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Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ - Road Map 2017


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It's not very productive you know? Telling him what exactly you didn't like or wanted to see will help a lot.


We had to wait weeks to get an overview of what we already knew, content for the next 2/3 months. I expected at least the entire year to be covered, but even that seems to be too much for them.

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Thank you for the roadmap Keith. I'll say that I'm very surprised that it only covers the summer of SWTOR. Is it fair to say there will be an end-of-the-year roadmap?


Also extremely disappointing on nothing discussing RNG gearing, a complete revamp or removal of Galactic Command, or server merges. :(

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Wow.... Aside from the vague mentions of us getting one new warzone and GSF map, there's nothing in this roadmap that hadn't already been mentioned to us?


We already knew that the VotMG Op was gonna be fully released this year. We already knew the next story update would be a flashpoint. I had heard some forum-goers mention the Manaan stronghold (though I don't know if that was a rumour or certainty) and Keith had already teased the customization and perks.


For whatever it's worth I am sure all of us PvPers are thrilled to hear that UCs will be made legacy-wide and we'll be getting a new warzone again, and I am sure a lot of people have been dying for the QoL and stronghold/decorations changes and additions. But the PvErs don't have much to go off of... All you've told them is that Esne and Aivela will be coming, which we already knew, and something about a Platinum item (PLEASE tell me it's not more gear....).


The weekly discussion and quarterly roadmap sounds like a great idea though. Looking forward to it.


Also I am really glad you heard the PvPers concerns about UC's being far too grindy right now. I hope you continue listening if it happens to need any tuning, and bring us to a nice compromise between what we have now and what we had in patch 2.0-4.x (could get max PvP gear in just 2 weeks of grinding).

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You did read it right? He said he is planning on releasing a roadmap every quarter. So yes this one will only include 3 months then next one will include 3 months and so on. Sheesh


BUT reading is so hard and takes to long, I wanna just rage.

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At least class balance mentioned and what would be nice a legacy currency. New flashpoint would be nice, but if it will be only new story content, I will be dissapointed. Anyway, better than nothing...


As a positive view. If we would really get each 3 months this kind of preview of upcoming stuff and some kind of feedback it would upgrade from how things have been handled last years.


Anyway, it is clear Bioware/EA are not willing to put any significant boost of resources so any plans longer than 3 months would be too uncertain.

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Keith and Eric (but especially Keith), I know I was a critic, but I have to say the roadmap is very satisfactory for the upcoming months.

1. Whats the time between 5.2.2 and 5.3?

2. Isn't the summer period an excellent period to have a long Double XP and Double CXP period? :D Pretty please.

3. A stronghold with an ocean? Does that mean Manaan? I know some people hope for Zakuul, but I personally hope for Manaan. Plus Zakuul doesn't have an ocean ... as far as I know.

4. Apart from the new Gods ... does 5.3 include anything else? I kinda had hoped 5.3 and 5.4 from what I heard would be one update instead of two seperate ones.



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I was really hoping for something more from GSF. Also it would be nice to see something about guild ships - they are useless now (ony good thing is guild summon). You could add wars between guild using this ships or some use during operation/flaspoints. It is so obvus that something has to be done with this.
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Thanks for the Road Map, Keith! First the positives, I may not be a big Ops player or PVP-er, but I am glad to see that those parts of the game are getting some love, especially Class balance and GSF, which felt like it was forgotten after launch. I'm also glad that the Night Life event is back, it'll give me something to do while working on Math homework! ;) I also love that we'll finally be able to customize the KotFE/KotET companions, but will we be able to change their outfits, or just what they look like? And a new stronghold, I just hope I can enjoy some fishing!


Also, will future roadmaps focus on a three month cycle, or will it increase in the future depending on content?


Now, I do wish we saw a bit more in relation to QOL additions (*Cough* More armor sets from Knights of the Old Republic/Tales of the Jedi ;)) and bug fixes, since I know we all have thatone bugthat we keep reporting and reporting, and never seem to see it fixed.


I don't know if you can answer this now or in a next roadmap, but is there any plans to continue updating the 1-50 class stories (And the Rise of the Hutt Cartel story), to match the Class Intro cutscenes, and adding new planetary arrival cutscenes, or add solo modes for content like the Macrobinoculars and Dread Seed questline?

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I'm excited about the new stronghold. I'd like to have more information about that, as in where and how much it will cost and the size of it.


I would also like clarification about the companion customizations for the newer companions...will we be able to dress them in clothing of our own choosing like we did before with the vanilla comps and have face/hair customizations, OR will the new customizations be customizations where the devs designed different looks for them and we put that customization in the single slot. I've already bought an outfit I want to put on Theron and an expensive dye for it, so I'm hoping he will get to be able to wear it. Could you clarify please? Thanks.

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So... We're getting the mythic Manaan stronghold after all? I'm nearly excited.


Also, the Roadmap is definitely underwhelming. It's nothing beyond what was already promised and confirmed, doens't even provide extra details (apart from the stronghold - which is cool, but really quite low on the "what actually matters" scale).


I will stick to the end, because that's the kind of sucker I am with Bioware games. But if you want to make people happy and keep this game from dying, you have to try harder Keith. The lack of actual insight into the companions coming back, the flashpoint and whatever content might come in fall makes even me apathetic, and I'm not easily discouraged when it comes to SWTOR. :s

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A good start Keith.


I would ask that you reaffirm the following in a more substantial manner though:

And of course, I will plan to deliver an updated roadmap each quarter. This way you can see not only the direction we are heading, but you’ll know what to expect specifically over the few months.

I would encourage you to replace the word "plan" with "commit".


Please please please don't follow tradition at Austin of publishing something and then walking away and never updating it or keeping it current. We have already had 5 years of that and it does not work well. You have been pretty stand-up and transparent so far.. please don't hide behind passive use of words like "plan".. as it gives you the appearance of leaving an out to just walk away from keeping us current via a roadmap.


In the name of communications and transparency... you owe the players a commitment on this. I applaud the idea of an updated roadmap each quarter.... providing you actually do it. :)


And of course.. the roadmap will now get peeled left and right by players wielding rusty potato peelers. :p

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Use this thread to discuss the 2017 road map from Keith, which can be found here.




absolutely fantastic post, GREAT WORK by keith and the team. I just extended my sub with 3 months.


Class balances!!! new wz map and changes to ranked? this is absolutly lovely news the rest is just bonus!

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As someone who's only returned to SWTOR recently, it was nice to see all the planned updates in one place. I like that there's going to be a road map every 3 months. Actually, I prefer that over one road map at the beginning of the year that will likely get outdated as the company changes their plans and releases get pushed back, dropped or changed.


Reading the reactions from other people on this thread... I didn't realise that much of this was already said so I understand how some people can be disappointed. I know players were eagerly waiting to see the road map and expected more details about the year ahead rather than what they already know about the upcoming three months. So that kinda sucks. There's a little bit of detail there that goes beyond the summer but not really enough to sate players' curiosity, IMO. Hopefully Keith will see this and maybe give us a little more. :)


Otherwise, I look forward to the next road map at least. It's a good plan overall and it's nice to know that they're planning that far ahead and that they want to listen to the players and take into account what we think.

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Nightlife Event ... more standing around clicking a button waiting for RNG to give up something good. Ugh.


Vague map possibilities for pvp and gsf...meh


Ops info we already knew


A Manaan SH ... good, but not news


A single flashpoint ... OK, I guess, but again not news


Customization of companions is definitely positive ... unless it is literal customization slot crap you pre-design and not me actually dressing my companions how I want in the hundreds of cartel sets I've collected.


I don't know. Seems like a lot of vague ideas of stuff they're thinking about but haven't actually set a plan to implement. When I do road maps at work, it's all about laying down what must get done and how we plan on doing it and not how we're going to think about what we're maybe going to do and soliciting ideas.


B for effort, C for content.

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Well here are my thoughts on the road map Keith.

Operations- While we already knew that Gofm would be released through out the year it is good to know that you've included platinum rarity items as an extra reward for doing veteran and master, one of the many complains I hear from SWTOR is how much of the "Cool" items are always locked behind the Cartel Market instead of earning it.


PVP- Legacy currency is great, and so is a new map, it will greatly help to gear up. Good to know GSF changes are being though of.


Story and companions- While I'm disappointed I have to wait 2 more months until the story continues it's good to know we will finally be able to customize KOTFE companions and gain influence from doing crew skills missions, one my major complaints with the removal of commendations isn't even gear but companion gifts which could be bought with those, now we rely on the RNG of crates (Either alliance or command) to gain companion gifts and it can be a stress to farm a specific companion.


QoL-Good to know about weapon tuning being added to collection.


Update- 5.2 I'm looking forward to that casino event and gaining a Gamorrean companion, it would be quite useful for a BH or Smuggler. While I haven't played GSF in months it's good to know new customization options are being added. I hope the legacy perk is more than 10% or so. Good to know armor will be craftable, it's quite a good way to make crew skills relevant. Tier I being able to be bought with command tokens goes a long way to help gear up alts or even mains.


5.3 Looking forward to that encounter, hopefully it will contain quite an interesting fight just like Tyth. Manaan stronghold? While I'm not personally going to buy it's good to know that, perhaps I will grow fondle of the sea. Class changes in PvP are a must.


And it's good to know we will have better communication this time around, I will do my best to provide you with constructive feedback. Thanks for providing the quaterly roadmap and may the force ever serve you Keith.

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