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  1. I mean grabbing a blaster bolt isn't that crazy compared to other Force powers we have seen in SW History, it's basically just an application of TK, it's just impractical really. Also reading someone's mind like that was a thing previously, Drain Knowledge it's called. Although more powerful Force Users could do it without the hand gesture.
  2. I mean I guess, but both games are(or were in SWG case) extremely different both timeline and gameplay mechanic wise. But I guess I see the issue of people trying to support 2 games with a fee each month.
  3. This is still the dumbest reason ever. How do you compete against yourself?...Like...what? They'd make money regardless.
  4. I honesty have to agree, Vette is like one of the top companions and I'd love to have more interactions with her on my SW. Kinda partly the reason why I somewhat neglected all my other characters and mainly just focused on my SW ha. Still, do or do not, I'm not gonna get bent out of shape over it.
  5. Exactly how was it dying? The only thing we weren't getting were new movies. Which frankly 6 were enough. Otherwise we were still getting games, books, comics and so on. Not exactly what I would call dying.
  6. Nevermind, I finally got it.
  7. It's just another faction in the galaxy. It also does have a purpose, either supporting the Empire or Republic.
  8. Alright sure, perhaps not EXACTLY a full crossguard, but still, the design at least was still around in some capacity.
  9. Crossguard sabers have been a thing long before Disney SW. It appeared all the way back in Republic 61: Dead Ends in 04.
  10. Well he stole partial plans, which were then combined by the other bits of plan a few other Rebel agents stole, to combine into the whole pie(so to speak). Which makes Vader's line.. "Several transmissions were beamed to this ship." Confusing, because transmissions weren't beamed aboard the Tantive IV. I mean minor details and you could say, since the Tantive IV was aboard the ship that received the plans that it was beamed to them. Though even still it wasn't several transmissions either.
  11. Given that Disney seems to be taking everything back 2 steps compared to its Legends incarnation as a whole Universe, I wouldn't be surprised.
  12. To answer that Q Darko, yeah....there's an impossibility to do 100% good, which is one of the issues I had with the Legends Rebellion(unless I missed a few stories) as to how they seemed always 100% in the right and while the Rebllion(Legends) is one of my Top 3 factions, that bothered the crap out of me.
  13. Villain is what you make of it. There's plenty of other villainous types in the SWU that could oppose an otherwise usually seen villain that is actually the hero in the story.
  14. TOR average doesn't really have anything on Palpatine's Dark Adepts and the Prophets of the Darkside. This is mostly of knowledge rather then showings, but what they do know and could do outstrips any average Jedi or Sith within the TOR era and their knowledge is vastly above.
  15. Yeah trailer looked nice, I have some issues with it(though this is just Legends nagging at me), but looks nice all the same.
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