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3.0 Expansion: A Deadly Force Returns Discussion


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His pose reminded me of this.


Only difference is that the armor his all battered, Revan is apparently a Cylon and wields a different lightsaber.


I also remember there was someone else standing on the opposite side, to whom he was pointing the lightsaber. Sitting on his throne.

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Well I can say for absolute sure now that they could have released that months ago. Him coming in at the end of a flashpoint or him turning around would have been equally as revealing.


Anyone else think it looked like he was standing in a stronghold?

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I find the tagline confusing.


English video description: "I will finish what I've started."

English video text: "A deadly force returns."

German video description: "Ich werde beenden, was ich begonnen habe." (I will finish what I've started.)

German video text: "Ich werde tun, was getan werden muss." (I will do what must be done.)

French video description: "Je vais finir ce que j’ai commence." (I will finish what I've started.)

French video text: "Je ferai le necessaire." (I will do what is necessary.)


Probably, they changed their tagline a couple times during development, but were not able to change it in the localized versions in time.

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