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  1. well it aint coming in the summer i can tell you that. maybe a 3 minute piece like last time to hold us over
  2. i remember seeing a vendor with companion customizations in cartel bazaar, oppsite side from the creature handler hes called the companion customization importer. got a MQ-12 and a purple horns guy next to him
  3. ...How DARE you ask for this? Are you not happy with this gift they gave us? Like they always say I guess, give an inch, they want a mile! /s i agree extend it
  4. the taun fawn codes are promotional material. the devs give to swtor content creators/streamer. they give them away for promotional means. same with cartel coin codes, subscription codes etc
  5. achievements are meant to take a while to obtain
  6. i would love that but idnt they have server maintenance last week?
  7. the influencers, you really need to read. he was responding to my comment about the influencers
  8. they are the ones with direct communication with devs
  9. as per influencers words please read everything
  10. exactly this if you arent happy why play at all. ive learned to accept this game for what it is and what it will get as content.
  11. from what im seeing , 6.2 will be the final patch for onslaught as it will i assume conclude the onslaught story with kira and scourge as per influencer words. that makes it, miles smaller compared to revan. and astronomically smaller compared to the expansion i will not name! also keep in mind for shadow of revan it had the prelude which was 4 flashpoints, korriban, tython, manaan, rakata prime, the actual expansion it has rishi yavin, and ziost + dead ziost, an operation, it introduced more warzones. onslaught had 2 small planets. a prelude was ossus so thats a small daily planet then expansion release was a small daily planet, and a smaller daily planet and half of its story takes place on corellia as a flashpoint experience. one operation. then 6.1 added 3 minutes of odessen story, and maybe HOPEFULLY a flashpoint experience for the kira and scourge story. major changes was just gearing. so yes it is very small expansion. but is that really a bad thing? also at shadow of revans hype, they added the biggest feature this game has ever recieved, strongholds
  12. This game will never get Revan/the two expansions everyone hates sized expansions again.
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