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  1. Why break it when it used to be a FUN event! The odds are dismal against players now and will skip the event altogether until this is sorted out.
  2. I'm glad. I have not seen one for a long while and thought probably stealth nerf in one of the patches.
  3. Are these gone from SWTOR? I used to have them like candies in previous rewards (I think sub rewards). Have they removed them entirely with recent updates?
  4. Yeah, I downloaded about 38 gigs in 1 hr (about 1.3 GB download with 37.9 GB of patching). It took a long while and missed some of my guild events which was a real bummer for me. Is there any information on future patches somewhere that would tell us how many GB to expect? I know speed depends on your system but it does suck when it takes longer to wait. At least some sort of token of appreciation would be a nice gesture if Devs would give to players for the inconvenience of anything greater than 20GB might cause to players to download.
  5. Whats the deal with the voice? Can you elaborate why the updated one is so horrible?
  6. So I guess so much for 7.4.1c https://forums.swtor.com/topic/934559-nothing-about-reputation-conquest-points-in-741c-patch-notes/#comment-9809651 Conquest remains as messed up before and 50K instead of 100K seems still a lot of work for a very causal player. To balance off please make this system better. I know we cant get back to revert to 50K but at least increase heroics to 7.5K or 10K double amount for other events. It's been done before but needs more tweaking.
  7. Could not agree better. If garbage why even put it as a reward? PIG lipstick effect? Come on? Please take it away and only adds to confusion.
  8. Tool late for G6...perhaps G7 if ever. Bioware or whoever now is the flavor and owns this game does not care about feedback.
  9. That's a good one. I would take this companion instead of any stronghold...hopefully they will consider other options for next GS
  10. I think that sounds where this might end up....chores and guess what you get the reward for a new room to display your goodies. I'd prefer a companion who would not only fight alongside me but contribute in leveling up or accumulating more XP. Easy choice when it comes to it.
  11. At least would have been nice to have a cool dye set as reward or take the feedback from the community on other main reward options. I don't think stories did go well last GS and this one still remains to be seen . What do Strongholds and Descos have to do with real Star Wars? I know it's cool to have them but should be optional rather than the main reward for grinding GS.
  12. Really? I guess they don't care about feedback? I don't mind stories or strongholds since some people might want that but a better option could have been... giving players a choice and not just limiting to space barbie rewards. Respectfully this will be another HARD pass GS for me!
  13. 100% agree. I opted to skip last event and hopefully they can come up with something better than last time. A companion would be great indeed!
  14. Thank you for the tip as I ran out of space and that cap should really increase.
  15. Anyone know if you don't claim items from the GS 5 tab. Are they still available post event, do they send unclaimed items by mail or you lose them all? As you know the max for GS tokens is 15 and ever since the first one I have tried to use all of them but I got everything I need now and have an excess of 7 tokens that cannot claim. Do I lose them or get them back? I wish they could increase the CAP for another 30 or so instead of just what they have now, Thanks!
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