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Coolest Non-Jedi/SIth Movie Character and Why


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Jango Fett.


It's hard to pick anybody other than Han or one of the Fetts. I never really liked Boba, he had nice armor and that, but beyond that I didn't really see him do much. He got beat by a blind Han. As for Han the way he shot his blaster looked extremely awkward. Jango fought Obi Wan for a little bit and survived. Jango killed a few Jedi in the movies. Plus I liked his armor more than Boba's.

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Wedge Antilles. Every bit the exceptional starfighter pilot as Luke, and without the benefit of subconsciously Force-enhanced reflexes. He not only survived all three movies (something not many other Rebels did), but saved Luke's bacon a few times during the first Death Star attack, and did fifty percent of the damage that took down the second. And after the movies, not only did continue to lead the most successful elite operations team in the Rebellion/New Republic, but during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion was critical in turning the tide of war and morale of New Republic/GFFA troops, and likely the whole political movement, around in favor of victory (just read up on the defense of Borleias, where he turned what was essentially a suicide mission into not only a successful and costly holding action, but created an entirely new and finally successful way of fighting the Vong.)
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Kewlest character overall: Boba Fett.


Reason: Too obvious for words. Okay, his voice, armor, and presence! I wish I had Jason Wingreen's voice =( They should have had him do voices in this game! :D


Temuera Morrison is a better voice I think.


I like Han Solo, Scout Troopers (ROTJ), and of course the Fetts.



--and if anyone knows the Trandoshan's name...he's pretty cool

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