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  1. maybe BW will revisit the whole space idea once more and make something that is more than just battle instances in the future.
  2. any news on this? I´d still like to see cockpits and some nice space ship PvE, maybe even open space travel.
  3. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away minus 3000 years
  4. I think you should watch the speeder video in my signature
  5. wow.. just hit the NPC Limit and I am not amused. 25, seriously? For the whole thing? Some pets, a few guards, a few companions and I get a red error text? How about a more appropriate number, like 150?
  6. I usually buy my stuff (warzone stims) in the warzone and I was shocked that the droid vendor standing around has said to my Jedi Knight character "DESTROY THE REPUBLIC" multiple times now. this droid either has a serious problem with his programming or he is an imperial spy, I suspect the latter. this droid is an enemy of the Republic. I think he needs special Wookie treatment
  7. they are close to 50 million now.. anyone backed it here?
  8. each planet would deserve an upgrade. Day night cycles, extend the maps, add a lvl 55 open world area etc. how can Korriban or Tython be entire noob planets? but I guess there will only be "new" planets and the old stuff never will get an update to reach its full potential
  9. ^this - cheaper and more convenient than sending mail with 6 attachments - even better it´s like sending a mail with 80 attachments and every alt can grab what he needs major improvement and FREE indeed thanks BW
  10. I´ll use it for one damn thing and that is COMPANION GIFTS I´ve lost control over ranks, which companion likes what. I´ll throw everything in there and max them out, then legacy bank has served its purpose
  11. this game got much better and complete since 2011 when it launched it was a trainwreck, and look at it now. imagine it had launched with all of this but please.. the speeders.. do something with the speeders... (video in signature)
  12. because housing is an integral part now like in Wildstar and new players need to dive in early, probably lvl10 for a new player at lvl 10, 5K is a lot of credits, but affordable
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