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  1. I will say that at least, it was what I was meaning. So like Rank 50, next alts gets a 10% boost. 100, 15%. 150, 20%. 200, 25%. 250, 30%. 300, a 35 or 40% boost.
  2. More like - "I reach level 70 on one of my characters, I want the next 51 on this server to level up to 70 more easily because I did the long way once already." But leveling is already easier if you got the level-boosting gear stuff from DvL, which you had to get by doing things the long way (going through the first four tiers of the event). And there's no gear to make Galactic Command leveling "less of a grind" Galactic Command isn't even like Alliance Influence where you can run a whole bunch of heroics from 61+ to farm for boxes and throw into your legacy cargo hold.
  3. Dev Tracker, and also the thread about downtime tomorrow.
  4. I also liked the old bar, but it would have been nice if there was a way to have some things in the drop-down menu and others right where I want them at the top. Ex. I would have mine try to look something like Top row you click on to get the icon's window or hover over to get a drop down for other choices. Top Row - Player | Crew Skill | Inventory | Journal | Settings | Cartel Market Drop Downs - Powers | First CS | Collections | Legacy | Interface Editor | Crate Stash Disciplines | 2nd CS |Command stash | Chptr Difficulty | Logout | | 3rd CS | | World Map | Quit Game | |Codex | Tutorials | Ugh, that was messy and ugly to type and line up. Think I got everything though. EDIT: Oh, but the UI Editor would let us pick and choose what icons would show.
  5. I don't think I'll be picking up a subscription card when my "free" month here ends. I logged onto one of my many characters and was going to work her up from DS V I was taking her to for the pre-DvLEventThing DS V achievement, and then found that my diplomacy (even the ones that had the little stuff in the tooltip saying there were LS points) and at 65, every thing she does gives her more DS points... That's going to be a long drag upwards. Lot of farming Eseless, so may as well drag Aric around for the Influence. Then this Galactic Command stuff, yeah, bringing the Alliance up to 20 for the four Specialists was looking like a drag, but that looks like a cakewalk compared to this. Then again, I might just be burnt out because of the DvL event and my rushing through stuff and euhg. *goes off and plays Skyrim Special Edition* EDIT: I will admit, no I have not done "everything" but I like doing what I like to do and not feeling like I have to do stuff to level stuff.
  6. *signs then speaks through gritted teeth* Please. I loathe and despise things on my UI that I can't alter in some way to my preference. Where it pops up covers up my Focus Target bar and then I have to manually click the stupid little x because my old "esc" key only pops up the menu with the option to logout when I want to quickly close a blasted window. Without using my mouse if there isn't a keybinding spot.
  7. What are Chiss? They don't exist, remember? Those players and NPCs that are blue or purple with red eyes don't exist. They're a figment of your imagination. *waves hands around in a mockery of the Jedi Mind Trick* I admit to being surprised when they released the name of the next chapter months ago with the word "Mandalore" in it, because I personally suspect that BW's trying to pretend that most, if not all, of Acts One-Two-Three-Four don't exist, and that Act Five (SoR) barely exists. Should be something about the Chiss eventually. Might have been in the scrapped content that BW cut to rush out the rest of the Zakuul arc when they realized players didn't enjoy being jerked around with breadcrumbs every month.
  8. I personally came back because I was done arguing with my mods for Skyrim Legendary Edition to play nice with each other and to stop crashing my game (seriously, most of it was hair, tattoos/warpaints, and a few minor things like "Read this book already" "Know this spell already" grumblegrumbleArrowtotheKnee). I'm also admitting, I'm not too keen to bother with the whole Early Access thing since it's practically an "Open" Beta, so I'd rather spend the time playing the stuff that I know works (or should still be working). *tromps around on a walker from Yavin while waiting for the path to finish*
  9. Considering how much Lana was dumped on us in KotFE, I guess Lana was replaced by Theron. To rest of the thread: I haven't played it all through yet, but I can't say I'm very surprised BW scrapped so much to just end the ET story arc, since BW seems to do things in extremes - Extreme OPs, and then extreme nerfs to try and balance like what happened with Slot Machines, for example. Or the Heroics credit reward nerf that axed way down and was out of balance with groupers. Also - very peeved about the lack of Lord Scourge still.
  10. So far? The base gets filled with less miserable sounding people who sound like they believe they have a shot at winning or something. And at the specialists are ranked up, you can get crystals from them (which will be credits or something, I guess in the near future) and credits, and as they rank up they say some different things about how things are getting better. So far I've only gotten up to about 14 on any one Specialist, but Aygo's been saying that tensions have finally eased off enough to allow the Imps and Pubs to work together finally. Basically, fluff. no known impact yet.
  11. I really hope Heroics don't stop dropping Alliance Crates after hitting some 65+ level because with level sync, those suckers give out a lot of EXP even when it takes more to go up each level. And I'm still working on my Remnant sets. Comeon! Remnant Trooper (the White/Red armor set one), I only have a glove and chestpiece from you and I keep getting Yavin pieces I already have. EDIT: Also hoping for an answer of some kind.
  12. *signs* A little more incentive to do those things again, if at all in the first place never hurts.
  13. Yes - wuit the launcher, and then start it up again. There may be a popup saying that you're leaving while patching, but agree to close it anyway. Then log in again, and it should "repatch" without patching and then let you play. However, disabling BitRaider may be your best long-term solution though it would require a reinstallation of the game (but without the BirRaider which should knock a few GB off the download size).
  14. http://www.swtor.com/dark-vs-light You were looking at the community blogs, this is the event page. Read through Terms and Conditions.
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