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Little tips and tricks that you didn't know..


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Wow! I never expected this thread to get so popular - thanks for all the tips, folks, and keep them coming.


I've updated my original post here with some of the juicier little tidbits you've all put together, but with lack of space I haven't been able to get them all in. Good job so far!





  • Escaping from a conversation before it's done allows you to redo pesky moral choices.
  • Galactic Republic and Sith Empire characters can communicate, but only in local (/say).
  • There's an 'Exit Area' button above your minimap when you're in a flashpoint - you don't have
    to run all the way back to the exit, or quick-travel.
  • There are commendation vendors for each planet (aside of Quesh) in your fleet supplies area;
    they sell the same gear as on the planets.
  • Closing a quest reward window causes a little "Pending Rewards" pop-up on the upper right of the screen.




  • Turn on 'area loot', and 'auto-loot' in your preferences menu to make looting much easier.
  • Hitting Ctrl+U twice in a row can solve mose UI issues.
  • You can click on stairwells/entranceways on the map to browse through them.
  • When you enter the chat you can use up and down arrows to scroll trough and reuse what you already have written.
  • Alt+f to set a focus target then Ctrl+f to target focus target's target.
  • Your focus target will seemingly clear after any conversation, but if you hit your focus swap button twice real quick with nothing targetted, it should reassign your focus to your previous focus target.
  • Going into 'Preferences' and then 'Controls' you can change the max camera distance.
  • You can split stacks by shift-left-clicking and dragging a stack to a new, empty bag spot.
  • You can also buy many copies of an item from a vendor the same way.
  • Ctrl+shift+F = Show your frame rate, in small numbering on the lower left side of your screen.
  • There's a button at the top-level of the mailbox window to loot all items and credits from mail.




  • Each companion has a codex entry that discusses their personality and stats.
  • You can use the N key to get your companion window open on your ship. If you want a different companion you can use the arrows next to their name to scroll through them. This way you can outfit your companions without summoning them.
  • When your companion wants to talk 'somewhere private', you can talk to them in a cantina
    (and likely any designated Rest Area). You only need to go to your ship when it says 'on your ship'.
  • You can revive a companion more quickly by simply dismissing and resummoning him. You can heal one quickly by mounting your vehicle and dismounting.
  • In the preferences, you can enable the tooltip comparison for equipment/gear for your active companion so you can compare an item to your active companion's gear in addition to yours.
  • You can expand a companion's ability bar (default key `) - to see what abilities they're using.
    Disable any area-effect abilities like grenades by right-clicking their green check boxes away if
    you don't want them to break crowd-control abilities you're using.


Space Combat


  • Press space to do a barrel roll.
  • To fire proton torpedos, hold your targetting reticule on a target for several seconds till it gets a special icon.
  • You can fly around using BOTH keyboard and mouse. Helps navigating while shooting.
  • Make sure to check the spaceship upgrades vendors on the fleet. In particular, don't forget to buy the power converter unit for 30 fleet commendations as early as possible! It lets you switch between greater shield regeneration and much more powerful blasters.
  • In space combat, hold the right mouse button down to "paint" multiple targets, release and fire
  • multiple missiles at multiple targets simultaneously.
  • While firing lasers, your shields do not recharge. Take a break using missiles for a while to help
  • your shields recharge faster.




  • You can craft by using materials in your cargo, i.e. no need to have it take up space in inventory.
  • You can queue up to 5 crafted items per companion.
  • Reverse-engineering a crafted item gives you a chance of learning an improved version of the schematic.
  • Cancelling a crafting mission will get your mats back, or your money. It's actually an awesome way to 'withdraw' items from the bank, because the crafting materials can come from your bank, but are returned to your inventory.




  • You can use the Emergency Fleet Pass to instantly teleport to the Republic/Imperial Fleet from anywhere. It's in your skill box in general tab.
  • If you have a security key, there's a security key vendor on the Fleet that will sell you fleet passes with one hour cooldowns for 1000 credits.
  • Higher levels of speeders can take more hits before you get dismounted by attacks.
  • The /stuck command seems to work by teleporting you back a few steps, so it's actually useful
  • for more than just being stuck (especially when Datacron collecting).
  • Using a shielding ability such as Static Barrier helps absorb 'hits' from monsters while you're on your speeder.




  • The GTN terminals on the fleets are faction specific, but the one on Nar Shadaa can be browsed by any character.
  • Searching the /who window by 'LFG' will let you show everyone in the game using the system.
  • There are 3 datacrons on the starter worlds, and five on each beyond that. Datacrons are hidden objects which give stat boosts.
  • If you have a piece of orange-quality gear you like the look of, you can continually upgrade it's mods to keep being able to wear it into high levels. You can even strip mods from other items, and put them in your favorite orange gear. Ctrl+rightclick on an orange-quality item to bring up the modification interface.
  • Dueling can be useful! You can leap or be pulled by friends to locations, say, for getting unstuck or finding datacrons.
  • Female characters have a bit of a bonus, because there's four dress pieces of modifiable gear available on Coruscant - light armor - that male characters can't wear. Awesome especially as it's a long time before you can find another hat!


Cheers. I'll keep updatin'!

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For some reason, or maybe it's just me, but (6) doesn't seem to work if the map transition icon is presently highlighted for a quest.


edit: or perhaps it doesn't show instanced quest areas. I'm not entirely sure.

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works for me on everything except elevators.


Yeah I'm not entirely sure what the actual limitation is, but it always happens to me trying to browse the next area of a quest I'm presently on. Not sure if it's elevators specifically, instanced quest areas, or quest tags in general.

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Also to contribute: your focus target will seemingly clear after any conversation, but if you hit your focus swap button twice real quick with nothing targetted, it should reassign your focus to your previous focus target.



Not sure if that's true only for companions or player characters as well, but it's saved me a load of hassle since I stumbled into it.

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You can craft by using materials in your cargo, i.e. no need to have it take up space in inventory.


Nice! I didn't know that I have so much junk in my trunk!


Give the man or woman a million credits :)

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