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  1. This is literally how MMO's have functioned for 20 years now and the ones that thrive are the ones that have proper content updates and real progression. What? You think its a coincidence that swtor is a dead game? The only thing carrying it is the star wars name and its barely been alive for the last 5 years as they ignored end game progression completely and released less and less content. SWTOR prior to 4.0 was thriving pretty well. It started bleeding players with the start of kotfe and the less focus on MMO content. The only real reason this game even got the onslaught "expansion" was because anthem bombed. If anthem had been successful this game would have likely never received another content update.
  2. Ok, then remove scaling, but then also remove any and all rewards from it if you're overleveled. You can't have both.
  3. Then they can happily do their non end game content with the gear they get from that solo content? Your progression caps out to the content you do. You do not need anything higher, especially with the game having scaling anyways.
  4. Stalemates were pretty common back then as well as healing has always been over tuned in this game which is only exasperated by the guard mechanic.
  5. I personally don't have a problem with the scaling. It functions fine the way it is and it allows new players to do content without worrying about over leveling. Or would you rather they go back to the old way for new players where doing side quests was mandatory to keep up with the class story quests? Scaling isn't a problem. The lack of new areas and new content for the new cap is a problem.
  6. Gear is the reward for harder content. Its called progression, without progression end game in all forms is pointless.
  7. This sounds like you're referring to lowbies which.....lol just stop. Lowbies died and never recovered after the implementation of galactic command and the removal of warzone comms. The only thing that matters now is level cap warzones sadly. Lowbies is always going to be an unbalanced mess due to the way too high level gaps now on top of the fact that no one queues for it thanks to past changes making queueing for lowbies pointless. The only way to fix lowbies is to essentially remove it. Change pvp to have everyone have a pvp loadout section and anyone from level 1-80 can queue into the a single bracket since everyone will be level 80 with all their skills unlocked. And pray tell how would you split them? A "premade" is only 4 players. Its only half a team. And no, its not preposterous because it would absolutely slow the queue times down. PvP in this game is extremely small, and the amount of premades vs solo players is even smaller. The only ones being selfish here are the solo players who think every warzone loss must be only because they faced a premade that likely wasn't a premade so we should punish all the people that run in a "premade" of 2-4 people to essentially never be allowed to play because that "premade queue" would never pop. Now you're just babbling..... Maybe because its not broken? Your losing streak would be the same regardless of what they do to "premades" because you likely only run into a real "premade" once or twice a night as is anyways. The opposite would happen.....
  8. They did prune them....You have to choose between defense, mobility or cc now. The problem in 6.0 was all the passives tied into a lot of the abilities, not the core abilities themselves......I'm sorry, but this is a you problem at this point. PvP has been the worst its ever been thanks to all this pruning, but of course someone like you who win trades in ranked doesn't exactly know how to play to begin with so this thread should be taken with a grain of salt.
  9. Because it trivializes content and makes end game pointless. You know why they made this change? Because they saw most people just spamming HS to gear up as fast as possible and they saw what I saw which was long time raiding guilds quit the game because there was no point in raiding anymore.
  10. Gearing isn't really any slower than it was in 6.0...I was in 326 in just a few days and I could probably have a full set of 330 already if I bothered to raid, but I don't pve so I don't need it. I also don't believe everyone should have access to top gear without progressing through content that actually requires it. If all you do is dailies all day you don't need that gear nor should you have access to it. Being able to get 306 gear by doing the easiest content in the game was cancer.
  11. They literally just took half of the CC out of the game....If you're still complaining about it then it is a you problem.
  12. Yes you do lol. Significantly more often than if you were soloing.
  13. There's nothing remotely unfair about it.
  14. Yes, I'm going to believe Musco who is a BioWare employee more than you.
  15. PvP gear would fix most of the gearing problems. Open world pvp will never be a thing in this game. The chance for open world pvp came and went first with poor optimization of the games engine, second with the removal of pvp servers.
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