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  1. Yes, if you are going to complain about PT burst you should at least post matches where you actually killed someone. This thread is like everything wrong with PTs these days. I see soo many PTs that can post lots of DPS, but just simply can't kill ****. Almost anyone can post 2k DPS on a PT, but apparently only few can actually kill stuff on a PT.
  2. 10 kills......5 kills...... Hint PTs are a burst class, if you are hitting 2k DPS in a 8v8 you're doing it wrong.
  3. The spirit of the compliant was the fact you have to grind them at all. Leveling systems are for RPGs where character progression is important. Shooters are not about character progression. There is no reason to have a leveling system in a shooter. It's just a bad attempt to make the game last longer by including time grinds.
  4. This thread reminds me of a comment I made not too long ago. Dicefront is 90% graphics and 10% content. Granted I might be a little salty that they called it "battlefront" but didn't include command post conquest. Like ***, how can you do battlefront with command posts?! tbh GW2 actually has some impressive story moments, but they all come late game. (looking at the level60 story chain.) The biggest advantage SWTOR has over GW2 is that GW2 lacks a good "hook" at the beginning. Late game GW2 is amazing but the early levels are drudgery.
  5. Is it more game breaking than a 30m CC on a 15 second cooldown?
  6. The 3 button joke stopped being relevant somewhere around 2.0.
  7. The first statement is meaningless. Every spec in the game is OP when "they come in herds" Have you seen what four gunnery commandos can do? Have you see what four gunslingers can do? 30m range is hardly a justification for anything. Do you realize that Sharpshooter gunslingers can hit a target for over 15k from 35 meters? That's not even including the Trickshot damage either. So again tell me how PTs and Sorcs are OP.
  8. "abundance of CC" Right now every other MMO I have looked at has far more powerful CC. Moreover with the current meta CC isn't even that useful ever since people stopped using burst stratagies.
  9. Sorcs aren't even a burst class dude, please read before posting. Also please tell me how PTs and Sorcs are OP. Because I honestly get the impression you don't even know the answer to that question.
  10. Zoom_VI

    PvP tanks in 4.0

    Surge is a multiplier off the base damage. With TB's current base damage you would need just under 300% crit multiplier to get a 20k hit. (because TB's base damage is around 6k.) If I'm reading correctly it's only referring to critical chance gained by critical rating, it is not referring to all sources of critical chance. Even accounting for the fact that we are going to be stacking the crap out of newCrit in 4.0, that is still only going to be <15% multiplier on surge, which given how weak TB is already, is hardly something to be concerned about. Cantankerous is a new one. I doubt I'll be gone forever. I'll probably be back when I get off my GW2 kick, or sooner if bioware figures out that class homogenization is one of the worse things you can do in a multiplayer game.
  11. The way I read it, the only crit% that became surge% was the crit% that came from critical rating on gear, not crit bonuses such as Battle Focus. So the 6pc setbonus Cell Burst autocrit would not gain a massive surge bonus from being used on battle focus.
  12. I got the impression that only critical rating (the stat) would create surge over 100%.
  13. ...ok Please include how to actually burst a target. I'm getting tired of all the PTs that can do 2.2k DPS but can't break 5 killing blows in a 8v8. Like seriously if you break 2k DPS in a 8v8 it means you aren't killing enough stuff.
  14. tbh if sorcs ever break their hold on the meta, I think defense will be something to take. Even in the current meta just over 1/3rd of your damage taken is M/R, and the effects of defending a attack is huge.
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