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  1. Mega necro, I know, but we have the top two now... and word on the third?
  2. I don't have the mounts, but it isn't working for me.
  3. At the very least, I was hoping to see more varied companions, but apparently that was too much to hope for.
  4. After looking around a little... it really does look like SW:TOR has been placed on EA's backburner. Perhaps forgotten, until the heat flickers out and everything goes stale.
  5. I always find it funny how, nearly a decade later, people are still quoting that out-of-context "kissable" comment that was dismissed by the man that made it as soon as it hit the forums - someone who hasn't worked at BioWare for nearly as long, no less.
  6. A few years back, a BioWare rep (who probably no longer works here) outright said they'd give us amorphous blobs to play as if that's what the players want. A bit of demagoguery to shut us up, in hindsight.
  7. Unfortunately, that's been EA's MO since the tail end of beta. Purchase a company known for compelling stories, another for engaging faction PvP MMOs. Gut their original products and secure the Star Wars IP to ensure their game cannot fail. Support their product in no significant ways for either mode of gameplay that these developers have expertise in. Force those developers post-release to develop for a playerbase that belongs to another game entirely already. Get pouty and go F2P almost immediately. Milk, milk, milk.
  8. It's been nearly three years since I last checked into the topic. Any looming news on this front? Is this even something people are still interested in? Anyone do some decent polling? Any rumours at all? I know it seems a bit vain and trivial, but getting a few fresh species to play as would really reinvigorate my interest.
  9. Last shot for a few votes before I retire the thread for a bit. Seems we've tapped the current contributors active in the community for the time being.
  10. Pretty sure it'll fall of deaf ears, as even if BioWare wanted to release these documents, EA wouldn't let them - in their eyes, it would be admitting the path that development took wasn't pre-ordained from the get go. Admitting "failure."
  11. How do you mean "fix" Cathar? Also, I'm also of the opinion that all these customizations humans have been given should count for all the other races that make sense for them. Which is virtually all of them. Either give other races their own, or let them borrow what's already been developed.
  12. Hardly anything that has an impact on the plot, however. Mostly just a few differently named/skinned NPCs. I did enjoy the little back and forth with my Sith Warrior. That being said, all of that existed simply to get those class distinctions out of the way and to establish you as the "Outsider" rather than the Wrath or what have you. In any case, I hardly think that any minor nods that KotFE has given or will give have any bearing on where the class stories were originally headed.
  13. I think that's wishful thinking (but again, so is this topic). While that single SoR mention was fantastic, I think it goes to show just how strenuous additional class content would have been. KotFE's story expressly does away with any class connotations in the story (apart from a few companion mentions) so they don't have to worry about maintaining continuity and purpose for all 8 characters. Class stories are dead. They have been for quite some time. And it would be nice to get a post mortem on them.
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