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  1. That makes no sense at all... the imbalance causes long pop times for the rep players and also slows down the queue for Imp players when we end up with 4 reps on and 12 Imps... Cross faction fixes that by putting everyone in the same queue... then there are no imbalance problems.
  2. I agree that there should be an expansion as well... but these aren’t close expansions... they are just content patches that target individual parts of the game... I think this is the right approach... have a major expansion as you’ve said and have these update patches in between.... they can divide a 12 month period into 3 of these updates while prepping an expansion.... and spend 4 months after the last of the updates to get the expansion finished... that puts us into a 16 month cycle between expansions.
  3. I can’t believe they still haven’t fixed that leap bug... here’s hoping they fix it with this update
  4. I’ve come back because of this roadmap... never thought I would see Bioware doing anything like this... I’d given up hope and wasn’t sure I’d be back CROSSFACTION FINALLY 😍 New Huttball has me worried if they don’t fix the bugs and rubberbanding in the ones we have... fixing those should be a priority and a good learning experience... that way they won’t make the same mistakes with the new one... If they get Huttball right... it will be awesome... if they don’t... no one will ever want to play Huttball in this game again... even the die hards like Trixx are cringing at Huttball pops... Fingers are crossed for the cheats getting ban hammered... Bioware publically acknowledging them and saying they will be doing something is long over due... I guess my campaign for 6 years was finally heard ☺️ Map choice is 5 years too late... if they don’t do this right it will make queues longer... Why no 8 man Ranked... it’s the only thing missing from this awesome road map... if they’d done that... I could have guaranteed most of my friends would come back to the game too...
  5. It’s been 6 1/2 years and this has been the only real pvp road map in the history of the game.... people are getting their panties in a knot because they don’t get something every 3 months... and it makes me laugh 4-5 years ago it was the OPs and pve people who would demand something every 3 months and get upset if pvp was even mentioned in a roadmap... but they felt our pain 3 years ago when Bio went down the story path and ignored them for years.... and I think they now understand how pvpers felt Now we have exactly the same situation in reverse... the story people are whining because they don’t get something every 3 months... It’s about time that other parts of the game besides story got some meaningful love... Things got dribbled out the last year and it wasn’t enough for anyone in the game... I like this new direction where they pick a part of the game and focus on it for a major patch... they are still putting some small stuff in for other people... which is better than nothing The next patch looks like it might be story driven... so I really hope the one after is Operations driven for the OPs guys... I think 3 major content releases a year... one for each part of the game is a great model... they can then make mini QOL patches inbetween
  6. This games lore is safe... nothing to see here. CROSSFACTION WILL BE AWESOME 😎
  7. Crossfaction will improve this games pvp 100 fold. It’s been a long time coming and will be AWESOME 😍
  8. Crossfaction is the best idea ever. It will be AWESOME 🤩
  9. This roadmap has brought me back to the game. Hopefully it will live up to its potential and I’ll stick around. Is there any news that Sorcs might finally going to get a dps buff?
  10. That’s hilarious and I commend you on your ingenuity 🤪 I wanted to do a deadpool themed one and call the legacy “where’s Francis”... I had some funny names written down like... “deadspa”... “poolboy”... “poolgirl”... “brown pants”... “red pants”... plus a whole range of ikea furniture names... But I guess they’d be issues for some people even though I wouldn’t be breaking the EULA... They really should have just designated one of the servers as RP and the other PVE.... then allowed people to choose which server they wanted to be merged with... I know most of the pvp community loves making up funny names or themes that might not be exactly SW RP material...
  11. Damnit... they better not... My Sorc is so rubbish now and my Mara and Sniper are my two back up mains... with the sniper being the way they are now... I just don’t want to play it... if people flock to Mara’s it will make all three of my preferred mains unplayable in pvp for me... I hate playing FOTM... it’s why I stopped playing my Merc in January... I tried to persevere all year with my Lightning Sorc... but they are now so bad since the balance... that it’s pointless... I played my Fury Mara all year... even when everyone was telling me I should be playing carnage if I wanted to play a Mara... I really hope you’re wrong Flop and they don’t become FOTM too... FYI... I had a few games with you today on both my Jugg and Mara... they were good matches
  12. With the mergers... some of us ended up with legacy names we didn’t want to keep because they were assigned randomly... I made a couple of legacies and I made one as a joke one night when I was playing with a bunch of my girls... we were pretty drunk ... the thing is... it could be considered offensive to some people if they weren’t privy to the circumstances that led to it’s creation... Anyway... this joke legacy name isn’t one I would want to keep... but it’s the one I’ve been given over my main one I used for 5 years... so I’ve got a few friends to report it in the hope they’ll get me to change it ...
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