dependent it would be on a large amount of invitees posting when they registered code and when they got in.

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Good idea, I will try and work that in. Only problem with that is how dependent it would be on a large amount of invitees posting when they registered code and when they got in.


Suggest that people post the the following format which is copied directly from My Account->Code Redemption:


11.15.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Standard Edition Pre-Order


It's not too hard to verify what are obviously outliers. (For example if I claimed I was already in.) Things will start moving so fast that if you are a few days off it generally won't matter and anything that falls outside of reason can be ignored as trolling.


In short you are smart enough to put together this thread thus you are smart enough to filter out obvious trolling. :D

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Very impressive I really hope you get the info needed to keep it going. I am registered 8/29 and patiently waiting and really sickly enjoying the crying people who can't. Especially since we are not even really to the 5 day ega mark that bioware/ea originally planned. Edited by jdias
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Bump for doing what Bioware already should have?


I disagree. I think this kind of stuff should be a community effort. It's really no different than what theorycrafters do except we are theorycrafting the selection process.


Plus I know Bioware is at the mercy of EA and for that I feel very sorry for them.

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Helpful thread is helpful. I definitely would help contribute, that is if I can get into EGA at all :( I've already accepted the fact that at best, I may get only 1 day due to how late I pre-ordered. I can survive, since I don't plan on rage QQing just to cut ahead of other people...


11.30.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Early Game Access: Ready to patch

11.30.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Standard Edition Pre-Order


I know... after the big beta. T_T

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07.28.2011 Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Collector's Edition Pre-Order


I did not get an invite today. Im hoping tomorrow!


My two cents: People are passionate about their Star Wars <- Captain Obvious, but had to be said.

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