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Name 5 companions you'd happily toss out the airlock


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There's always gotta be one major douche bag in my crew, not sure who trooper and sith warriors have got but so far my list contains:


Akaavi Spar - Moody

Skadge - Lazy bum who hates crafting

Zenith - Sour lemon faced miserable sonovahutt

Scourge - Pain in the arse when your trying to get lightside points

C2-N2/ 2V-R8 - An annoying butt kisser

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Malavai Quinn for reasons all warriors know


C2-N2 - that voice and nothing that can be done about it.


Guss Tuno - all the nonsense he spouts in combat, and WHEEEEEEEEEEEE


Ashara - Female Inquisitor here , the affection gain makes one cry


M1-4X - Tank companion that harpoons one mob out of the mortar volley, gets massive aggro with EMP on that same mob , taunts that same mob and attacks that same mob, leaving all the rest to happily shoot me :rolleyes:

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Skadge (who's terrarium did he escape from?)

Lizard guy (no idea what he's saying all the time, can't understand grunts)

M1-4X (The way he is targeted on you when he follows you around is just creepy)


Regardless of this, I'd throw out all companions I got after level 30-35 coz by that time I've mostly already gotten used to the one or two I have at that point and too much used to the play style that fits best with that companion

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Nadia Grell - Oh, look at me! I am... so... shy but AWESOMER THAN ANYONE WITH MY INCREDIBLE POWERZ!

Jaesa - Boring creep with unpleasant voice I had to listen about on and on for 2 chapters

Risha - Sure, if I got all the last lines in the dialogue I'd come across as smarter and cooler than everyone as well

Qyzen - eww. AP out of hell. Thanks for letting me know you're molting and eating the dead skin.

Kalyio - how high can we stack slimy?

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Don't know 'bout 'people', I prefer basic-speaking aliens to humans. I also have no problems with Khem Val or Bowdaar. If Qyzen did not have absolutely frustrating AP gains and was not the first & only companion for so long, I would have had far less problems with him. I also find him interminably boring and his point system borderline immersion breaking. Plus, he dies a lot. Edited by DomiSotto
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Quinn-For obvious reasons.

Zenith-The guy s so annoying my Shadow, who is light 5, wants to strangle him with her bare hands.

Bowdaar-Just don't care for this particular Wookiee.

Skadge-He stinks up the ship.

Doc-This guy is stalker material. He hits on my Guardian so damn much. No wonder she turned to the dark side.



Oh, Guss and Akaavi are awesome.


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I would throw them all out if I could even less annoying ones... well except HK-51 and treek, but treek would still get killed and stuffed and then sold as a teddy bear to some kid.. or I could keep it as a hunting trophy... but since point was only to pick five...


Kaliyo -she is just untrustworthy b....

Scorpio -I don't like her and would have deactivated her in first place if I just had choice

Gault -I wanted to complete my bounty, but I was forced to "cheat" and even take this guy who I didn't like at all aboard my ship.

Aric -I don't remember why I don't like him, but I'm sure there was some good reason so off he goes.

C2-N2/2V-R8 -they are just annoying ones

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Both Ship Droids... "There were complications master please don't deactivate me" I WOULD IF I COULD YOU ***** PIECE OF *****!


At times, Treek. She just can't shut up and keeps going on about her "legend"... S.T.F.U!

Broonmark. Useless Talz. Boring.

Bowdaar. Whiny Wookie who just can't shut up with his annoying growls and is a ****** tank too.

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