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Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update


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Can't wait for 5.8 and 5.9, My Consular will be glad to have Irreso back! Now... who will romance Arcann. And I can't wait for the end of the Fractured Alliances Arc.


Now, I do have a few questions, Keith Can you tell us if we'll be getting more QoL and bug fixes in these two patches, or maybe some more legacy and character unlocks? There are at least two bugs I have been reporting consistently that have not been fixed at all, or half fixed, one has been broken since 3.2, and the since 4.0.


Also... More KotOR era armors? While there are a lot of things I've requested over the years (The 1-50 Flashpoint armors added to the Adaptive Gear Vendor, more model ship pets, ship droid customizations, ect), the KotOR armors are my biggest request, and one of my favorite things to have for my characters.

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Hey folks,


With the roadmap in front of you feel free to shoot us your feedback and questions in this thread. We are gonna sit back and let everyone digest and get questions out for a bit before we start responding. Expect quiet from us for a couple of hours and then we will be in here addressing your questions.


Roadmap day!




In other words: Let the whining begin. :p

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Hello, Keith Kanneg!


As a roleplayer, I was wondering if we will finally be getting some in-depth answers to the overall status of the Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic, and the Sith Empire. For those who RP in the Sith Empire, we don't even really know who our canonical head of state is currently. Will these future changes, be they through the story itself or through codexes, elaborate on the current state of the galaxy and clear up some of the vagueness?

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So let's see...


  • You list a master mode for Izax. Does that mean a Veteran (aka old Hard Mode) is currently not in the works for this boss, or will Master Mode Izax only be a temporary thing, to then be replaced with regular Veteran Mode? Likewise, how do you get to Izax in terms of instancing? You'd have to go into the Operation from Story Mode or Veteran Mode.
  • What actions based on current feedback will you take in regards to class-specific companion returns? Most of us were very underwhelmed by the returns of Corso, Risha and Andronikos because they were just a cutscene, not even a real quest. Likewise, will these returning companions feature into upcoming story content at all, or will the Lana and Theron show continue for the foreseable future?
  • With regard to expansion VS regular updates: I am torn on this. I'd like an actual expansion, but the problem is what you even define as an expansion. What sort of scale are we talking about here? If you have another two flashpoints and maybe another warzone in the works, than that isn't an expansion for me. To me, an expansion should feature at least one completely new planet with appropriate quests and story, more along the lines of Makeb and not another daily area like Yavin or Iokath. You have to level with us as to what you have in the works before we as both your players and your customers can make an informed decision on this matter.

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I am conflicted.


1) 5.8 companion returns means another 2 minute class only alliance alerts just like the recent epic disappointment from Andronikos/Risha/Corso ? Look, i am happy to get more companions back, but these alerts were terrible and unrewarding AF.


2) 5.9 I guess this new flashpoint will finish the Theron arc and lead into the 6.0 arc?


3) The part about small but regular vs big expansions confuses me. So right now your plan is to release smaller, short period updates and not another expansion like "Knights of whatever you want"? IMO that didn't work out that great during 2017 :(


4) Subscriber rewards: Good idea, i think subs need more love. Give us a hugg and free item sometimes. Stuff you can't find on the CM anymore for example.


5) Where is Kira? My JK starts to look at T7 in a way that makes the droid nervous...

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As we look back to 2017 and now beyond the conclusion of the traitor storyline, we are planning to continue delivering content in the same manner throughout 2018.


This is certainly the most disheartening line of all. It's not even that I mind content trickling out. In fact that's much better than 6 or 12 months of nothing. However, this just makes me feel like the story parts are going to be delivered in the same manner... FPs. It was disappointing to have story delivered this way in 2017 and I hope there can be a change for future storylines.

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I'm not sure if I can even reply in this thread as I unsubbed last month.


The only thing that keeps me coming back to this game is the amazing story and it's been so thin on the ground (a few minute (literally) here for a companion return and a few there to pad out a flashpoint.


I basically need a big chunky xpac with several chapters to tempt me back and take all my characters through it. I realise that I might not be your targeted demo but it is what it is. I basically subbed non stop for years and spent a fortune on the CM as a solo player just consuming all the content. I really miss it.


Sorry if that's not what you want to hear.

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March 13 – Game Update 5.8 - Command Authority


  • Izax, The Destroyer - The 5th and final boss from the Gods from the Machine Operation. There will be two modes with Izax; Story and Master mode. This also means we will not be offering a full Master Mode for all bosses in the Operation. This was an especially difficult decision for me to make, as I have loved the interaction between developers and our raiding community. Yet, based on what we’re planning for this year and beyond, it’s better to focus on the upcoming group content.
  • However, we are going to run a special Izax event for those who are worthy enough to defeat him. Everyone who does will have an opportunity to receive a new achievement, a special and unique Title, and a new and very enticing Legacy-based reward.
  • Note, we’ll deliver the Title and Reward when we launch Game Update 5.9 – The Nathema Conspiracy.


Not sure why you have decided to include Izax as a Master boss but not the rest of the operation... especially since Izax will not be coming out in VM? This is a weird move to make. In my opinion, the entire operation should be either Veteran or Master. It makes no sense to split it up in such a weird way.

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Pro tip, when letting down your raiding community don't cite a lack of resources as the reason. Especially when you indicate increased resources to conquest. Conquest > operations. This is why raiders leave.


This sort of attitude is why other players are down on raiders. Everyone deserves a turn!

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Can we expect Scourge this year? I hope you'll do a decent and worthy story for him, not like this two-minute stuff we got lately, and he should be returned independently rather than together with another companion like you did with Corso and Risha. That was a terrible return.


Mostly, I'm interested in Scourge, new strongholds and story. Can we expect new stories? Even if you can't say outright exactly when, can we expect it in 2018?




PS. Don't make the assumption that Arcann, aka Space Hitler is everyone's favorite villain or hope for a love interest. He most certainly isn't mine, so I don't appreciate the generalization.

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Conquest Revamp:

  • We have all enjoyed receiving our rewards each week! Ok, in reality, we’ve had our fair share of issues this past year, but going forward, we want Conquests to be a consistently fun activity for Guilds and individual participants.
  • As a result, we’ve made substantial improvements to the Conquest system including a new interface, new daily objectives, new missions, and more. Most importantly, we have rewritten the backend system to ensure you benefit from your weekly efforts. Look for details in an upcoming blog or forum post.
  • A new Conquest Vendor will appear for those who complete their personal conquests each week. It’ll initially have Decorations and a new Companion boost called the Commander’s Compendium which will increase your active companion to influence level 50. More on this below.


First of all, I'm always thrilled to hear about companions returning. But Akaavi is coming home - so extra awesome-ness! And I may have to play an entire character through again, just to experience a pure Arcaan romance arc, woot. So thanks most especially for the good news!


But I'd really, really be interested in knowing as much and more about the changes being made to Conquest. Is it possible, Keith, that we could get something more than a forum or blog post, too? I'd really like to see a livestream, where we could get some questions answered most directly, anyway. All I know, is that I'm going to have a whole slew of Guild members anxiously biting their nails as they wonder how they're going to have to change up their game. So the more information and direction us Guild leaders can provide them, the better.


Again, thanks much for all the hard work you've been putting into the game!

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