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  1. It's been popping all day on Harbinger for both pubs and imps.
  2. A luck based Q that involves playing with randoms who cant focus, pve geared players, people who get globalled, all with a crappy rating system and poor matchmaking, is not really enjoyable.
  3. Like I said it isn't an auto-loss. In fact we can still win when this happens, especially if we just run a sin tank. It's just an annoyance and broken mechanic that's giving the other team an unnecessary and unintended leg up that shouldn't exist.
  4. You clearly don't do team ranked, especially not vs hard swap teams.
  5. First of all, as a healer or dps with a cleanse I will cleanse you in solo ranked. But the game shouldn't be balances around solo ranked or regs anyway, it should be balanced around the highest level of play in team ranked, and the effects will trickle down to other game types. Secondly, getting a sap off and immediately opening as a burst comp has a greater effect that you realize. Like I stated before and I guess you didn't comprehend, it tips the scale of the game by forcing an escape ability to be used immediately. It does not guarantee a win by any means, but it is very annoying seeing as how this mechanic being used is broken. You bringing up the 50% DR after sap talent that no one takes tells me you have no idea what this is being used for. Basically, it is used at the start of a game by a high burst team. They will sap the enemy tank so he cannot guard swap and immediately burst an unguarded target. Because the sap cannot be cleansed this forces an early break from the tank or an escape (barrier/phasewalk/breaker/etc) from the target being bursted. CC breakers and escapes when facing hard swap are like gold and being forced to use one immediately at the start of the game because of a broken mechanic is a bit dumb.
  6. Tank tunneling is a problem in team ranked. Basically, tanks are too squishy versus many comps , so in order to bypass the guard mechanic teams tank tunnel. These generally have the ability to bypass many tank defensives and kill the tank very quickly. It is a very easy and very effective strategy that IMHO shouldn't exist in the game as killing a tank should not be easier than killing a DPS or healer. For this reason they need to buff tank survivability. I would suggest being able to shield critical hits and having some type of DR for I/E attacks. Being able to shield them would be nice but it might break PvE balancing, but they need to do something.
  7. Well I'm talking about the current state of the game and the way it's been since launch. I highly doubt they will ever have a M/R attack than deals yellow damage, it would go against their current system. Also, all M/R attacks in this game are either weapon or energy attacks and are all white damage. Kinetic damage is all yellow F/T. See I can nitpick too
  8. No, this is not a troll (I guess when regstars read something they can't comprehend they immediately assume troll?). Yes, I do main Operative. This is an issue that is pretty specific for team ranked versus good hard swap teams. It is used in an opening of a round before combat begins, and generally forces a stun break/barrier/etc right off the bat which is huge when facing hard swap. The Assassin's one is cleansable, the operative's should be too. How exactly is this an operative rage thread? This really isn't a complaint about Operatives. I love Operatives, it's my main, I hope they don't get their healing nerfed, get their damage buffed, etc. This is just about an issue in ranked.
  9. Seriously this (bug?) is annoying and makes no sense. Sleep dart from Operatives is not classified as mental, physical, or tech (it should be tech or mental just like every other mez), and therefore cannot be cleansed by any class. The assassin sap is classified as mental and can be cleansed by specced healers and all sorcs. I seem to remember a Dev post from forever ago saying that they knew of the problem. This is especially a huge issue when facing hard swap teams, as it is forcing us to have to run an assassin tank so he can hide in stealth. Bug or working as intended? (I seriously doubt this is WAI)
  10. This is just wrong.... Just to reiterate as maybe I wasn't clear: Melee/Ranged Attacks: Deal white damage and can be defended, including critical hits. Can be shielded, excluding critical hits. Force/Tech Attacks: Deal yellow damage and cannot be defended. If damage type is kinetic/energy, then they can be shielded, excluding critical hits. If damage type is internal/elemental, then they cannot be shielded. Force Scream is NOT a white damage attack, lol (where did you come up with that??). It is a force attack, thus yellow damage and cannot be defended, but can be shielded as long as it does not deal a critical hit. All white damage is Melee/Ranged and can be defended, with the exception of retaliate from Warriors. All white damage, as well as kinetic/energy yellow damage, is mitigated by armor. All Internal/Elemental damage ignores shield and armor.
  11. You can shield any attack other than a critical hit. Defense rating only works against white damage, but you can defend a critical white-damage hit. Internal/Element damage ignores armor, but can still be shielded.
  12. And why should the Gree vendor have them and not the Thorn vendor? Wouldn't it be a QOL improvement for people to have more access to legacy offhands?
  13. In Solo Q you are correct, as anyone who can kite enough can do well. However in team ranked vs good teams, even the best commandos will have an impossible time. They will get 2-3 man tunneled and not be able to cast anything outside of their shield, and they will be CCd through that. They can get their 2 insta-casts off, with 1 being a cc, and the other usually grav+demo for a hard swap, but any team with a Op heals/sorc dps will immediately cleanse the mez.
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