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  1. That's what Pubs are saying in Warzones now. 27K HP is apparently becoming a trend in 55 Warzones, and Empire is winning a lot more Warzones lately, lots more premades. It's amazing how, instead of uniting together and trying to better ourselves, we just eat each other instead.
  2. The problem is that too many players treat objective-based games like a deathmatch, especially in Warzones. Huttball is a bad example, everyone wants to kill each other, nobody focuses on the ball.
  3. That's the fundamental problem with it, not enough character development. You're SUPPOSED to become the Republics greatest champion.
  4. Numbers don't lie, and the numbers on the Detailed Tooltip say that Heavys have a higher range, accuracy, and DPS than Bursts.
  5. But most strikes already have Heavy Lasers, which are clearly superior to Bursts, having higher accuracy, damage, and MUCH higher range. They are the king of lasers for jousting and making runs at gunships and defense turrets. I really, REALLY wish Flashfire (or any Scout) had access to heavy lasers.
  6. But I specialize in thread necromancy. Also, I really wish Flashfire had Heavy Lasers. As good as BLCs work, I don't like the feel of them.
  7. Two more Ace pilots found on Imp side of Harbinger: Chew'Tobacca, Da'one.
  8. What are you trying to say, that Strike Fighters are the weakest class because they are balanced and flexible instead of specializing in one specific role? That's akin to comparing them to a hybrid.
  9. I'd rather have Evasion Capacitor, Evasion Reactor, Evasion Sensors, and Evasion Thrusters.
  10. Burst DPS is king in Starfighter, so being able to survive it is of the highest importance. Thus, Large Reactor is the best. Having stronger shields is going to save you more often than weaker shields that regenerate faster, because too often will be the case where you'll be vaporized before your shields even have a chance to regenerate. Also, evasion my ***. Went up against Gunships in my last match, and they were hitting me with Railgun EVERY TIME. I was hitting Running Interference AND Targeting Telemetry and they were STILL connecting with every shot. I'm starting to think I'm the one being trolled. Does the RNG not like me or something?
  11. I've seen that guy, he's not very consistent about his rank on the scoreboards. He's not bad though. Arkius though, that guy is a beast.
  12. And I'm saying that if someone actually takes the time to study Niman at its full and master it, it can be highly formidable, making its user a difficult opponent to face as they can quickly change tactics at a whim to counter their opponents. And yes, Sidious was a master of all forms, but his preferred practice was Form IV. He incorporated elements of all forms of lightsaber combat into his use of Form IV, as he had mastered every other form, so he applied the absolute best of every form drawing from his infinite knowledge of them, while at the same time eliminating the fundamental weaknesses of any one of them. He was ambidexterous and could change tactics and form instantly in combat, which made him a horrifying opponent to face, as he could counter any tactics one might use against him, or lure one into a false sense of security and then cut them down when they thought they had the upper hand.
  13. I mean, it's a balanced "jack of all trades" form that incorporates elements from four of the previous forms before it, and though it grants no significant edge in battle, it also covers up any glaring weaknesses its user might have, achieving its worth in versatility and flexibility. People seem to think that Niman is an inferior and often laughable form of lightsaber combat, and cite such examples as the Battle of Geonosis to support this, since most of the Jedi that were slain during that event were all Form IV practicioners. Yes, it's true that almost all of them were Form IV users, but the form itself is not why so many Jedi fell that day, it was because the majority of those Jedi were barely combatants at all. Form IV was a preferred form of lightsaber combat for Jedi that spent most of their time focusing on the Force and diplomacy, and so it was easily picked up, and most only took it far enough for simple criminal engagements, not for actually lightsaber dueling or serious confrontations. And most of the Jedi that died on Geonosis weren't renowned duelists in the order, but diplomats and scholars. It seems to me that Form IV has gotten a bad reputation because of its relaxed focus and general insufficiency in lightsaber duels or combat against a serious threat, but it's because of the people who used it, not the form itself. Those who died on Geonosis died because they didn't spend enough time training in lightsaber combat, not because the form itself was inadequate. If someone actually spends enough time dedicating themselves to the form (which does take longer than other forms because of how many different key aspects of combat it focuses on, not to mention the incorporation of Force techniques), and masters it to its full potential, it is absolutely as formidable as any other form. We've seen proof of this with Darth Sidious, able to cut down three of the orders top duelists in mere seconds with Form IV, even with Windu supporting them. It is a DEADLY weapon in capable hands.
  14. You want to play my Flashfire and see this crap for yourself? I wish people would actually try these things out for themselves instead of automatically just assuming troll. That word is far overused these days.
  15. Railguns already ignore evasion. My Flashfire stacks evasion, and even with TT and DF active, Railgun shots hit me without fail. 100%. Every. Single. Time. I can only defeat a Gunship with a Quads/Pods build, and only if I have the drop on it and it doesn't know I'm there or that it's being fired on until it's too late to boost away. And only if they're dumb enough not to hit Fortress Shield. Granted, my Flashfire isn't fully upgraded, but that's still a lot to ask for to be able to make a successful jousting kill against a Gunship.
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