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  1. companions are not "bots". they are simply timers. they are definitely time and credit sinks but they are not "bots".
  2. why dont you just freaking PAY MONEY TO SUBSCRIBE and get to level 80 as fast as you can, then you can send out EIGHT companions out at a time? waaa waaaa you dont wanna pay a measly 15 dollars a month for TONS AND TONS AND TONS of GOOD BENEFITS ????? /sigh
  3. what i meant was, the latest iterations of the mainline Hero Engine have been 64-bit AND DX11/12 AND (i think) Vulkan ... FOR YEARS AND YEARS. i did not mean that it was ever "originally" x64 since obviously it has not been. i guess i should have worded myself better.
  4. dont be ridiculous. you are not reading the forums or the SWTOR subreddit. HERE is the solution because THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of other players can play SWTOR right now who also had your same problem and are IN GAME right now. TO THOSE WHOSE GAME WILL NOT START: THE FIX is to download the DirectX 9C latest update from Microsoft -- Search BING for "June 2010 DirectX 9c update", then download AND install that OLD update -- and then reboot your PC. YOUR GAME (YES even the 64-bit client) SHOULD WORK after that.
  5. TOO LONG ; DIDN'T READ all of it... ok so when are you going to pay money OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET to make this happen? because doing even a tiny bit of that costs MILLIONS of dollars. btw you are dreaming. i hate to be a ballbreaker but what you suggested is better for a NEW WHOLE OTHER GAME than SWTOR. Devs are NEVER EVER going to consider doing ANY of that. you suggest way too much. I suggest you take that stuff over to some project over on Kickstarter. if you truly want any of that to happen, MAYBE the writers could consider SOME of it as part of a new xpac.... but that is the ONLY WAY any of that could ever happen in THIS game -- as part of an xpac.
  6. hahahhahaahahaha That would KILL the player base!!! STEALING OUR WEALTH is NOT COOL AT ALL and it would cause a MASS EXODUS AWAY from the game! BTW taking anyone's credits away DOES NOT fix the economy. It does not take away all the MANY MANY MANY MANY (unbound) CARTEL MARKET ITEMS i own that are NOT bound that WILL go right back on sale for 2,3,4 BILLION credits as soon as i get logged back in... probably a month later because people WILL SPEND on Cartel Market to sell items on GTN that they got on the CM. The game will NEVER NOT be "pay to win". if players would learn how to INVEST (whether real money or game monies) in this game, they wouldn't CRY LIKE BABIES over a measly <= 5k credit loss per QT. Another thing is, the FASTER you get to higher levels of your character, the more the game GIVES FAR MORE CREDITS BACK TO YOU per quest completion and loot amounts. Why are so many people forgetting this? GET YOUR TOONS LEVELED to 80 ASAP!!!!! Then you will NOT CARE or complain about lack of money anymore .... geez!!!!! you get far more creds, as loot and rewards, at higher levels, than you do at lower levels!!!
  7. NAY!!!! ALL TAXATION IS THEFT. Go read some Ludwig von Mises and get back to me.
  8. oooooooo let the MASSIVE EPIC Reeee Reeeeeeeees BEGIN!!!! BTW people, in old iterations of this game, there was ALWAYS a credit cost to Quick Travel! They only took it away (the credits cost for QT) as a MUCH BELOVED QoL fix, around the time of DvL event (pre-KOTFE) because they wanted to make it easier to complete the DvL event and drive people thru all the new content in KOTFE. And it stuck because people loved the free QT. Now they're just being assholes about it lolllllllllllll I agree with most people though, that such changes are NOT going to stop the gold spammer scammers, NOR affect the whale shark GTN billionaires in this game (which i am one of them, now -- but only because i have learned how to play GTN the LEGIT AND smart way).
  9. i have been wanting this FOR YEARS!!! I wish Ben Burtt played this game -- he designed almost all of the old (movie sound effect) sounds i am sure he would care. but i doubt Bioware cares.
  10. The ONLY thing Bioware Devs need to do, is RETROFIT the NON-forked Hero Engine (which has always been 64-bit AND DirectX12/Vulkan) into the existing game client. We have 64-bit now, but i am fairly sure they did not do this???? The graphics do look a bit better tho. and RE: the graphics, both before and now ... i used RadeonMod to maximize a registry hack of my AMD card's LodAdj to-6 and now i have tons of shiney + great details IN ALL of my games (it's a Level of Detail hack for any AMD graphic card. Previously only NVidia users could do that but AMD users can too) And anyone who disputes me on this (about going back to the non-forked Hero Engine) is pretty ignorant. i've researched it. But yeah, IF YOU KNOW ANYONE who has the MONEY NEEDED to do this, send them to Bioware because frankly, EA DOES NOT CARE or they would be opening up the purse strings, or finding venture capitalists who DO care.
  11. i find it totally amazing that it took us a FULL 11 YEARS since between the very first post here, and the PTS finally going REAL 64-bit!!!!!!!! yes this post thread was started 11 years ago and it took them THAT LONG!!!!!!! and yet, when it was announced, it was lightning fast that anyone could finally go jump on PTS and test it all. Just like that. Huh.
  12. to do what? program? i'm not that SMRT enough yet. i just want to see them do everything i want. make me a big boss and i can get things done.
  13. i was on PTS last night and everything worked great -- no problem at all whatsoever. i dont know what is wrong with all your (everyone's??) computers?!?! i will say however that my PTS installation had to be wiped and reinstalled via full download from scratch (i did have update problems before the point where it all worked good. so i did have to do that).
  14. that same thing happened to me about 2 iterations of PTS ago (back in December when they first opened PTS 64-bit up for the first time). the exact same thing was happening to me during/after the Character Transfer/Copy thing from Account webpage. idk if it is still going on but i am glad i was not the only one noticing that. i thought something was nuts lol
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