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Will Defense/Shield/Absorb work properly in 3.0?


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I'm sorry guys, but I just don't see stacking Endurance is going to make that much more of a difference in PvP than stacking Defense/Shield/Absorb. Assuming full Endurance augments, that amounts to a maximum of 4,480HP on top of equipment stats. Without mitigation, that 4,480HP will be gone with a single blow, but with Defense/Shield/Absorb you can mitigate a lot more than that on one life bar. If even ONE hard-hitting attack is dodged or shielded, the mitigation has paid for itself.


To me, mitigating damage on a slightly smaller HP bar = less work on the healers, and I live longer on that smaller HP bar. Enure and Warzone Medpacs don't get used enough for the extra HP to matter, and even so, 500 extra HP from popping them with stacked Endurance is nothing.

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Actually I would be interested in how you did that too, although I haven't worked with matplotlib before.


Per PM from Capt_Beers I'll be posting the code to github (when I get around to it). Caveats:

  • You can't use it unless you have python3.4 + matplotlib
  • the pie charts are not updated in real time. You can run it on an open combat log but it won't process new lines that are added. (not yet anyway).
  • the location of my combat log directory is hardcoded. Edit to taste or better yet, add code to figure this out for everyone (e.g. an environment variable indicating the current logged in username).
  • The code will be gibberish to read unless you speak python. Even then it will be crusty as far as code goes.


subscribe to this BORING ANNOUNCEMENT thread if you are interested. I'll post updates regarding github code drops (et cetera ..) there.

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That's just it though. I don't wanna gouge HP and make it harder for my healers to keep me topped off. I want to stack mitigation so I can shrug off the extra damage and not need the extra HP to begin with, to make things easier on my healer.


Defense is supposed to work against Force/Tech like it does in PvE, and Shield/Absorb is supposed to work against Crits. If they don't do so in PvP, then they're not working as intended and need to be fixed.


Defense and shield work exactly the same in PvP and PvE, but very few PvE opponents can crit, and they have very little to no elemental/Internal (unshieldable) damage.

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Bioware needs to add Resistance to tank equipment then, to allow them to shrug off damage from internal/elemental attacks that cannot be shielded or dodged.


They kind of do this already with the tank trees. Much of what makes a tank "tanky" in PvP comes from their defensive cooldowns and talents that increase their innate damage resistance. Gear may not make tanks mitigate that much more, but that does leave some other interesting options.

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A minor necro: any advice on how to further gear my Shadow tank for pvp?


Currently, with roughly half the (Exhumed Survivor) gear Absorb augmented (other half no augments yet), I get 37% damage red, 21% def chance, 34% shield chance and 39% shield absorption.


Should I keep stacking Absorb augments, or buff up defense or shield first?


Many thanks!

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So Defense is useless because people only ever use Force or Tech attacks, Crits cannot be shielded/absorbed, and most dots cannot be shielded/absorbed either...


Naeh not useless a such. It's just that force/tech accuracy is so high by default, that the resist is zero/near zero for most specs. Defense guardians get resist chance from "Blade Barrier" when they trigger Riposte, for example

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