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"The Grand Acquisitions Race" Next World Event coming (1.3)


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The Grand Acquisitions Race trailer


"The shady and mysterious Chevin Conglomerate has declared the Grand Acquisitions Race, an interstellar scavenger hunt for a list of rare and unusual items. Great rewards have been promised to anyone who can provide a complete set of the required objects to the Conglomerate."




This world event should be started with 1.3 patch and it could be a "pre-event" to introduce the story content of patch 1.4 ( Gree related )


A new codex entry:



Three new titles:


SIS Freelancer (Republic) if you choose to end the scavenger hunt by helping the Republic government


Imperial Loyalist (Empire] if you choose to end the scavenger hunt by helping the Imperial government


Capable Sentient (Both) (if you choose to end the scavenger hunt by helping the Chevin



Completing the new quests we will rewarded with a coin called "Token of Enrichment" (like DNA samples on Rakghoul Event ).




Those tokens could be exchange for rewards like (not confirmed just expeculation):


a new mount



new weapons








new pets





P.D. I glady will accept a "Tauntaun Fawn" Code for my discoveries for this one, our community... kkthxbye.

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Awesome, looking forward to following Dulfy's guide to get all the rewards.


Wheres the fun in that? :p


Also before anyone says it, sure Wookiees have been really the only one to use bowcasters but only because they are so huge compared to others. The BH Embro used one, though huge to him he could still use it. More to the point, they could just scale down the bowcaster to a more normal size, theres no rule that they can't.


I think I pretty much covered, any QQ that was about to happen.

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BW do something about all this INFO LEAKING, where is the surprise factor if you can´t keep your update content confidential? All these infos popping up on third party sites really.... :rolleyes:


Great, Darth Hater ruined the surprise :/

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