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Legacy storage


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A nice improvement would be:

When crafting it pulls the items out of your legacy bank, that way you can leave all your rare crafting mats in there.

When you buy item from GTN or repair it pulls credits from your legacy bank. (Big one for me)

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No need for that, but improvements could still be made, like an option to automatically redirect all crew skill material mission output into the legacy storage, etc.


That would be an improvement. Even if all it did was to allow crafting to pull from the legacy bank, that would be an improvement.

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I would like to see crafting pull from legacy cargo, and perhaps have the ability to pull payment from legacy bank as well, but just having access to both, even if the direct pulls are not allowed would be a real boon.


I could pool funds and resources between all of my characters and pull what I needed.


One BIG side benefit IMO would be the ability to pool equipment in the bank, then take a look at it on either faction side. Right now you have to send the equipment to the opposite faction to get an idea of how the appearance changes, with a pool such as this I can just log in a new player and take a look.

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